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Full text of "Mexican War veterans : a complete roster of the regular and volunteer troops in the war between the United States and Mexico, from 1846 to 1848 ; the volunteers are arranged by states, alphabetically"

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MEXICO, FROM 1846 TO 1848. 





Price, SO Cents. 

(A. S. WITHERBEE & CO , Proprietors,; 



Copyrighted 1887. All rights reserved. 


[Public— No. 33.] 

An Act grauting peasions to the soldiers aud sailors of the Mexican war, and 
' for other i^urijoses. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and IIounc. of Representatives of tJw United States 
of America in Oongirss assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he 
is hereby, authorized aud directed to i)lace on the pension-roll the names of the 
surviving officers and enlisted men, including marines, militia, and volunteers, 
of the military and naval .services of the United States, who, being duly enlisted, 
actually served sixty days with the Army or Navy of the United States in Mex- 
ico, or on the coasts or frontier thereof, or en route thereto, in the war with that 
nation, or were actually engaged in a battle in said war, and were honorably dis- 
charged, and to such other officers and soldiers aud sailors as may have been 
personally named iu auj' resolution of Congress for any specific service in said 
war, and the surviving widow of such officers and enlisted men : Provided, That 
such widows have not remarried : Provided, That every such officer, enlisted 
man, or widow who is or may become sixty-two years of age, or who is or may 
become subject to any disability or dependency etpiivalent to some cause pre- 
scribed or recognized by the pension laws of the United States as a sufficient 
reason for the allowance of a pension, shall be entitled to the benefits of this 
act ; but it shall not be held to include any person not within the rule of age or 
disability or dependence herein defined, or who incurred such disability while 
in any manner voluntarily engaged in or aiding or abetting the late rebellion 
against the authority of the United States. 

Sec. 2. That pensions under section one of this act shall be at the rate of eight 
dollars per month, and payable only from and after the passage of this act, for 
and during the uatural lives of the persons entitled thereto, or during the con- 
tinuance of the disability for which the same shall be granted : Provided, That 
section one of this act shall not apply to any person who is receiving a pension 
at the rate of eight dollars per month or more, nor to any person receiving a 
pension of less than eight dollars per month, except for the difference between the 
pension now received (if less than eight dollars per month) and eight dollars \>ev 

Sec. 3. That before the name of any person shall be placed on the pension- 
roll under this act proof shall be made, under such rules and regulations as 
the Secretary of the Interior may i^rescribe, of the right of the applicant to a 
pension ; aud any person who shall falsely and corruptly take any oath required 
lender this act shall be deemed guilty of perjury ; and the Secretary of the In- 
terior shall cause to be stricken from the pension -roll the name of anj' person 
whenever it shall be made to appear by proof satisfactory to him that such name 
was put upon such roll through false and fraridulent representations, and that 
such person is not entitled to a j^ension under this act. The loss of the certifi- 
cate of discharge shall not deprive any person of the benefits of this act, but 
other record evidence of enlistment and service and of an honorable discharge 
may be deemed sufficient : Provided, That when any person has been granted a 
land-warrant, under any act of Congress, for and on account of service in the 
said war with Mexico, such grant shall be prima facie evidence of his service and 
honoi-able discharge ; but such evidence shall not be conclusive, and may be re- 
butted by evidence that such land-warrant was improperly granted. 

Sec. 4. That the i^ension laws now in force which are not inconsistent or in 
conflict \vith this act are hereby made a part of this act, so far as they may be 
applicable thereto. 

Sec. 5. That section forty-seven hundred and sixteen of the Revised Statutes 
is hereby repealed so far as the same relates to this act or to pensioners under 
this act. 

Sec. G. That the jn-ovisions of this act shall not apply to any person while 
under the political di.sabilities imposed by the fourteenth amendment to the con- 
stitution of the United States. 

Approved January 29, 1887. 




Major Oeiierals. 

Wiufield Scott (bvt Major General fm Chippewa and Niagara), Geneeat, in Chief 
of the Army. 

Zachary Taylor (bvt Brig. General f m Flo to 9 May ifi), comd. Army of Occupa- 
tion ; bvt Major General fm La Palma. 

Brigadier Generah. 

Thomas S. Jesup, Quartermaster General; bvt Major General fm "28. 

John E. Wool, bvt Major General fm Buena Vista. 

William J. Worth (by brevet fm Flo), bvt Major General fm Monterej'; died 

since the war. 
David E. Twiggs, bvt Major General fm Monterey. 
Stephen W. Kearny, bvt Major General fm San Pascual, where twice wmmd.; 

died since the war. 
Persifor F. Smith (by brevet fm Monterey), bvt Major General fm Contreras. 


Assist. Adjutants General, bvt rank of Majors. 

Lorenzo Thomas, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Monterej'. 

George A. McCall (Caj^t 4. infy to 7 July 4G), bvt Major and Lt colonel fm La 

William W. S. Bliss (rk Capt to July 46), bvt Major fm La Palma: bvt Lt colonel 

fm Buena Vista. 

Assist. Adjutants Gen. bvt rank of Captains. 

(James H. Prentiss, relinquished Staff 18 June 46); 1. arty. 

Randolph llidgely (Fst It 3. arty to July 46)— killed (fm his horse) 27 Oct. 46. 

George Lincoln (Fst It 8. infy to July 46) — Jcilled at Buena Vista. 

Oscar F. Winship (Fst It 2. drags to July 46), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

William W. Mackall (Fst It 1. arty to Dec. 46), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

George Deas (Fst It 5. infy to Dec. 46), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

Joseph Hooker (Fst It 1. arty to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm National Bridge; bvt 

Lieut, colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Edward R. S. Canby (Fst It 2. infy to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco ; bvt 

Lieut, colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Irvin McDowell (Fst It 1. arty to May 47), bvt fm Buena Vista. 
Francis N. Page (Fst It 7. infy to May 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 


Inspectors General, rank of Colonel. 

George Croghan — died since the war. 

Sylvester Churchill, bvt Brig. General fm Bueua Vista. 



Quartermaster Gen. rank of B7'ig. General. 
Thomas S. Jesup, bvt Major General (8 May 28). 

Assist. Qtmrtermasters Gen. rank of Colonels. 
^ Trueman Cross — killed on the Eio Grande 21 Apr. 46. 
Henry Whiting, bvt Brig. General fm Buena Vista ; died since the war. 

Quarte7-7nasters, rank of Major's. 
Charles Thomas, bvt Lieut, colonel for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
Samuel McRee, bvt Lieut, colonel for mer. cond. in Mexico ; died since the war. 
Thomas Swords, bvt Lieut, colonel for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
George H. Grossman, bvt fm Palo Alto. 
Henry Smith — died at Vera Cruz 24 July 47. 
'Osborne Cross (Assist. Qrmr to July 47). 

Assist. Quartermasters, rank of Captains. 
James R. Irwin, Chief of Qrmr's dept. to Gen. Scott ; diedin Mexico city Jan. 48. 
Ebenezer S. Sibley, bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 
Edwin B. Babbitt, bvt Major for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
Edmund A. Ogden, bvt Major for mer. conduct. 
James M. Hill — died since the war. 

Abraham C. Myers, bvt Major f m La Palma ; bvt Lieut, colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Wm. M. D. McKissack — died since the war. 
Alexander Montgomerj'. 
Robert Allen, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo. 
William W. Chapman, bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 
Henry C. Waj'ne, bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Joseph L. Folsom (in 5. infy to Sept. 46). 

John P. J. O'Brien (in 4. arty to Jan. 47), bvt Major fm Buena Vista ; died since 
Arthur B. Lausing( fm Jan. 47). [the war. 

William H. Churchill (in 3. arty to Mar. ^l)-~died at Ft Polk 19 Oct. 47. 
James L. Donaldson (in 1. arty to Mar. 47, and bvt Major). 
Thomas L. Brent (in 4 arty to Mar. 47). 

George W. F. Wood (in 1. infy to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Justus McKinstry (in 2. infy to Mar. 47), V)vt Major fm Churubusco. 
Frederick H. Masten (in 1. infy to Mar. 47). 
Edward G. Elliott (in 4. infy to Mar. 47) — died since the war. 
Thomas Jordan (in 3. infy to Mar. 47). 

Albert Lowry (in 2. drags to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm MedeHn, near Vera Cruz. 
Leslie Chase (in 2. arty to Apr. 47, and bvt Capt) — died since the war. 
William Armstrong (in 2. arty to Aug. 4:1)— killed at El Molino del Rey. 
Edward H. Fitzgerald (in 6. infy to Aug. 47), Aid-de-C. to B. Gen. Pierce ; bvt 

Major fm Chapultepec. 
James G. Martin (in 1. arty to Aug. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco ; wound, (lost 

an arm). 


Commissary of Subsis., rank of Major. 
Richard B. Lee. 

Commissaries of Subsis. rank of Captains. 
John B. Grayson, Chief of the Commissariat to Gen. Scott — bvt Major f m Churu- 
busco ; bvt Lieut colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Amos Eaton, bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 
George G. Waggaman, bvt Major fm La Palma and Monterey. 

{Assist. Commissaries, of the Lieutenants of the line). 


Surgeon General, rank of Colonel. 
Thomas Lawsou — bvt Brig. General for mer. conduct. 


SuTffeons, rauk of Majors. 
Benjamin F. Harney — wound, in the march fm Vera Cruz. 
Clement A. Finlay, Medical Director of M. Gen. Taylor's army. 
Presley H. Craig, Medical director of M. Gen. Taylor's army in 40 ; died since 
Richard S. Satterlee— Worth's division. [the war. 

Samuel G. I. De Camji. 

Hamilton S. Hawkins — died at Tampico Aug. 47. 
Robert C. Wood. 
Henry A. Stinnecke. 

William L. Wharton — died at Port Lavaca, Tex. Oct. 46. 
Charles 8. Tripler — Twiggs' division. 
Burton Randall. 
Nathan S. Jarvis. 
Adam N. McLaren. 

Joseph J. B. Wright, Medical purveyor of General Scott's army. 
John B. Porter (Assist, surg. to Oct. 46). 
John B. Wells (Ast surg. to Oct. 46). 
John M. Cuyler (Ast surg. to Feb. 47). 
Madison Mills (Ast surg. to Feb. 47), Director of the Hospital at Puebla. 

Assiiit. Surgeons (rank of Captains.) 
Leonard C. McPhail. 
Samuel P. Moore. 

Alexander F. Suter — died in Mexico city Dec. 47. 

Charles M. Hitchcock, Chief Director of the Hospitals at Buena Vista. 
Bernard M. Byrne. 

Eugene H. Abadie. ( 

Charles H. Laub. 
Josiah Simpson. 
James R. Conrad. 
David D. C. De Leon. 
-Tames W. Russell. 
Heni'y H. Steiner. 

John C. Glen — died in Mexico since the war. 
Henry E. Cruttenden — resigned June 46. 
James Simons — wounded at El Molino del Rey. 
Thomas C. Madison. 
Alfred W. Kennedy — died since the war. 
Joseph K. Barnes. 
Levi H. Holden. 
John S. Griffen. 
Richard F. Simpson. 
William Levely — died, in Mexico, since the war. 

Assist. Surgeons (rank of First Lieuts.) 
Alex. S. VVotherspoon. 
Charles C. Keeney. 

William Roberts — mart, wounded at El Molino del Rey, and died in Max. city. 
Grayson M. Prevost. 
Robert Murray. 
John F. Head. 
Lewis A. Edwards. 

Robert Newton — died at N. Orleans since the war. 
Horace R. Wirtz. 

Robert C. Wickham^ — died at Vera Cruz. 
Israel Moses. 

John F. Hammond. • 

Josephus M. Steiner. 
Charles P. Deyerle. 
Elisha J. Bailey. 
Nicholas L. Campbell. 
Samuel L. Barboiir. 
George E. Cooper. 
Ebenezer Swift. 

o • offict:rs of v. s. army. 


I)ep. Paymr. Gen. (rank of Lieut. Colonel). 
Daniel Randall. 

Payinrs. (rank of Majors). 
(Timothy P. Andrews, as Colonel of Voltigeurs ; bvt Brig. General from Cha- 

Edmund Kirby, bvt Lieut, col fm Churubusco ; bvt Colonel fm Chapultepec ; 

died since the war. 
Adam D. Steuart, bvt Lieut, colonel for mer. coud. in Mexico. 
Benjamin Walker. St. Clair Denny. 
David Hunter. 
Lloyd J. Beall. 

Roger S. Dix, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Buena Vista ; died since the war. 
Abram Van Buren, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Churiibiisco. 
Robert H. Hammond — died 3. June 47 at sea, fm Tampico. 
Robert A. Forsyth — died since the war. 
Andrew J. Coffee, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Buena Vista. 
Felix G. Bosworth — died at Vera Cruz 9 June 47. 
Robert B. Reynolds. 
George H. Ringgold. 
Albert G. Bennett, bvt Lieut, colouel fm National Bridge. 


Joseph G. Totten, bvt Brig. General fm. Vera Cruz. 

John Liud Smith, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Colonel fm Churubusco. 

Jose^Jh K. F. Mansfield, bvt Major fm Fort Brown ; sev. wound, at, and bvt Lt. 

colonel f m Monterey ; bvt Colonel fm Buena Vista. 
■Robert E. Lee, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo; bvt Lt colonel fm Contreras and 

Churubusco ; toound. at, and bvt Colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Alexander J. Swift — died 24 Apr. 47. 

Jonathan G. Barnard, bvt Major for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
William D. Eraser, bvt Major for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
John Sanders, bvt Major fm Monterey. 

James L. Mason (Fst It to Apr. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco ; sev. wmind. at, 
and bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino del Rey. 

First Lieutetiants. 
Henry W. Benham — wound, at, and bvt Captain fm Bviena Vista. 
Peter G. T. Beauregard, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; twice icound. at, and bvt 
Jeremiah M. Searritt, bvt Captain fm Monterey. [Major fm Chapultepec. 

Isaac J. Stevens, bvt Capt fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec, and sev. 

toound. at San Cosme gate. 
Henry W. Halleck, bvt Captain for aifairs with the enemy in California. 
Zelous B. Tower (Sec It to Apr. 47), bvt Fst lieut. fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Captain 

fm Churubusco ; wound, at, and bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 
Jeremy F. Gilmer. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Gustavus W. Smith, bvt Fst lieut. fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 
George B. McClellan, bvt Fst lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
John G. Foster, bvt Fst lieut. fm. Churubusco ; sev. wound, at, and bvt Captain 
fm El Molino del Rey. 


William Turubull. bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco; bvt Colonel fm Chapultepec. 


William G. Williams — killed 21 Sept. 4(; at Monterey. 
George W. Hughes, bvt Major fm Ccrro Gordo ; [Colonel Md and D. C. Volrs.] ; 

bvt Lt colonel for mer. cond. iu Mexico. 
John McClellan, bvt Major fm Chiirubusco ; bvt Lt colonel for gitl. and mer. 

cond. before Mexico. 
Thomas B. Linuard, bvt Major fm Buena Vista; died since the war. 
Joseph E. Johnston — xev. wound, in a reconnoissance of Gerro Gordo ; [Lt colonel 

of Voltigeurs, audj bvt Colonel fm Apr. 12 Cerro Gordo ; wmind. at Mex. 

city, and bvt Lieut, colo in Chapultepec. hiexitenanU. 
William H. Emory, bvt Captain fm San Pascual ; bvt Major fm San Gabriel and 

Plains of Mesa ; [Lt colonel of Hughes' reg. Md and D. C. Volrs. ] 
Jacob E Blake, killed by accidental fire of his own pistol. 
Lorenzo Sitgreaves, bvt ('aptain fm Buena Vista. 
William H. Warner, thrice iwund. at, and bvt Captain fm San Pascual ; killed 

by Indus, since the war. 
Eliakim P. Scammon, Extra Aid-de-C. to M. Gen. Scott. 
Charles N. Hagner— d«V(7 since the war. 

Second JAeutenants. 
(Johii C. Fremont, bvt Captain — appd. Lieut, colonel mtd Itiflemeu.) 
Joseph D. Webster. 

George Thorn, Aid to B. Gen. Pierce on his march. 
George Meade, bvt First lieut. fm Monterey. 
Martin L. Smith, bvt First lieut. for mer. cond. in Mexico. 
John Pope, bvt First lieut. fm Monterey ; bvt Captain fm Buena Vista. 
William B. Franklin, bvt First lieut. fm Buena Vista. 
William G. Peck. 

(Thomas J. Wood, trausf. Dec. 46, to 2. drags.) 
Edmund L. F. Hardcastle, bvt First lieut. fm Contreras and Churubusco ; bvt 

Captain fm El Moliuo del Key. 
Francis T. Bryan — wound, at, and bvt First lieut. fm Buena Vista. 
George H. Derby — sev. icound. at, and bvt First Lieut, fm Cerro Gordo. 


Henry K. Craig, bvt Lieut, colonel fm Monterey. 

William H. Bell. 

Benjamin Huger, bvt Major fm Vera Cruz ; bvt Lieut, colonel fm El Molino ; 
George D. Ramsay, bvt Major fm Monterey. [bvt Colonel fm Chapultepec. 

(George H. Talcott— as Major of Voltigeurs, bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino), bvt 
James M. Morgan (Est It to Mar 47.) [Major fm Chapultepec. 

Fir.'it Lieutenants. 
Peter V. Hagner, bvt Captain f m Cerro Gordo ; toound. at, and bvt Major fm 
Kobert A. Wainwright. [Chapultepec. 

Alexander B. Dyer (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Santa Cruz de Kosales. 
Franklin D. Callender (Sec It to Mar. 47 and bvt Est It fm Flo), .«' y. wound, at 

Contreras and bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 
Charles P. Kingsbury (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt fm Buena Vista. 
John McNutt (Sec It to Mar. 47). 
Josiah Gorgas (Sec It to Mar. 47). 
Theodore T. S. Laidley (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo; bvt 

Major fm Puebla. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Thomas J. Brereton, bvt First lieut. fm La Palma. 

Charles P. Stone, bvt First lieut. fm El Molino ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Jesse L. Reno, bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo; sev. toound. at and bvt Captain 
fm Chapultepec. 




Bichard B. Mason, bvt Brig. General for mer. cond. in California ; died since 
the war. 


Benjamin L. Beall (Capt 2. drags to 47), bvt Lieut, colonel fm Santa Cruz de 


Benjamin D. Moore — killed at San Pascual 6 Dec. 46. 

(James Allen, Lt colonel, comd. Mormon Volrs., died 23 Aug. 46;. 

John H. K. Burgwin, killed at Puebla de Taos Feb. 47. 

Enoch Steen — icound. at, and bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 

William Eustis. 

Henry S. Turner, bvt Major fm San Pascual and San Gabriel. 

Abraham R. Johnston, Aid de C. to B. Gen. Kearney ; killed at San Pascual. 

Philip R. Thompson, bvt Major fm Sacramento. 

William N. Grier, bvt Major fm Santa Cruz de Resales. 

Philip Kearney — icound. (lost an arm) at, and bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

Robert H. Chilton, Extra Aid to M. Gen. Taylor and bvt Major fm Biaena Vista. 

Daniel H. Rucker (Fst It to Feb. 47), bvt Major fm. Buena Vista. 

Andrew J. Smith (Fst It to Feb. 47), Actg Lt colonel of Mormon Bn. 

James H. Carleton (Fst It to Feb. 47), bvt Major f m Buena Vista. 

First Lieuteriants. 

Richard S. Ewell, bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

Leonidas Jenkins — died at Vera Cruz 18 Oct. 47. 

John Love, bvt Captain fm Santa Criaz de Rosales. 

Abraham Buford, bvt Captain fm Buena Vista. 

{Sec lieut.) Thomas 0. ^arxnnoxLA -killed at San Pascual. 

Rufus Ingalls (Sec It to Feb. 47). 

Joseph H. Whittlesey (Sec It to Oct. 47), bvt fm Buena Vista. 

Second Lieutenants. 
John W. Davidson. 
Richard C. W. Radford. 

Delos B. Sacket, bvt First lieut. fm La Palma. 
Joseph McElvaiu — killed (by accident) in New Mexico Jiily 47. 
Clarendon J. L. Wilson, bvt First lieut. fm Embudo and Taos. 
John Adams, bvt First lieut. fm Santa Cruz de Rosales. 
Thomas F. Castor. 

Orreu Chapman, bvt First lieut. fm Medelin. 
Oliver H. P. Taylor, bvt First lieut. fm Embudo and Taos. 
Samuel D. Sturgis (in 2. drags to Feb. 47). George Stoneman. 
George F. Evans, bvt First lieut. fm Buena Vista. 
Lorimer Graham (Sec It 10. infy serving with 1. drags), bvt First lieut. fm Mira 

Flores ; sev. wound, at, and bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 
David H. Hastings (Serg Saps, and min. to June 48). 



William S. Harney (Lt colonel and bvt Col fm Flo to June 46), bvt Brig. Gen- 
eral fm Cerro Gordo. 


Edwin V. Sumner (Capt 1. drags to June 46) — sev. wound, at and bvt Lt colonel 
fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Colonel fm El Molino del Rey. 

PhililJ St. George Cook (Capt 1. drags to Feb. 47, and Lt colonel comdg Mor- 
mon Bn), bvt Lt colonel for mer. cond. in California. 



Benjamin L. Beall (bvt Major fm Flo), ijrom. to 1. drags. 

George A. H. Blake, bvt Major fiu San Augustine. 

Crogan Ker — sev. wound, at El Moliuo del Key. [ Aug. 47. 

Seth B. Thornton — i<ei\ wound, on the Rio Grande ; killed near San Antonio 18 

Charles A. May, bvt Major fm Palo Alto ; bvt Lt colonel fm La Palnia ; bvt 

Nathaniel W. Hunter — died since the war. [Colonel fm Buena Vista. 

Lawrence Pike Graham, bvt Major fm La Palma. 

William J. Hardee, bvt Major fm Modelin ; bvt Lt colonel fm San Augustine. 

Hamilton W. Merrill, bvt Major fm El Molina del Rey. 

Henry H. Sibley CFst It and Adjutant to Feb. 47), bvt Major fm Medelin. 

Ripley A. Arnold (Fst It and bvt Capt to Aug. 47), bvt Major fm La Palma. 

First Lieutenant.^. 

Zebulon M. P. Inge- killed at La Palma 9 May 46. 
Washington I. Newton. 
William H. Saunders — died since the war. 
John H. mn-~died at Puebla 29 July 47. 

Albert Lowrey (see Qrmr's dept. ) [war. 

Fowler Hamilton (Major 10. iufy Mar. 47 ; Lt colonel 16th infy) — died since the 
Oscar F. Winship, bvt Captain fm La Palma — Appd. in .\djutant's dept. 
Reuben P. Campbell, bvt Captain fm Buena Vista. 
William Steel, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; Adjutant Dec. 47. 
Daniel G. Rogers— f//Vf/ at Vera Cruz 21 July 48. 

PhiliiJ W. McDonald, Aid de C. to B. Gen. Twiggs ; bvt Captain fm Churu- 
busco ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec ; died since the war. 
Elias K. Kane (Sec It to Aug. 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 

George Stephens — drowned in the Rio Grande 18 May 46. 

Lewis Neill, Adjutant ; sev. wound, at, and bvt First lieut. fra Medelin ; died 

Richard H. Anderson, bvt First lieut. fm San Augustine. [since the war. 

George T. Mason — killed near Ft. Brown 25 Apr. 46. 

Alfred Pleasanton, bvt First lieut. fm La Palma. 

John Y. Bicknell — died since the war. 

James M. Hawes, bvt First lieut. fm San Juan de los Llanos. 

Newton C. Givens. bvt First lieut. fm Buena Vista. 

Thomas J. Wood, bvt First lieut. fm Buena Vista. 

James Oakes, bvt First lieut. fm Medelin ; bvt Captain fm El Molino. 

William D. Smith — .^ev. wound, at El Molino del Rey. 

George S. Humphreys — died Nov. 47. 

Arthur D. Tree, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; sev. wound, at El Molino. 

Samuel H. Starr. 

One Year's Regimeut raised acconUug to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1847. 



Edward G. W. Butler, born in La., apt. from La. 

fjiezit. Colonel. 

Thomas P. Moore, born in Va. , apt. from Ky. 


Lewis Cass, Jr., born in O., apt. from Mich. 
William H. Polk, " Tenn., apt. from Tenu. 

E. H. Burton, born in Md., apt. from La. 



Asst. Surgeons. 
F. J. Kobertson, born in Tenn., apt. from Tenn. 
Coryon S. Abell, " N. Y., " Ky. 


George W. Caldwell, born in N. C, apt. from N. C. 

Pa., " Pa. 

Ky., " Ky. 

Va., " Ind. 

N. C, " N. C. 

Va., " La. 

Md., " Md. 

Ire., " Ala. 

Ire., " Mich. 

Md., " Md. 

John Butler, 
Edgar B. Gaither, 
Lemuel Ford, 
John S. Sitgreaves, 
Alphonse M. Duperu, 
Richard T. Merrick, 
James Hogan, 
Andrew T. McReynolds, 
Walter H. Jenifer, 

First Lieutenants 
Daniel Petigru, born in S. C, apt. from S. C. 
S. M. B. Vance, " Pa., " 

Rodolph Schoonover, born in Pa., apt 

George J. Adde, 
Joseph A. Divver, 
George E. Maney, 
John T. Brown, 
William B. Cook, 
Edward C. Davidson, 
William Walker, 

N. Y., 
N. Y., 
N. C, 

from Ind. 

N. Y. 




N. C. 


Second Lieutenants. 

Herman Thorn, born in N. Y., apt. from N. Y. 
J. C. D. Williams, " Mich., " Mich 

William C. Wagley, born in Ky., apt. from Ky 

Joseph H. Maddox, 
John K. Harrison, 
William J. McGill, 
Francis Y. Gaiues, 
Francis Henry, 
Langdon C. Johnson, 
Charles Radziminski, 
John V. S. Haviland, 
James J. Moore, 
Edward McPherson, 
William Merrihew, 
William Blood, 
W. G. Moseley, 
John W. Martin, 
R. E. Haslitt, 
Andrew J. Dorn, 
Elisha E. Camp, 


N. C. 

s. c. 


s. c. 





N. Y. 







(Persifor F. Smith, bvt Brig. General fm Monterey)— See General Officers. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
John C. Fremont, comd. Bn of Volrs. in California. 

William W. Loring (Capt. to Feb. 47), bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco ; bvt Col- 
onel fm Chapultepec : sev. icound. at De Belen gate. 


Winslow F. Sanderson, bvt Major fm CbnrnbTisco. 

Samuel H. Walker (Capt. and Lt colouel of Texas Kangcrs) — killed at Hua- 
Henry C. Pope — resigned Dec. 47. [mantla l) Oct. 47. 

George B. Crittenden, bvt Major fra Churnbusco. 

Stevens T. Mason — mori. wound, at Cerro Gordo, and died 15 May 47. 
John S. Simouson — wound, at, and bvt Major fm Chaimltepec. ( fm Chapnltepec. 
Jacob B. Backenstos, bvt Major from Chuniinisco ; W(ni/id. at, and bvt Lt colonel 
Stephen S. Tucker — wound, at, and bvt Major fm Cliapultepec. 
Chas F. Ruflf, bvt Major fm San Juan de los Llanos. 
Benjamin S. Roberts (Fst It to Feb. 47), bvt Major fm Chapultepec ; bvt Lt 

colonel fm Guadalaxara. 
(First lieut.) Thomas Ewell — killed at Cerro Gordo 18 Apr. 47. 
Andrew Porter (Fst It to Mar. 47) bvt Major f ni Ghurubnsco ; bvt Lt colonel 

fm Ohapultepec. 

First Lieutenants. ■* 

Michael E. Van Buren, bvt Captain fm Churiabusco. 
Llewellcn Jones. 
Noah Newton. 
William W. Taylor. 
Andrew J. Lindsay. 

John G. Walker, bvt Captain fm San Juande los Llanos ; sev. wound, at El Molino. 
Spear S. Tipton—died at Puebla 20 July 47. 

Thomas Claiborne, Jr. (Sec It to Feb. 47) bvt Captain fm Hnamantla. 
Thomas G. Ilhett (Sec It to Apr. 47). bvt Captain fm Puebla. 
Charles L. Denman ( Sec It to May 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 
Thomas Davis — killed at Cerro Gordo. 

George McLaue, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chapulte]>ec. 
Hubert M. Morris, bvt First lieut. fm Coutreras ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Francis S. K. Kussell — wound, at, and bvt First lieut. fm Chapultejjec. 
Julian May, Aid de C. to B. Gen. Harney ; bvt First lieut. f m Churubusco. 
Daniel M. Frost, (fm 1. arty), bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo. 
John P. Hatch (fm 3. infy), bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm 

Gordon Granger, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Dabney H. Maury^se®. wound, before, and bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo, 
lunes N. Palmer, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; wound, at, and bvt Captain 

fm Chapultepec. ) 

James Stuart, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Alfred Gibbs — wound, before, and bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Captain 

fm De Belen gate. 
George H. Gordon- woujul. before and bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo. 
William B. Lane. 
Caleb E. Lrvine. 


Lieut. Colonel. 
Benjamin K. Pierce — died since the war. 

Levi Whiting — died since the war. [Puebla. 

Thomas Childs (Capt 3. arty and bvt Colo, to Feb. 47j, bvt Brig. General fm 

Justin Dimick (bvt Major fm Florida), bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco : bvt 

Colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Lucian B. Webster, bvt Major fm Monterey ; bvt Lieut, colonel fm Buena Vista. 
George Nauman, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo; bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco: 

zi^ound. at Chapultepec. 


Francis Taylor, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco. 

John H. Winder, bvt Major fm Churubusco : bvt Lt colonel fm Mexico city. 

Minor Knowlton. 

James H. Prentiss — died since the war. [fm Chapultepec. 

John B. Magruder, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo ; wound, at, and bvt Lt colonel 

Erastus A. Capron (Fst It to Feb. 47) — killed at Chiarubusco. 

Martin J. Burke (Fst It to Mar. 47) — killed at Churubusco. [treras. 

John S Hatheway (Fst It to Mar. 47) — wound, before, and bvt Major fm Coil- 

Flrst Lieutenants. 
James L. Donaldson, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major fm Buena Vista 

(appd. in Qrmr's dept). 
James W. Mackall, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; aji^jd. in Adjutant's dept. 
William H. French, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Joseph Hooker, bvt Captain fm Monterey : appd. in Adjutant's dept. 
William H. Fowler (bvt fm Flo) — died since the war. 
Irvin McDowell, Aid de C. to B. Gen. Wool, to May 47 ; bvt Captain fm Buena 

Vista ; Ast Adjutant Gen. May, 47. 
Joseph A. Hoskin, bvt Captain f m Cerro Gordo ; loound. at (lost an arm) and 

bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 
Henry D. Grafton, bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 
James B. Eicketts 

William S. Smith— rfjV^Z since the war. 
Samuel K. Dawson, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 
James G. Martin (Sec It to Feb. 47), appd. in Qrmr's dept. 
Joseph F. Irons (Sec It to Mar. 47), Aid to B. Gen. Cadwalader ; niort. wound. 

at Churubusco and died 26 Aug. 47. 
John M. Brannan (Sec It to Mar. 47), Adjutant Apr. 47 ; bvt Captain fm Churu- 
busco ; sev. wound, at Chapultepec. 
Isaac Bowen (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt f m Monterey ; bvt Captain f m Buena Vista. 
Seth Williams (Sec It to Mar. 47), Aid to M. Gen. Patterson; bvt Captain fm 
Abner Doubleday (Sec It to Mar. 47). [Cerro Gordo. 

John P. Johnstone (Sec It to Mar. 47) — killed at Contreras 19 Aug. 47. 
Henry Coppee (Sec It to Aug. 47), bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 
Edward C. Boynton (Sec It to Aug. 47) — sev. wound, at, and bvt Captain fm 

Thomas J. Jackson (Sec It to Aug. 47), bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major 

fm Chapultepec. 
Truman Seymour (Sec It to Aug. 47), bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Satterlee Hoffman — killed at Churubusco. 
John B. Gibson, bvt Fst lieut. fm Churubusco. 
Theodore Talbot, Adjutant of California Volrs. to May 47. 
Ambrose P. Hill. 


James Bankhead, bvt Brig. General from Vera Cruz. 


John Munroe (Capt 4. arty and bvt Major to Aug 4(5), bvt Lt Colonel fm Mon- 
terey ; bvt Colonel fm Buena Vista. 

Patrick H. Gait (Capt 4. arty to Feb. 47), bvt Lt Colonel fm Churubusco ; died 
since the war. 


Allen Lowd, bvt Major fm Fort Brown. 

Samuel Mackenzie, comd. his reg. at El Molino, and Stormers at Chapultepec ; 

William C. DeHart— rfiVf/ 21 Apr. 48 idied 19 Oct. 47 in Mex. city. 

Charles F. Smith, bvt Major fm La Palma ; bvt Lt colonel fm Monterey ; bvt 

Henry Swartwout. [Colonel fm Churubusco. 


James Duncau, bvt Major fm Palo Alto ; bvt Lt Colonel fm La Palma ; bvt 

Colouel fm Mouterey ; difd since the war. 
Horace Brooks (Fst It to June 46), bvt Major fm Chnrubusco ; bvt Lt colouel 

fm El Molino del Hey. 
Henry L. Kendrick (Fst It to June 40), bvt Major fm Puebla. 
Koland A Luther (Fst It to Mar. 47), iround. at Palo Alto. 
John F. llolaud (Fst It to Mar. 47), bvt fm La Palma ; bvt Major fm Monterey. 

Firitt Li€ute7iants. 

Muscoe L. Shackelford, comd. his co at Churubusco and inort. wound, at El Mo- 
lino, and died 12 Oct. 47. 

Charles 15. Daniels, comd. his co at Churubusco, and mort. wound, at El Molino, 
and died 27 Oct. 47. 

Lewis G. Arnold, bvt Captain fm Churubusco; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

Francis Woodbridge, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm El Molino del 

Henry C. Pratt, bvt Captain fm Atlixco. [Hey. 

John Sedgmck, bvt Captain fm Chnrubusco ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

William Armstrong (appd. Aug. 47 iu Qrmr's dept. ) — killed at El Molina. 

Arnold Elzey, bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

William B. Blair, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 

William F. Barry. 

William A. Nichols, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major fm El Molino. 

Leslie Chase, bvt Captain fm La Palma ; died since the war. 

Henry J. Hunt, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; wound, at El Molino ; bvt Major 

Augustus A. Gibson. [fm Chapultepec. 

William Haj's (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; wound, at El 
Molino : bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

Harvey A. Allen (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm El Molino del Rey. 

Samuel S. Anderson (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm El Molino ; bvt Major 

James Totten (Sec It to Mar. 47). [fm Chapultepec. 

David Gibson — died at Tampico 6 Feb. 47. 

Koswell S. Ripley (Sec It to Mar. 47), Aid to M. Gen. Pillow ; 1)vt Captain fm 
Cerro Gordo ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

John J. Peck (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Churulmsco ; bvt Major fm 
El Molino del Rey. 

Henry F. Clarke (Sec It to Sept. 47) — wound, at El Molino ; bvt Captain fm 

Second Lieutenants. 

Josiah H. Carlisle. 

George Edwards — mound, at, and bvt First lieut. fm Puebla. 

Thomas B. J. Weld — died since the war. 

Henry B. Sears, bvt First lieut. fm National Bridge. 

Marcus D. L. Simpson, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Cha- 

Richard H. Rush. [pultepec. 

Josejjh S. Totten. 

Julius A. d'Lagnel. 

Julian McAllister. 


William Gates ; comd. at Tampico. 

Lieut, ('olonel. 
Francis S. Belton, bvt Colonel fm Churubusco. 

John M. Washington (Capt. 4 arty to Fob. 47), bvt Lt colonel fm Buena Vista. 

Thomas Childs (bvt Lt. colo fm Flo), bvt Colonel fm La Palma. See 1 arty. 
John R. Vinton, bvt Major fm Monterey ; killed at Vera Cruz 22 Mar. 47. 


Samiael Ringgold fbyt Major fm Flo)— mort. wound, at Palo Alto, and died 11 

May 46. 
Martin Buvko, bvt Major fm Churnbusco ; bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino del Key. 
Eichiird D. A. Wade (bvt Major fm Flo) — sev. wound, at Cbenibusco ; bvt Lt 

colonel fm El Molino ; died since the war. 
Robert Anderson — sev. imund. at, and bvt Major fm El Molino del Rey. 
William ^?,\\—dkd at Puebla 13 Aug. 47. 
Thomas W. Sherman, bvt Major fm Bnena Vista. 
ChristoiJher Q. Tompkins, resigned 22 Sept. 47 in Calif. 
Braxton Bragg (Est It to June 46), bvt Captain fm Ft Brown ; bvt Major fm 

Monterey ; bvt Lt colonel fm Buena Vista. 
George Taylor (Est It to Feb. 47), bvt Major fm Huamantla. 
Edward J. Steptoe (Fst It to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Lt 

colonel fm Chapultepec. [dept. 

{First lieut.) Randolph Ridgely (declined bvt fm La Palma), ap^id. in Adjutant's 
Francis O. Wyse (Fst It to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Calabosa river near Tampico. 
William H. Shover (Fst It Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major fm 

Buena Vista. 
William Austine (Fst It and Adjutant to Aug. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

First Lieutenants. 

Henrj' S. Burton (Lt colonel of N. Y. reg. California Volrs. for the war). 

Henry B. Judd, bvt Captain fm Medelin, near Vera Cruz. 

Edward 0. C. Ord. 

William Gilham — resigned Oct. 46. 

William T. Sherman, bvt Captain fm California. 

William H. Churchill, bvt Captain fm La Palma ; apjjd. in Qrmr's dept. 

Stewart Van Vliet, appd. in Qrmr's dept. June 47. 

George H. Thomas, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 

Horace B. Field, bvt Captain fm Huamantla. 

George W. Ayres, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; killed at El Molino. 

Sewall L. Fremont, Ast qrmr Mar. 47. [bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

Richard P. Hammond, Aid to B. Gen. Shields ; bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo ; 

John F. Reynolds, bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major fm Buena Vista. 

Richard W. Johnston, distiug. and resigned Dec. 47. 

Charles L. Kilburn (Sec It to Feb. 47), bvt First lieut. fm Monterey : bvt Cap- 
tain fm Buena Vista. 

Hachaliah Brown (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Medelin. 

Lucien Loeser (Sec It to Mar. 47). 

James A. Hardie (Major in N. Y. reg. California Volrs. for the war). 

Samiiel G. French (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt First lieiat. fm Monterey ; sev. icound. 
at, and bvt Cajitain fm Buena Vista. 

Francis J. Thomas (Sec It to Mar. 47). 

Joseph F. Farry (Sec It to Aug. il)— killed at El Molino. 

Louis D. Welch (Sec It to Sept. 47) — died since the war. 

George P. Andrews (Sec It to Sept. 47 — iDOund. at, and bvt Captain fm El Mo- 
lino ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Colville J. Minor — died Aug. 47 in California. 

Hamilton L. Shields, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco : bvt Captain fm El Molino. 
John H. Lendrum, bvt First It fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chapultei^ec. 
Bedney F. McDonald, bvt First It fm Huamantla. 
John Mason. 
George Patten. 
Horatio Gibson. 
Ambrose C. Burnside. 


TAeut. Colonel. 
Matthew M. Payne — sev. wound, at, and bvt Colonel fm La Palma. 



John L. Gardnei-, bvt Lt colonel fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Colonel fm Contreras. 
Giles Porter (Capt 1. arty to 16 Feb. 47). 

(John Munroe, bvt Major fni Flo) ; See 2. arty. 
(Patrick H. Gait— to Feb. 47); See 2. arty. 
(John M. Washington — to Feb. 47) ; See 3. arty. 

Harvey Brown (bvt Major fm Flo), bvt Lt colonel fm Chnrubusco ; bvt Colonel 
William W. Morris (bvt Major fm Flo). [fm De Belen gate, 

John B. Scott, bvt Major fm La Palma. 

William P. Bainbridge, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo : died since the war. 
llaphael C. Smead— d/^rf 20 Aug. 48. 
Franklin E. Hiint. 

Simon H. Drum, much distiug. and killed at Ue Belen gate, 13 Sept. 47. 
Samuel C. Ridgely (Fst It to Feb. 47), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Edward Deas (Fst It to Feb. 47) — drowned in tbe Rio Grande since the war. 
John H. Miller (Fst It to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Puebla ; died since the war. 

First Lieutenants. 
John P. J. O'Brien — appd. in Qrmr's dept. Jan. 47 ; wound, at, and bvt Major 
John W. Phelps, disting. at Contreras, declined bvt. [fm Bueua Vista. 

Thomas L. Brent, bvt Captain fm Buena Vista ; appd. in Qrmr's dept. Mar. 47. 
Thomas Williams, Aid to M. Gen. Scott ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major 
Edmund Bradford. [fm Chapultepec. 

John C. Pemberton, Aid to M. Gen. Worth ; bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt 

Major fm El Molino ; wound, at the city. 
Charles F. Wooster, bvt Captain fm the Sacramento. 
John P. McCown, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 
George W. Getty, bvt Captain fm Contreras. 
Albion P. Howe, Adjutant, bvt Captain fm Contreras. 
Julius P. Gareschc. 

Simon S. Fahnestock. [fm Buena Vista. 

Robert S. Garnett, Aid to M. Gen. Taylor ; bvt Captain fm Monterey ; bvt Major 
Mansfield Lovell (Sec It to Feb. 47), Aid to M. Gen. Qiiitman ; bvt Captain fm 

Chapultepec : wound, at De Belen gate. 
Calvin Benjamin (Sec It to Feb. 47), much disting. and killed at le Belen gate. 
Henry M. Whiting (Sec It to Mar. 47). bvt First It fm Buena Vista. 
George W. Rains (Sec It to Mar. 47), Aid to M. Gen. Pillow; bvt Captain fm. 

Daniel H. Hill (Sec It to Mar. 47), bvt Captain fm Contreras : bvt Major fm Cha- 
Thomas J. Curd (Sec It to Mar. 47). [pultepec. 

Samuel Gill (Sec It to Mar. 47) — resigned May 47. 

Fitz John Porter (Sec It to May 47), bvt Captain fm El Molino ; bvt Major fm 
Chapultepec : and loound. at De Belen gate. 

Second Lieuteiiants. 
Francis GoWma—wo^md. at, and bvt Fst It fm Contreras. 
Darius N. Couch, bvt Fst It fm Buena Vista. 
John A. Brown. 

Albert L. Magilton, bvt Fst It fm Contreras. 
Henry A. Ehninger. 

Gustavus A. De Russy, bvt Fst It fm Contreras. 
John S. Garland. 

Samuel L. Gouverneur, bvt Fst It fm Contreras. 
John Gibbon. 
Richard C. Drum, bvt Fst It fm Chapultepec. 

William Davenport. 




Lieut. Colonel. 
Henry Wilsou, bvt Colonel fm Monterey. 

John B. Clark — died at San Juan D'UUoa 23 A\ig. 47. 
Edgar S. Hawkins (Capt. 7. infy to Feb. 47). 

John J. Abercrombie (bvt Major fm Flo) — loound. at, and bvt Lt colonel fm 
Albert S. Miller, bvt Major fm Monterej'. [Monterey ; prom, to 5. infy. 

Electus Backus, bvt Major fm MontereJ^ 
Joseph H. Lamotte — icound. at, and bvt Major fm Monterey. 
John R. B. Gardeuier — dkd since the war. 
Samuel M. Plummer — died since the war. 
John M. Scott, bvt Major fm Monterey ; died since the war. 
John H. King (Fst It to Oct. 46). 
Robert S. Granger (Fst It to Sept. 47). 

First Lieutenants. 
Ferdinand S. Munford. 

William E. Prince, Aid to B. Gen. Price ; bvt Captain fm Santa Cruz de Rosales. 
George W. F. Wood, appd. in Qrmr's dept. 
John C. Terrett — killed at Monterey. 
Benjamin H. Arthur (Sec It to Sept. 46), Adjutant. 
Stephen D. Carpenter (Sec It to Sept. 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 
Joseph B. Plummer. 

Schuyler Hamilton, bvt First lieut. fm Monterey ; Aid to M. Gen. Scott ; bvt 
Frederick J. Denman. [Captain fm Mira Flores. 

Eugene E. McLean. 

Rankin Dilworth — inort. wound, at Monterey, and died 27 Sept. 4G. 
William L. Crittenden. 
Charles C. Gilbert. 
Parmenas T. Turnley. 

George D. Brewerton (in N. Y. Volrs. in Calif.) 
Egbert Viele. 


IJeut. Colonel. 
Bennet Riley (bvt Colonel fm Flo), comd. a brigade ; bvt Brig. General fm Cerro 
Gordo ; bvt Major General fm Contreras. 

George W. Allen (Capt 4. infy to Sept 46), bvt Lt colonel fm La Palma ; died 

at Vera Cruz 15 Mar. 48. 
William M. Graham (Capt 4. infy to Feb. 47), Lt colonel 11. infy, and killed at 
Washington Seawell (Capt. 7. infy to Mar. 47). [El Molino del Rey. 

Carlos A. Waite, prom, to Major 8. infy Feb. 47. 

Thompson Morris, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo ; bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco. 
Julius J. B. KingsbTiry, bvt Major fm Chvirubusco. 

Joseph R. Smith, bvt Major f m Cerro Gordo ; twice wound, at, and bvt Lt colonel 
Hannibal Day. [fm Churubusco. 

Samuel P. Heintzelman, bvt Major fm Huamantla. ( Chapiiltepec. 

Silas Casey, bvt Major fm Churubusco ; sev. womid. at, and bvt Lt colonel fm 
James W. Penrose, bvt Major fm. Cerro Gordo ; died .since the war. 
George W. Patten — sev. loound. Tlost an arm) and bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo. 
Henry W. Wessells ( Fst It to Feb. 47) — se/K. wound, at, and bvt Major f m Contreras. 
James W. Anderson (First It to Feb. 47) — much disting. and mort. woitnd. at 

Churubusco, and died 22 Aug. 47. 
Mai'sena R. Patrick (Fst It to Aug. 47), bvt Major for mer. cond. in Mexico. 


First Lieutenants. 

William Allnirtis — bvt Capt fm Y\&— killed at Vera Cruz. 

Justus McKinstry— appd. iu Qrmr's dept. 

Christoplier S. Lovell — twice loaund. at, and bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

Delozier Davidson — wound, at Vera Cruz ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

George C. Westcott, bvt Captain fm Cbapultepec. 

Julius Hayden, Aid to Colo Kilcy, comdg brig ; w(nind. at, and bvt Captain fm 

Edward K. S. Canby, Adjiitant ; appd. in Adj. gen.'s dept. [Churubusco. 

Bryant P. Tilden (Sec It to Feb. 47) — wound, at Coutreras. [Belen gate. 

Nathaniel Lyon (Sec It to Feb. 47), bvt Captain fm Churubusco; wound, at De 

Second Lieutenants. 

James W. Schureman, bvt Fst It from Churubusco ; diM since the war. 
Charles E. Jarvis — wound. atCerro Gordo ; bvt Fst It fm Churubusco ; died since 
Frederick Steele, bvt Fst It fm Contreras ; bvt Captain fm ChaiJultepec. [the war. 
James M. L. Henry, Aid to B. Gen. Marshall. 

Herman Thorn (appd. in 3. drags Mar. 47), Aid to Colo Garland ; bvt Captain 
fm Churubusco : wound, at El Molino ; retained with bvt of Capt fm Cha- 
David E, Jones, Adjutant Ajjr. 47 ; bvt Fst It fm Churubusco. [pultepec. 

Thomas Easlej' — killed at Churubusco. 
Nelson H. Davis, bvt Fst It fm Churubusco. 

William M. Gardner — wound, at Contreras ; sev. wound, at, and bvt Fst It fm 
John R. Butler, Aid to M. Gen. Butler. [Churubusco. 

Tredwell Moore. 
Thomas W. Sweeney, served in N. Y. Volrs.; lost an arm at Churubusco. 


Lieut. Colonel. 

Ethan A. Hitchcock, Actg Inspector General with M. Gen. Scott ; bvt Colonel 
fm Churubusco ; bvt Brig. General fm El Molino del Key. 

Ma^fft'. — William W. Lear — mort. wound, at Monterey. 


Lewis N. Morris, bvt Major fm La Palma : killed at Monterey. 

(Henry Bainbridge— (rwmd. at, and bvt Major fm Monterey): prom, to 7. infy. 

Edmund B. Alexander, bvt Major f m Cerro Gordo : bvt Lt colonel f m Churubusco. 

Jefferson Van Home, bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

George P. Field — sev. wound, at Monterey, and killed by Mex. lancers. 

Philip N. Barbour (bvt fm Flo), bvt Major fm La Palma ; killed at Monterey. 

William S. Henry, bvt Major fm Monterey ; died since the war. 

Joseph H. Eaton, Aid toM. Gen. Taylor ; bvt Major fm Monterey ; bvt Lt colonel 

fm Buena Vista. 
Lewis S. Craig, bvt Major fm Monterey ; sev. wound, at, and bvt Lt colonel fm 

James Madison Smith (Fst It to Sept. ^&),—died 4 Dec. 47 near Jalapa Mex. 
William H. Gordon (Fst It to Sept. 46), bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Daniel T. Chandler ( Fst It to Sept. 4G), bvt Major fm Monterey ; wound, at, and 

bvt Lt Colonel fm Contreras. 
Stephen D. Dobbins (Fst It to Feb. ^1)— wound, at La Palma. 

First Lieutenants. 

Bushrod R. Johnson — resigned Oct. 47. 

Oliver L. Shepherd, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

William B. Johns, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 

Douglas S. Irwin f bvt fm Flo), Adjutant ; killed at Monterey. 

Thomas Jordan— appd. in (Qrmr's dept. [Churubusco. 

Don Carlos Buell, bvt Captain fm Monterey : .seu. wound, at, and bvt Major fm 

Israel B. Richardson, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 


William T. H. Brooks, bvt Captain fm Monterey: Actg ast adj. gen. to B. Gen. 

Twiggs ; bvt Major fm Churubusco. 
Andrew M^. Bowman, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 
George Sykes, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo. 
Andrew J. Williamson (Sec It to Feb. 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 

Eobert Hazlitt — killed at Monterey. 

John C. McFerran. 

John Trevitt. 

Henry B. Schroeder, bvt First lieut. fm Churubusco. 

John J. C. Bibb — resigned Dec. 46. 

John P. Hatch — appd. in Mtd riflemen q. v. 

James N. Ward — -wound, at and bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo. 

]^arnard E. Bee — wound, at and bvt First lieut. fm Cerro Gordo : bvt Captain 

Henry B. Glitz, bvt First It fm Cerro Gordo. [fm Chapultepec. 

William H. Wood (fm 7. infyj. 

John D. Wilkins, bvt First It fm Churubusco. 

Joseph N. G. Whistler, bvt First It from Churubusco. 

Michael O'Sullivan — resigned Oct. 47. 

Charles B. Brower — served in N. Y. Volrs. 


Lieut. Colonel. 

John Garland, comd. a brigade ; bvt Colonel fm La Palma ; bvt Brig. General 
fm Churubusco ; sev. wound, in capture of the City. 


Francis Lee (Capt 7. infy to Feb. 47), bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco ; bvt Colonel 
fm El Molino del Rey. 


(George W. Allen, bvt Major fm Flo ; bvt Lt colonel fm La Palma); prom to 2. 
John Page — mort. 'wound, at Palo Alto, and died 12 July 46. [infy- 

(William M. Graham, bvt Major fm Flo); prom, to 2. infy q. v. 
Pitcairn Morrison, bvt Major fm La Palma. 

George A. McCall, bvt Major and bvt Lt colonel fm La Palma ; appd. in Adj's 
Gouverneur Morris, bvt Major fm La Palma. [dept. 

Robert G. Buchanan, bvt Major fm La Palma : bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino del 
Charles H. Larnard, bvt Major fm La Palma. [Rej'. 

Benjamin Alvord (Fst It to Sept. 46), bvt Capt fm La Palma ; bvt Major fm 

National Bridge. 
Henry L. Scott (Fst It to Feb. 47), Aid-de-C. and Actg adjutant gen. to Gen. 

Scott; bvt Major fm Churubusco ; ^ bvt Lt Colonel fm Chapultepec. 

First Lieutenants. 

Henry Prince, Adjutant ; bvt Capt fm Churubusco : sev. wound, at and bvt Major 
Charles Hoskins, Adjutant; killsd at Monterey. [fm El Molino del Rej'. 

Richard H. Graham — mo7-t. wound, at Monterey, and died 12 Oct. 46. 
John H. Gore, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm El Molino del Rey. 
Richard E. Cochran — killed at R. de la Palma. | skirmish. 

{Second It) Theodoric H. Porter — killed 19 Apr. 46, near the Rio Grande, in a 
Sidney Smith — wound, at El Molino ; mort. wound, in capture of city, and died 

16 Sept. 47. 
Granville O. Haller, bvt Captain fm El Molino ; bvt Major fm ChaiDultepec. 
Henry D. Wallen. 

Henderson Ridgley, Actg ast adjutant gen. to B. Gen. Lane ; killed at P-ass of 
Jenks Beaman— (f««? 6 May 48 at Tampico. [Guadalaxara. 



Becond IJeiitennntK. 

Christopher R. Perry — died on his return, at sea. 

Christopher G. Augur, Aid to B. Gen. Hopping. 

Ulysses S. Grant — declined bvt fm El Moliuo : bvt Captain fm Chapultepcc. 

Henry M. Judah, bvt First It fm El Moliuo; bvt Cajitainfm Chapultepec. 

James S. Woods, bvt First It fm La Palma ; killed at Monterey. 

Alexander Hays, bvt P'irst It fm La Palma ; Actg ast adjutant gen. to B. Gen. 

Abram B. Lincoln — iroiind. at and bvt First It fra El Molino del Rey. [Lane. 

Thomas J. Montgomery. 

David A. Russell, bvt First It fm National Bridge. 

Alexander P. Rodgers — inoarid. and killed, at Chapultepec-. 

Delaucey Floyd-Jones, bvt First It fm El Molino del Rey. 

Maurice Maloney, bvt First It f m El Mdlino ; bvt Captain f m Chapulteiiec ; 

wound, at San Cosme gate. 
Archibald B. Botts- r//"<'rZ 1 Jan. 47 at Camargo Mex. 

Thomas R. McConnell, bvt First It fm El Molino ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Edmiind Russell — wound, at Churubusco ; bvt First It fm El Molino. 


Lieut. Colonel. 

James S. Mcintosh — dang, wound, at and bvt Colonel fm La Palma ; sev. wmtnd. 
at El Molino ; and died of his wounds 26 Sept. 47. 


(Thomas Staniford, bvt Lt Colonel fm La Palma) ; prom, in 8. infy. 
Martin Scott (Capt 5. infy to June 46), bvt Lt colonel fm Monterey ; killed at El 
Dixon S. Miles (Capt 7 infy to Feb. 47), q. v. [Moliuo del Rey. 

John J. Abercrombie (Capt 1. infy to Sept. 47), q. v. 


Moses E. Merrill, much disting. and killed at El Molino del Rey. [47. 

Ephraim K. Smith, comd. Lht Bn, and mart, woiuid. at El Moliuo — died 11 Sept. 
Alexander S. Hooe — sev. wound, at and bvt Major fm La Palma ; died 9 Dec. 47 

at Baton Rouge. 
William Chapman— wound, at San Antonio, and bvt Major f m Churubusco : Ijvt 
Randolph B. Marcy — served in California. [Lt colonel fm El Moliuo. 

Daniel Ruggles, bvt Major fm Churubusco ; bvt Lt colonel fm Chapultepec. 
Joseph H. Whipple— (Z/('(f 30 June 47 at the Castle of Perote. 
Daniel H. McPhail, bvt Major fiu Churubusco ; wound, in capture of the city. 
Carter L. Stevenson. 
Nathan B. Rossell, bvt Major fm El Molino del Rey. 

First Lieutenants. 

John A. Whitall, bvt Captain fm La Palma. 

George Deas, .\djvitant, and appd. in Adjutant's dept. Dec. 46. 

Sterne H. Fov!\ei—ioound. at La Palma : bvt. Captain f m Churubusco ; bvt 

Spencer 'Sorxell— died since the war. [Major fm El Molino. 

John C. Robinson. 

Pinkney Lus;enbeel, Adjutant; wound, at and bvt Captaia fm Churubusco ; bvt 

Joseph L. Folsom, appd. in Qrmr's dept. Sept. 46. [Major fm Chapultepec. 

Mortimer Rosecrants, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; died since the war. 

Charles S. Hamilton, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; sev. wouml. at El Molino. 

Henry R. Selden. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Frederick T. Dent, bvt First It fm Churubusco ; sev. wound, at and bvt Captain 
Erastus B. Strong— Av7/<"rf at El Molino del Rey. [fm El Molino. 

William T. Burwell, Aid to Colo Clark, comdg brig. : killed at El Molino. 
William Read. 


Joseph P. Smith, much disting. and killed at Chapultepec. 

John A, Kichey- — murdered at Villa Gran Mex. 13 Jan. 47. 

Patrick A. Farrelly — sct. wound, at and bvt First It fm Chriibusco ; died since 

Clinton W. Lear, bvt First It fm National Bridge. [the war. 



(Zachary Taylor, bvt Brig. General fm Flo ; bvt Major General fm La Palma ; 

prom, to Major General 29 June 46). 
Newman S. Clark, bvt Brig. General fm Vera Cruz. 

Benjamin L. E. Bonneville — wound, at and bvt Lt Colonel fm Churubusco. 


George C. Hutter (re-appd. Apr. 47 till Jan. 48). 

"William Hoffman — icound. at and bvt Major fm Churubusco ; bvt Lt colonel fm 

Albemarle Cady — wound, at and bvt Major fm El Molino del Key. [El MolJno. 

Thomas L. Alexander, bvt Major fm Churubusco. 

Samuel Woods (Major 15 infy Mar. 47), bvt Lt colonel fm Chapultepec ; retained 

John B. S. Todd. [with bvt of Major fm same. 

William H. T. Walker, bvt Major fm Churubusco ; aev. loound. and bvt Lt. 

colonel fm El Molino. 
James Monroe Jr. Actg ast inspector gen. in the army of Gen. Scott. 
Charles S. Lovell. 

First Lieutenants. 

Edward Johnson, bvt Captain fm El Molino ; bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 

Thomas Hendrickson — sev. tcound. and bvt. Captain fm Churubusco. 

Louis A. Armistead, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt Major fm El Molino ; 

wound, at Chapultepec. 
(Edward H. Fitzgerald, appd. in Qrmr's dept. 5 Aug. 47). 
Leonidas Wetmore, bvt Captain fm El Molino del Key ; died since the war. 
John D. Bacon — mo7-t. wound, at Churubusco, and died 11 Oct. 47. 
Alexander Morrow (in 9. infy till Sept. 47), bvt Captain fm Chapultepec ; died 

since the war. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Anderson D. Nelson. 

Kudolph F. Ernst, Actg adjutant; 7no7't. wound, at El Molino, and died 22 Sept. 47. 

Ealph W. Kirkham, Adjutant and actg. ast. adjutant gen.; bvt First It fm Churu- 
busco ; bvt Cai^tain fm Chapultepec. 

George W. Lay, Aid to M. Gen. Butler ; bvt First It fm Monterey ; Mil. secre- 
tary to M. Gen. Scott ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

Edwin Howe, bvt First It fm El Molino ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco. 

Simon B. Buckner — icound. at and bvt First It fm Churubusco ; bvt Captain fm 

Winfield Scott Hancock, bvt First It fm Churubusco. [El Molino. 

William Ehea — died at Monterey 7 June 47. 

George T. Shackelford — died since the war. 


Lieut. Colonel. 

Joseph Plympton, bvt Colonel fm Cerro Gordo. 


Jacob Brown — mort. wound, in comd. of Ft Brown 6th and died 9 May 46. 
Henry Bainbridge (Capt 3. infy to Feb. 47), bvt Lt colonel fm Contreras. 



(Edgar S. Hawkins, bvt Major fm Ft Browu); luoiu. to 1. infy Feb. 47. 

(Francis Lee, Major 4. infy Feb. 47). [to 5. iufj-. 

(Dixon S. ^liles, bvt Major fm Ft Brown, bvt Lt colonel fm Monterey); prom. 

(Washington Seawell, bvt Major fm Flo); prom, to 2. infy Mar. 47. 

Gabriel J. Rains (bvt Major fm Flo). 

Theopbihis H. Holmes, bvt Major fm Monterey. 

Kichard H. lloss, bvt Major fm Monterey ; sev. wound, at and bvt Lt colonel fm 

Contreras ; died since the war 
Daniel P. Whiting, bvt Major fm Cerro Gordo. 
Richard C. Gatlin — wound, at and bvt Major fm Monterey. 
Gabriel R. Paul, bvt Major fm Chapultepec. 
Seneca G. Simmons (Fst It to Feb. 47). 
Forbes Britton (Fst It to Feb. 47). 

Charles Hanson (Fst It to Feb. ^1)— killed at Contreras 20 Aug. 47. 
John C. Henshaw (Fst It to Mar. 47), bvt Major fm Contreras. 

First Lieutenants. 

Nevil Hopson — dismd. Aug. 46. 

Lewis Henry Little, bvt Captain fm Monterey. 

Charles H. Humber, bvt Captain fm Cerro Gordo ; sev. wound, at San Geronimo. 

Francis N. Page, Adjutant and appd. in Adjutant's dept. May 47. 

Levi Gantt — killed at Chapultepec. [Cerro Gordo. 

Napoleon J. T. Dana (Sec It to Feb. 47) — sev. wound, at and bvt Captain fm 

Lafayette McLaws (Sec It to Feb. 47). 

Samuel B. Hayman (Sec -It to Feb. 47). 

Earl Van Dorn (Sec It to Mar. 47), Aid de C. to B. Gen. Smith ; bvt Captain fm 

Cerro Gordo ; bvt Major fm Churubusco ; wou/id. in capture of the city. 
Franklin Gardner (Sec It to Sept. 47), bvt First It fm Monterey : bvt Captain fm 

Cerro Gordo : Adjutant. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Joseph H. Potter — sev. wound, at and bvt First It fm Monterey. 

William K. Van Bokkelen, bvt First It fm Contreras. 

Edmund K. Smith, bvt First It f m Cerro Gordo : bvt Captain fm Contreras. 

Matthew R. Stevenson (Captain of N. Y. Volrs. in California). 

William H. Tyler, bvt Fst lieut fm Contreras. 

Cadmus M. Wilcox, Aid to M. Gen. Quitman ; bvt First It fm Chapultepec. 

Samuel B. Maxey, bvt First It fm Contreras. 

Thomas Henry, bvt First It from Contreras. 


(William J. Worth, bvt Brig. Gen. fm Flo) ; See General Officers. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Thomas Staniford (Major 5. infy to June 4G), bvt Colonel fm Monterey. 


William G. Belknap (bvt Lt colo fm Flo), bvt Colonel fm La Palma ; Actg. in- 
spector gen. to M. Gen. Taylor ; bvt Brig. General fm Buena Vista. 

Carlos A. Waite (Capt. 2. infy to Feb. 47), bvt Lieut colonel fm Churubusco : 
wound, at and bvt Colonel fm El Molino. 


George Wright (bvt Major fm Flo), bvt Lt colonel fm Churubusco ; wound, at 

and bvt Colonel fm El Molino. 
William R. Montgomery — wound, at and bvt Major fm La Palma; wortnd. at 

and bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino. 


Richard B. Screven, bvt Major fm Monterey ; bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino ; 

Henry McKtxvett— ki lied at Monterey 21 Sept. 46. [died since the war. 

James V. Bomford, bvt Major fm Chnrubusco : bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino. 

Isaac V. D. Reeve, bvt Major fm Chnrubusco: bvt Lt colonel fm El Molino. 

Collinson R. Gates — wou7id. at and bvt Captain fm La Palma ; bvt Major fm El 
Molino ; died since the war. [El Molino. 

Larkin Smith, Aid to B. Gen. Worth ; bvt Major fm Churubusco ; sev. ■wound, at 

George Lincoln (Est It to July 46), bvt Captain fm La Palma ; appd. in Adju- 
tant's dept. 

Augustus L. Sheppard (Est It to Eeb. 47) — died since the war. 

First Lieutenants. 

Joseph Selden, bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; sev. wound, at and bvt Major fm 
Arthur J. Lee. [Chapultepec. 

Robert P. Maclay — icound. at La Palma. [10 Sept. 47. 

John G. Burbauk — wound, at La Palma ; moi't. wound, at El Molino, and died 
John Beardsley — sev. wound, and bvt Captain fm El Molino. [17 Sept. 47. 

Charles F. yioxri^— wound, at La Palma ; mort. tcound. at El Molino, and died 
John D. Clark, Adjutant ; sev. icound. at and bvt Captain fm El Molino ; drowned 

in Aug. 48. 
Charles D. Jordan (Sec It to Sept. 46) — wound, at and bvt First It fm La Palma. 
James Longstreet (Sec It to Feb. 47), Adjutant ; bvt Captain fm Churubusco ; bvt 

Major fm El Molino ; sev. icound. at Chapultepec. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Jacob J. Booker — died since the war, in Texas. 
Theodore L. Chadbourne — killed at La Palma. 

Edmunds B. Holloway — sev. wound, at and bvt First It fm Churubusco. 
Lafayette B. Wood, bvt First It fm Monterey ; Aid to M. Gen. Worth ; bvt Cap- 
Alfred St A. Crozet. [tain fm Churubusco. 
Charles G. Merchant, bvt First It fm El Molino ; bvt Captain fm Chapultepec. 
Alexander Hays, bvt First It fm La Palma; Actg ast. adj. gen. to B. Gen. Lane. 
George Wainwright — sev. wound, at Monterey; see. wound, at El Molino ; died 

2 Aug. 48. 
James G. S. Snelling, bvt First It fm Churiabusco ; sev. wound, at and bvt Cap- 
Thomas G. Pitcher, bvt First It fm Churubusco. [tain fm El Molino. 
George E. Pickett, bvt First It fm Chiirubusco ; bvt Captain fm Chajiultepec. 
Edward D. Blake. 

One Year's Regiment raised according to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1847. 


Trueman B. Ransom, born in Vt., apt. from Vt. 

Lietit. Colonel. 
Jeremiah Clements, born in Ala., apt. from Ala. 


Folliott T. Lally, born in N. Y., apt. from Me. 
William B. Taliaferro, born in Va. , apt. from Va. 

Justin E. Stevens, born in Mass., apt. from Mass. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

Francis T. Wheaton, born in R. I., apt. from R. I. 
Robert T. Spence, " Md., " Md. 





N. H., 





' Conn. 

N. H., 



N. H. 

Conn., ' 

' Conn. 




J. S. Pitman, born in N. H., apt. from R. I. 

Theo. F. Howe, born in N. H., apt. from N. H. 

Stephen Wootlniau, " 

E. A. Kimbiill, 

Andrew T. Pahuer, " 

Nathaniel S. Webb, " 

James W. Thompson, '" 

Daniel Bachelder, " 

Lorenzo Johnson, " 

Charles N. Bodfisb, " 

First Lieutenants. 

Alexander Morrow, born in Me., apt. from Me. 

Lyman Bissell, 

John S. Slocnm, 

Charles J. Spragvie, 

George Bowers, 

John H. Jackson, 

Thomas J. Whipple, 

Albert Tracy, 

Justin Hodge, 

Joseph F. Bragg, 

Second Liefiitenants. 

Daniel H. Cram, born in N. H., apt. from N. H. 
A. A. Stoddard, " Conn., " Conn. 

Thomas P. Pierce, " " . 

Nath. F. Swett, " Me., " Me. 

Josiah P. Chadbonrue, born in Me., ajit. from Army. 

Conn., " 


R. L. " 

R. L 



N. H., " 

N. H. 

N. H., " 

N. H. 

N. H., " 

N. H. 

N. Y., " 


Conn., " 



Jesse A. Gove, 

" N. H., " 


Thompson H. Crosby, 

" Mp., 


Alpheus T. Palmer, 

" Me.. 


Richard C. Drum, 

" Pa., 


John Glackin, 

" Mass., " 

R. L 

Robert Hopkins, 

" Ky., 


George W. May, 

" Eng., " 


Charles Simmons, 

" Me., 


Levi Woodhouse 

" Conn., " 

' Conn. 

Heni-y De Walbe, 

" R.I, " 

R. I. 

William A. Newman, 

" Vt. 


James P. Archer, 

" Md., 


Charles F. Low, 

N. H. 

John M. Hathaway, 

" Conn., ' 

' Conn. 

John McNabb, 

" ' 


One Year's Regiment raised according to act of Congi'ess Feb. 11, 1847. 

Robert E. Temple, born in Vt. , a^it. from N. Y. 

Lieut. Col. 
John J. Fay, born in N. Y., apt. from N. Y. 

Fowler Hamilton, born in N. Y. , apt. from Md. 

Jnstns T. McCarty, " N. Y., 

N. Y. 



William L. Walrodt, 

N. Y., 

William E.. Andrews, ' 


Caleb Wilder, 

• N. H., 

Samuel Dickinson, ' 

' N. J., 

Thomas Postley, ' 

' N. Y., 

Joseph A. Yard, 

' N. J., 

Joshua W. Callet, 

' N. J., 

"William W. Tompkins, ' 

' N. Y., 

Alexander Wilkin, ' 

' N. Y., 

Thomas Spencer, born in Mass., apt. from N. Y. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

John Cauger, born in N. Y. , apt. from N. Y. 
William L. Booth, born in Conn., apt. from Ky. 


Matthew S. Pitcher, born in N. Y., a^jt. from N. Y. 
William L. Walrodt, " N. Y., " N. Y. 

N. Y. 

N. Y. 

N. J. 

N. Y. 

N. J. 

N. J. 

N. Y. 

N. Y. 

First Lieutenants. 

George W. Taylor, born in N. J., apt. from N. J. 

Samuel R. Dummer, 

Frauds M. Cummings, 

Robert C. Morgan, 

Stephen Powers, 

Joseph M. Howard, 

Squire Moon, 

Samuel Lea, 

Robert A. Bouton, 

William G. M. Lewis. 

Edward McGarry, born in 

Lorimer Graham, " 

James McKown, jr., " 

Hiram Riissell, '' 

Benjamin Yard, " 

Peter H. Brnyere, " 

Thomas S. Griffin, " 

Ira S. Konover, " 

John S. Nevins, " 

Calvin J. Mills, " 

John Magee, " 

Edward Harte, " 

Charles Bennett, " 
DeWitt Clinton, 

Charles A. Johnson, "' 

Charles Van Alen, " 
J. W. Pattou, 

Gershom Mott, " 

Gaylord H. Griswold, " 

Abraham Scouten, " 

N. J., 


N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 


N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N, J. 

Second Li 


N. Y., apt. 

from N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. J., 


N. J., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. J., 

N. J. 

N. J., 


N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. J., 


N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 



N. J., 

N. J. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

N. Y., 

N. Y. 

One Year's Regiment raised according to act of Congress Feb. 11. 1847. 


Albert C. Ramsay, born in Pa., apt. from Pa. 


Lieut. Colonel. 

William M. Graham, horn iu Va., apt. from Md. 


E. W. Morgau, born in Pa., apt from Pa. 
John F. Hunter, " S. C, " Pa. 


AVilliam J. Barry, born iu Md., apt. from Md. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

Johu H. Weir, l)orn in Pa., apt. from Pa. 
Sam. D. Scott, " Pa., " Pa. 


E. W. McComas, born in Va., apt. from Va. 

William W. Irwin, 

Pembertou Waddell 

George W. Chaytor, 

Lewis Carr, 

Presley N. Guthrie, 

Arnold Sybiirg, 

Arthur C. Cummings, 

Johu Motz, 

Charles T. Campbell, 

Fii'st Lieutenants. 

John J. Gregg, born in Pa. , apt. from Pa. 

Joseph S. Hedges, 

Thomas F. McCoy 

Daniel S. Lee, 

Marshall Hanuon, 

George Davidson, 

William H. Gray, 

Columbus P. Evans, 

Joseph Samuels, 

B. F. Harley, 

Second Lieutenants. 
Horace Haldeman, born in Pa., apt. from Pa. 





Md., " 






Prus., " 




Hano., " 




Del., ' 





: Va. 



- — - ' 


Pa. , 






Pa., " Pa. 

George C. McClellan, 

" Pa., 


Weidman Foster, 

•' Pa., 


Andrew C. Tippin, 

" Pa., 


Alouzo Loring, 

" N. Y 

., *' 


George B. Fitzgerald, 



William H. Scott, 

«' Va. 


Washington Meads, 

" Pa., 


Mitchell Stever, 

" Pa., 


William G. Murray. 

" Ire., 



Itichard H. L. Johnson, 

born in 

Pa., apt 

. from Pa. 

Nicholas Spear, 




Purnell Loffaud, 



Joseph P. Thoma, 



Jacob Brua, 



James Elder, 




John A. Bayard, 



James W. Rhey, 



James Keenan, 



Junius B. Wheeler, 


N. C, 




One Year's Kegiment raised according to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1847. 



Millidge L. Bonhain, born in S. C, apt. from S. C. 

Lieut. Colonel. 

Truemau H. Seymour, born in Conn., apt. from Conn. 


Maxey Gregg, born in S. C, apt. from S. C. 
Albert G. Blanchard, born in Mass., apt. from La. 


Robert R. Ritchie, born in Va., apt. from Va. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

Alfred G. Howard, born in S. G., apt. from S. C. 
John B. Butler, " Va., " Va. 


N. B. Holden, born in , apt. from Mo. 

Allen Wood, " Pa., " Ark. 

Oliver P. Hamilton, born in S. C., apt. from S. C. 

James M. Wells, " Md., " Tex. 

Joseph B. Anthony, " Mo., " Ark. 

James W. Denver, " Va., " Mo. 

Wm. J. Clark, " N. C, " N. C. 

C. C. Hornsby, " N. C, " Tex. 

John F.Hoke, " N. C, " N. C. 

Chas. R. Jones, " Pa., " N. C. 

First Lieutenants. 
Wash. L. Wilson, born in N. Y., apt. from Ark. 

John J. Martin, " 

S. C, 

s. c. 

Chas. Taplin, " 

N. Y., 


John H. H. Feich, 

Mass. , 


John C. Howard, " 

D. C, 

" Tex. 

Wm. B. Giles. 



John C. Simpkius, " 

S. C. 

D. M. Short, 



Chas. M. Greanor, " 



Oscar D. Wyche, " 



Second Lieutenants 

Thos. T. Conway, born 

in Mo. , apt. 

from Ark. 

Abner N. Ferrin, " 

S. C, 

S. C. 

Edw'd Cantwell, 

S. C. 

N. C. 

Jas. F. Waddell, 

N. C, 

N. C. 

Chris. R. P. Butler, " 

s. c. 

S. C. 

James P. Miller, " 



Henry Almstedt, " 



Wm. A. Linn, " 



Ormsby Blanding, " 

S. C, 

S. C. 

Robt. Patton, jr., " 



OFKIC'EKS <>K U. S. AKMV. , 29 

Jobu J. Wbeeden, born in N. (). , apt. from N. C. 

Lloyd Magruder, ' 

' Md., 


E. N. Saunders, ' 


N. C. 

Alex. E. Steen, 

'•' Mo., 


Jobn a. Otterson, ' 

' S. C, 

S. C. 

A. M. Woodruff, ' 

' Ark., 


Jobn M. Brouaugb, ' 

' D. C. 


H. R. Crosby, 

' Pa., 


Wm. J. Coleman, ' 


' ' Army. 

Wbitfield B. Brooks, ' 


S. G. 

One Yeai-'s Ucgiiiiciit riiiscd aci'ording to act of Cougri'sn Feb. 11, lH-17. 


Robert M. Ecbols, born in Ga., apt. from Ga. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Jones M. Witbers, born in Ala., apt. from Ala. 


Allen G. Jobnson, born in Ga. , apt. from Fla. 
Edward Maniugault, " S. C, " S. C. 

Jobn T. Lamar, born in Ga., apt. from Ga. 

Aifst. Surgeons. 

Robert T. Gibbs, born in Va., apt. from Ala. 
F. L. Malone, " Ala., " Ala. 


Walter Ector. born in Ga. , apt. from Ga. 

Jobn W. Rice, " S. C, " Ala. 

Hiram H. Higgins, " Ky., *• Ala. 

Jobn B. Campbell. '• S. C, " Ga. 

Hugb L. W. Clay, " Ala., " Ala. 

Henry E. W. Clark, " Ga., " Fla. 

Adam Hawk, " Pa., " Ala. 

Egbert I. Jones, " Ala.. " Ala. 

Duncan L. Clinch, jr., " Fla., " Ga. 

Ely P. Howell, " N. C, " Ga. 

First Lieutenants. 

Joseph A. White, born in Ga., apt. from Ga. 

Henry L. Bradford, 

James M. Dye, 

George W. Chilter, 

Robert S. Hayward, 

Jobn C. Murrast. 

John S. Hale, 

Nicholas Davis, Jr.. 

Fitz H. Ripley, 

Po what tan R. Page, 





Va., " Va. 





Tenn. . 










Second Lieutenants. 
Jolm M. Perkins. 
Daniel Kirkpatrick. 
Nath. Grant. 
Edward J. Diimmett. 
John C. Mangham, jr. 
David G. Wilde. 
Isaac Hulse, jr. 
William D. Grey. 

Mann Page Hunter, born in Va., apt. from Va. 
John P. Wallace. 

Samuel H. Crump. 

John C. Wellborn. 

William A. Morrison, 

born in N. Y. , 

apt. from Ala. 

Marcus L. McMillan, 



John L. Sims, 

S. C, 


Charles McClung, 



William F. Rives, 


Eoiiben T. Thom, 

" Va., 


John C. Reese, 


" Army 

John J. Witherspoon, 



One Year's Regiment raised iwcording to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1847. 


William Trousdale, born in N. C, apt. from Tenn, 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Paul O. Hebert, born in La., apt. from La. 


John H. Savage, born in Tenn., apt. from Tenn. 
John D. Wood, " Va., " 111. 


Lewis W. Jordon, born in Tenn. , apt. from Tenn. 

Asst. Sttrgeons. 

Robert H. McGinnis, born in Mass., apt. from Ohio. 

Edward K. Price, 

Robert G. Beale, 
Pierce B. Anderson, 
Ben. F. Fulton, 
Edgar Bogardus, 
Thomas Glenn, 
Jos. M. Scantland, 
Julian W. Breedlove, 
Joseph W. Perkins, 
C. T. Huddlestone, 
Chris. M. Gaile, 

Md., " 111. 

born in Va. , apt. from La 

N. Y., 
Tenn. , 
R. L, 










First Lieutenants. 

James Blackburu, born in La., apt. from La. 
Thomas Shields, " Miss., " La. 

Phil. A. Hickman, " Va., " La. 

George W. Morgan, " Tenn., " Tenn. 



Henry B. Kelly, bom iu Ala., apt. from La. 
Robert Humphreys, " Tenn., " Tenu. 
Thos. Smith, " Va., " 111. 

Nelson McClauahan, " " Tenn. 

Preston G. Haynes, " Tenn. " Tenn. 
A. J. McAllen. " Tenn. " Tenn. 

Second LleutenanU. 

Richard Steele, 

born in N. Y. , 

apt. from La. 

Richard T. Eastin, 



Jas. G. Fitzgerald, 

" N. Y., 


Sam. B. Davis. 



William H. Seawall, 


" Tenn. 

John T. Sauford, 



Robert W. Bedford, 

" Tenn.. 

" Tenn. 

Sam. W. Martin, 

" Ky., 


Hugh C Murray, 



Perriii Watson, 



Alexander C. Layne, 



A. J. Isaacs, 



John Chester, 


, " Tenn. 

A. J. Hudson, 


" Tenn. 

George W. Cheney, 



James C. C. Hays, 

" Tenn., 

" Miss. 

Sam. T. Love, 



Benjamin S. Mudd, 


" Tenn. 

J. Q. Wilbar, 


Thomas Hart, 

" Ky., 


Cue Year's Rugiiiuait raisrd according to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1,S17. 


George W. Morgan, born in Pa., apt. from Ohio. 

TAeiit. Colonel. 
Joshua Howard, born in Mass., aj^t. from Michigan. 


Frederick D. Mills, born in Conn., apt. from Iowa. 
Samuel Woods, " Ind., " Md. 


James B. Slade, born iu N. C, apt. from La. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

William D. Carliu, born iu Ohio, ai)t. from Ohio. 


Eugene Van dc Venter, boru in N. Y., apt. from Mich. 

Daniel Chase, " Conn., " Ohio. 

James A. Jones, " N. Y., " Ohio. 

Edward A. King, " N. Y., " Ohio. 

Isaac D. Toll, >• N. Y., '• Mich. 

Augustus Quarles, " Mass., '• Miss. 

Frazy M. Winans, " N. J., " Mich. 

John S. Berry, •' Ohio, " Ohio. 

Moses Hoagland, " Ohio, " Ohio. 

Edwin Guthrie, " N. Y., " Iowa. 



First Lieutenants. 
George W. Bowie, born in Md., apd. from Iowa. 

W. S. Tanneyhill, 



Thomas H. Freelou, 


' Mich. 

Thornton F. Brodhead, 

N. H., ' 

' Mich. 

Deidrich Upmann, 



John B. Miller, 

N. Y., 


Edward G. Marshall, 

' Ky., 


Albert G. Sutton, 

N. J., 

' Ohio. 

John B. Goodman, ' 



William E. Stafford, 



Second Lieutenants. 

Daniel French, born in Ohio, apt. 

from Ohio. 

William D. V/ilkins, 



Charles Peternell, ' 

' Baden, ' 


James W. Wiley, 

N. Y., ' 


Heman C. Cady, 

N. Y., ' 


Cornelius Ketcham, 

N. Y., ' 


Samuel E. Beach, ' 

' N. Y., ' 


Francis 0. Becket, 



Thomas B. Tilton, 

Ohio, " 


Llewellyn Boyle, ' 



William H. H. Goodloe, ' 

' N. Y., •' 


Michael P. Boyle, 

' Conn., " 


Edwin R. Merrifield, ' 



Abel W. Wright, 

N. Y.. " 


Loiiis W. Templeton, ' 



Piatt S. Titus, 



John E. Bennett, ' 



Henry H. Green, " 



Samuel D. Stuart, ' 


Geo. F. Hooper, ' 


One Year's Regiment raised according to act of Cougress Feb. 11, 1817. 
John W. Tibbatts, born in Ky. , apt. from Ky. 

Lieiitenant Colonel. 
Henry L. Webb, born in N. Y., apt. from 111. 


Ralph M. Norvell, born in Tenn., apt. from Ind. 
James M. Talbott, " Ind., " Ind. 


George Berry, born in Va., apt. from Ind. 

Asst. Surgeons. 

James 1). Stuavt, born in Ky. , apt. from Ky. 
Alexander C. Hensley, born in Ky., apt. from Ky. 


Leslie H. McKenney, born in Can., apt. from 111. 
Charles Wickliffe, " Ky., " Ky. 

Richard Owen, " Scot., " Ind. 

Theophilus T. Garrard, " Ky., " Ky. 



Edward A. Graves, boru in Ky., apt. from Ky. 

Edmimd B. Bill, " N. Y.. " 111. 

Joseph P. Smith, " N. Y., " Iml. 

Thomas F. Bethell, " Ind., " Ind. 

Joseph W. Braimau, '' Va., " Ky. 

Patrick H. Harris, '' Ky., " Ky. 

First Lieutenants. 
George W. Singleton, born in Ky., apt. from Ky. 

Edward Cord, 

" Ky., 


John T. Hughes, 

" Ky., 


David W. Scott, 

" Va., 


Charles J. Helm, 

" N. Y., 


Jaiues Hughes, 

'• Md., 


Joseph Kellogg, 

" N. Y., 


William Hamer, 

" Ohio, 


Joab Wilkinson, 

- N. Y., 


Henry K. Kamsay, 

" Pa., 


Second Lieutenantx. 

Orlando B. Griffith, 

born in Pa. , apt. 

from Army. 

James M. Smith, 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

Edward C. Berry, 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

William H. Slade, 

" 111., 


William W. Carr, 

" Ind., 


Oliver Diflfendorff, 

•' N. Y., 


Burwell B. Irvan, 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

Alexander Evans, 

•' Ky., 

" Ky. 

Francis McMordie, 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

William Cooper, 

" Ind., 


Marc. M. Anderson, 

<» ... 


Bernard H. Garrett, 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

Thomas T. Hawkins, 

•• Ky., 

" Ky. 

Fred. A. Snyder, 

" Md., 

" , 111. 

Samuel V. Niles, 

'' Ky., 


John A. Markley, 


Daniel 0. May, 

" Vt., 


Samuel N. Whitcomb. 

" Ky., 

" Ky. 

Thomas N. Winston, 

" Army. 

John C. How, 

One Year's Regimout raised according to act of Congress Feb. 11, 1847. 


Timothy P. Andrews, born in Ire., apt. from D. C. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Joseph E. Johnston, born in Va., apt. from Va. 

Geo. A. Caldwell, born in Ky., ajjt. from Ky. 
Geo. H. Talcott, " N. Y., " Md. 

John W. Tyler, born in Va., apt. from D. 0. 

Asst. Su7-geonH. 
James L. Clarke, boru in Va., apt. from Va. 
Arch. B. Campbell, " Pa., " Pa. 



Alexander P. Churchill, born in Ky., apt. from Ky. 

Oscar E. Edwards 
John Jones, 
Jas. D. Blair, 
Chas. J. Biddle, 
Jno. E. Howard, 
Moses J. Barnard, 
Jos. J. Archer, 
Jos. H. Calwell, 
Jos. H. Walker, 










First Lieutenants. 

Jos. C. Marriatt, born in Md., apt. from Md. 

Birket D. Frey, " Va., " Va. 

Jas. Tilton, " Del., " Md. 

Leonidas Mcintosh, " Fla., " Ga. 

Alex. H. Cross, " D. C, " Md. 

H. C. Longnecker, " Pa., " Pa. 

Jos. H. Woolford, " Md., " Md. 

Wm. S. "Walker, " Pa., " Miss. 

Jno. M. Blakey, " Va., " Va. 

Jno. W. Leigh, " Va., " Va. 

Chas. F. Vernon, born in 
Robt. C. Forsyth, 

Jos. A. Frost, " 

Theo. D. Cochran, " 

Geo. W. Carr, " 

James M. Winder, " 

Van Kens. Otey, " 

Robt. Swan, " 

Gus. S. Kintzing, " 

Geo. R. Kiger, " 

Wm. J. Martin, " 

Isaac W . Smith, " 

Michael C. Hooper, " 

Jos. H. Smythe, " 

Jas. R. May, " 

Edwin C. Marvin, *' 

Robt. H. Archer, " 
Wash. Terrett, 

Frank H. Lamed, " 

Jos. E. Slaughter, " 

Second Lieutenants. 

\, apt. from Ky. 

I., " Ga. 

1.. " Md. 

il., " Pa. 

I., " Va. 

a., " Md. 

I., " Va. 

a., " Md. 

I., •' Miss. 

— " Pa. 

I., " Va. 

d., " Md. 

d., " Md. 

1., " Va. 

)nn. , '' Pa. 

d., " Md. 

a., " Va. 

ich., " Mich, 

a.. " Va. 








Major Generals. 

Wra. O. Butler, born in Ky. , apt. from Ky. 
Robt. Patterson, " Ire., " Pa. 

Brigadier Generals. 

Thos. Marshall, born in Ky. , apt. from Ky. 

Gid. J. Pillow, pro. Maj. Gen., born in Tenn., apt. from Teuu. 

Thos. L. Hamer, " Pa., " Ohio. 

Jno. A. Quitman, pro. Maj. Gen., born in Pa., apt. from Miss. 

Jas. Shields, brev. Maj. Gen., ' 

Jos. Lane, ' 

Franklin Pierce, ' 

Geo. Cadwallader, brev. Maj. Gen.. * 

Sterling Price, 

Caleb Gushing, ' 

Percifor F. Smith, 



N. C, ' 


N. H., ' 

N. H 





Mass . ' 






Battalion of Alabama Volnuteers, 
for 3 months — 4 companies ; received 
May 46 ; discharged Aug. 46. 
Lieut Colonel. 

Philip H. Raiford. 


James M. Curtis. 

John I. Seibels. 

Robert L. Downmau. 

Robert F. Ligon. 

First Lieutenants. 

Egbert B. Johnston. 

Thomas O. Glascock. 

Norflett Ivey. 

John A. Strother, Actg adjiatant of Batt. 
Second Lieutenants. 

Spencer Currell. 

Richjird H. Hutchison. 

Thomas I. Holloway. 

John C. Parkam. 

Regiment of Alabama Volunteers, 
for 12 months — received Jnne 46 ; 
discharged May 47. 
John R. Coffey. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Richard G. Earle. 

(iooDK Bryan. 

See It Hugh P. Watson. 
Andrew L. Pickens. 
William G. Coleman. 
Sydenham Moore. 
Jacob D. Shelley. 
Eliphas T. Smith. 
Hugh M. Cunningham. 
Zachariah Thomason. 
Richard M. Jones. 
Drury P. Baldwin. 
William H. Ketcham (Est It to Oct. 46;. 

Fi7:st Lieutenant.'^. 
(Johu L. May — died at Matamoras 26 
James H. Pitts. [Sept. 46). 

Stephen F. Hale. 
William S. Hancock, comd. co F. 

Aug. 46. 
Reuben P. Thom, jr., comd. co G. 

Aug. 46. 
James A. Cox, comd. co K. Feb. 47. 
John F. Thomason (comd. co B). 
Nathaniel M. Murphev. 
William M. Hill. 
William H. Forney. 

Second' Lieutenants. 
George W. Malone, comd. co B. 
(Hugh P. Watson, Adjutant). 
William M. Ford. 
Garner M. McConnico. 
Josejih D. McCaun. 
(Earl}' Roe — accidentally wounded and 
George W. Monroe. (resd). 

John B. Fuller. 
George D. Snedicor. 
Albert H. Rippetoe, Aid de Camp. 
John H. Norwood. 
Daniel Gibbs. 
James Pierce. 

(Daniel Cothran— <//«/ 16 Nov. 46). 
Henry B. Turner. 
Edward Hoskins. 
John C. Anderson. 
Stephen W. Snow. 
Grenville H. Steiner. 
CJohu M. McDuff— relieved Dec. 46). 

Battalion of Alabama Volunteers, for 
during the war with Mexico — 5 com- 
panies ; received Nov. and Dec. 47 : 
disbanded June 48. 

Major Comdg. 
John I. Seibels (late Capt in Raiford's 


Sec It Robert A. Hardaway. 

John Gorham Barr. 



Thomas E. Irby. 
Daniel Gibbs. 
Tennent Lomax. 
Blanton McAlpin. 

First Lieutenati.fs. 
John Walden Caddell. 
James H. Bogle. 
William L. Moon. 
McKay M. Copeland. 
Alexander T. Hawthorne. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Peyton Griffin King. 
Andrew Bogle. 
John Woods. 
Elijah Grant Hood. 
George Lynch. 
David B. Cleveland. 
James R. Malone. 

(William R. King — died at Orizava 5 
Elijah King. [May 48). 

James Clark. 

3 Independent Companies of Ala- 
bama Volunteers, for 6 months^ 
i-eceived for 3 months, May 46 ; dis- 
charged Aiignst 46. 


Robert Desha [bvt Major in the war of 

William H. Piatt. 

Rush Elmore. 

First Lieutenants. 

Thomas Adrien. 

John S. Garvin. 

Algernon M. Cook. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Lewis Dickenson. 

John N. Perkins. 

Thomas P. Miller. 

Independent Company of Alabama 
Mounted Volunteers, for during the 
war with Mexico — received June 47 ; 
disbanded July 48. 

James McGee. 

First LAeihtenant. 
Isaac Henry. 

Second TJeutenants. 
Richmond T. Malone. 
(Granville H. Black — resigned Feb. 48). 
David A. Malone. 

Regiment of Arkansas Mounted Vol- 
unteers, for 12 months — received 

June and July 46 ; disbanded June 


(Archibald Yell — killed !\X Buena Vista). 
John Selden Roane (Lt colonel to 28 

Feb. 47). 

LJeut. Colonel. 
Gaston Meares (Lt and Adjiitant to 28 

Feb. 47). 

Solon Borland — prisoner in Mexico, 

and Vol. Aid to M. Gen. Worth. 
(Gaston Meares — promoted). 
Sec It Benjamin F. Ross (Serg major 

to 1 Mar. 47) — wounded at Buena 


(James S. WomXi— died 9 Nov. 46). 
Geoi'ge Wash. Patrick. 
(Andrew R. Porter — killed at Buena 
Albert Pike. [Vista). 

Christopher C. Danly — prisoner in Mex- 
Johu .J. Dillard. [ico). 

Edward Hunter. 
William G. Preston. 
John Preston, Jr. 
Hiram W. Taylor (Fst It to Dec. 46), 

CO A. 
Franklin W. Desha (Fst It to Feb. 47), 

CO D. 

First Lieutenants. 
George S. Foster. 
Thomas C. Tomberlin. 
Thomas A. Reeder — wounded at Buena 
Hamilton Reynolds. [Vista. 

William K. McKean, Actg adjiitaut. 
Vachel S. Dillingham. 
Nathaniel T. Gaines. 
Cincinnatus Trousdale, comdg co A. 
John F. Hill. 
Jesse Searcy. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Alexander Stewart. 
William A. McLain. 
Walter F. Scott. 
Roger McCown. 
William Calvert. 
Josiah M. Giles. 
William H. Causin. 
Ezekiel H. Gilbert. 

Davis Thompson, reg. Quartermaster. 
Hiram Carr. 
Leonard Willhaflf. 
John DegrafiFenreid. 
(George C. Stewart— fZ/efl! 28 Oct. 46). 
(Addison Cochran — died 8 Jan. 47 at 
John C. Douglass. [Patos). 

John C. Peay. 
Richard Searcy. 



James F. Fagaii. 
Allen L. McAfee. 
(Benjamiu F. Ross. Adjutant). 
Redmond B. Sageley. 

Independent Companies of Arkansas 
Mounted Volunteers in the Mexican 
Company — received 27 May 47 : dis- 
banded 24 June 48. 
Gaston Meares (late Lieut, colonel). 

First Lieutenant. 
Benjamin F. Ross (late Sec It and Ad- 
jutant of Ark reg). 

Second LieutennntK. 
Allan L. McAfee (late Sec It). 
Daniel T. Witter Morrison. 

Company — received 15 June 47 ; dis- 
banded June 48 ; served in New 
Mexico, and on the Rio Grande. 
Stephen B. Euyart. 

Firat Lieutenant. 
James P. Neel. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Elijah O'Brion. 
Joseph F. Rieff. 

Battalions of California Volun- 
teers — received chiefly in July and 
October 46, for 3 and for 6 months : 
discharged by Brig. Gen. Kearny in 
April 47. 

Lieut. Colonel comdg. 

John Charles Fremont [bvt Cap. To- 
pog. engrs, and Major of Vols, 
from 23 July to 27 Oct. 46]; dis- 
charged 19 Apr. 47. 

Archibald H. Gillespie [Fst It V. S. 
Marines], Adjutant of Vols, to 23 
July 46 : and comdg. 2 companies 
mtd rifle Vols, at San Diego Nov. 
46 ; dischnrged 11 Mar. 47. 

Louis McLane fLieut. U. S. Navy], 
Fst It Vols. July 46 ; Capt. Mount- 
ed Art Dec. 46 : Major 19 Jan. 47 ; 
remanded to his .station in the Navy 
Feb. 47. 


Fst It Theodore Talbot (late Serg ma- 

jor Vols); [appd. Sec It 1. IT. S. art 
May 47]. 
Fst It William N. Loker, Feb. 47. 

Paymaster (Major). 
P. B. Reading. 

Ordnance Officer (Major). 
William H. Russell. 

Quarter mastei'. 
J. R. Snyder. 

Richard Owens, Mounted rifle, co A. 

Oct. 46 ; (Sec It fm July 46). 
Henry S. Ford, Mounted rifle, co B. 

Oct. 46. [Oct. 46. 

Granville P. Swift, Mtd rifle, co C. 
John Sears, Mtd rifle, co i). Oct 46. 
John Grigsby. Mtd rifle, co E. Oct 46. 
Lansford VV. Hastings, Mtd rifle, co F. 

Oct. 46. [46. 

B. K. Thompson, Mtd rifle, co. G. Nov. 
Richard T. Jacobs, Spy co, chiefly of 

native Indns. co H. 
William A. T. Maddox [Sec It U. S. 

Marines], Oct. 46 to Jan. 47. 
John K. Wilson [Midn U. S. Navy], 

Art CO A. Oct. 46; (late Fst It Vols). 
Henry King, July 46 to Feb. 47. 
Charles Burroughs — killed 1-5 Nov. 46 

in engag. with Mex. Lancers. 
Benjamin N. Hudspeth (late Sec It 

Samuel J. Heusley (Lt of Vols, fm 

Julj' 46), Coinmis. of subsis. Feb. 47. 
William Findlay, Art co Oct. 46 (late 

Sec It Volrs). 
Samuel Gibson (Lt of Vols, fm July 

46) — wounded at San Pascual. 
Santiago E. Arguello, co of native Cali- 

John Bidwell, Qrmr of the troops in 

capture of Los Angelos. 
Miguel de Pedrorena, Aid de C. to 

Commo. Stockton at Los Angelos. 

First Lieutenants. 
Benjamin D. Wilson, comdg old co E. 
Edward M. Kern, Actg commis. of 

(William N. Loker, Adjutant), co A. 
A. Girard, comdg Art co B. 
Hiram Rhusaw, co B. and comd. co 

at Los Angelos. 
Felipe Biitron, comdg co Mounted men. 
William Baldridge, co C. 
John J. Myers (Hudspeth's) co. 
William Bradshaw, co D. 
Montgomery Martin (Maddox's) co. 
Archer C. Jessee, co E. 
M. M. Wembough, co F. 
D. A. Davis, co G. 



William Blackburn, Art co A. 

E. Bryant, co H. 

James H. Barton (Hensley's) co. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Alexis Godey Art co A. 
J. M. Hudspeth, co F. 
D. T. Bird, co E. 
James Rock, co G. 

A. J. Grayson, (Maddox's) co. 

B. Lippiucott, CO H. 

Independent Companies of Florida 
Volunteers — served at Guadaloupe 
and Santa Fe Mex. 
[1st J for 12 months : received Feb. 
47 ; discharged Mar. 48. 
William W. I. Kelly. 

First Lieutenant. 
Hopewell Dorsey. 

Second Lieutenants. 
John Parkhill. 
A. H. Bright. 

[2d] For during the Mexican War ; 
received Aug. 47 ; disbanded July 


(K. G. Livingston — dtzV^? at Guadaloupe 

Mex. 9 Feb. 48. 
George Holmes (Sec It to Mar. 48). 

Fii'st Lieutenants. 
(D. M. Stewart— died at Vera Cruz 3 
Roman B. Sanchez. [Nov. 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 
William W. Scott. 
Joseph Woodruff. 

Regiment of Georgia Volunteers for 
12 months — received June 46 ; dis- 
charged May 47. 

Henry R. Jackson. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Thomas Y. Redd. 

Charles J. Williams. 

{Fst It. John Forsyth — resigned Nov. 

Sec It Charles P. Hervey — Sept. 46. 

James S. Calhoun. 
Daniel "W. Dill. 
Isaac Holmes. 
Harrison J. Sargent. 
John E. Davis. 
Joseph A. S. Turner. 
Allison Nelson. 
John Jones. 

(Kennedy Gramling— invalid, resigned) 
Daniel H. Bird. 

First Lieutenants. 
John Phinizy, Jr. 
Elisha L. Shelton. 
George B. D. Alexander. 
George Corlette. 
Orran C. Home. 
Allen Keith. 
Edwin R. Goulding. 
(John Forsyth — resigned). 
(James M. Dodds — invalid, resd). 
Leonidas VV. Walton. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Henrj' C. Anderson. 
A. Hugenier M'Laws. 
Henry B. Holliday. 
Edmund S. Rogers. 
David O'Connor. 

(John E. J. Cottle — died&t Camargo 15 
William J. Manahan. [Oct. 46). 

(Charles P. Hervey, Adjutant). 
TJoseph Dismukes— died at Monterey 5 
William F. Mullens. [Dec. 46). 

James Kellogg. 
William Philips. 
William D. Griffin. 
Roswell Ellis. 
Absalom M. Sauls. 
John Devaney. 
John A. Hunter. 
Joseph H. Winters. 
Zimmerman Lawhon. 
(Joseph H. Shivers). 
John Thompson. 

Battalion of Georgia Volunteers, for 
during the war with Mexico — 5 com- 
panies; received July 47 ; disbanded 
July 48. 

TJeut. Colonel Comdt. 
Isaac G. Seymour. 

Fst It Francis M. Levison. 

William M. Nelson. 
(Albert J. Gaulden — murdered at San 
Miguel Mex. 28 May 48). 



William B. Gvant—dted at Columbus 
Geo 9 Oct. 47). 

(Charles P Hervey, late Sec It and Ad- 
jutant of Jackson's reg.; died at Co- 
lumbus Geo.) 

Benjamin J. Smith (Fst It to May 48), 
CO B. 

John S. Fain (Sec It to June 48), co C. 

Fimt Lieutenants. 
(Francis M. Levison, Adjutant). 
Anderson A. Hunt. 

(Eobert F. Simmons — died at Jalapa 5 
Jonathan C. Holcomb. [Jan. 48). 

Harvey Phillips. 

Second Lieutenant!^. 
Thomas Walker. 
Amos S. Way. 

(Andrew M. Hunter— rfifrf 27 Feb. 48). 
Francis Holden. 
Jackson L. Clay. 
James B. Wells. 
Alfred Iverson, jr. 
Eugene S. Hoole. 

Joseph C. Davis. 

(James H. Hill-rZ/Vrf atCuauavacaMex. 

Reuben C. Conner. [5 Feb. 48). 

George W. Anderson. , 

Lewis W. Chandler. 

William C. Bogle. 

(John T. Allen — died at Puel)la27 Mar. 

John L. Parker. [48). 

Elisha R. Forsyth. 

William A. Young. 

Battalion of Georgia mounted Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with 
Mexico — 6 companies: received Sept. 
47 ; disbanded July 48. 

Lieut. Colonel Comdg. 

James S. Calhoun (late Capt in Jack- 
son's reg.) 


Fsl It John C. Hateley — relieved Jan. 

George W. Knight, 1 Feb. 48. 

Edwin R. Gould ing. 

Charles A. Hamilton. 

Henry Kendall — died at Cuanavaca 
Mex. 9 Mar. 48. 

William D. Fulton. 

Wm. Tatum Wofford. 

Charles H. Nelson — sick, absent. 

William H. C. Renfroe (Fst It to Mar. 
48), CO C. 

Firift Lieutenants. 

Brice A. Hoxey. 

John C. Hateley (Adjutant to Jan. 48). 

Thomas Berrv. 

William W. Rich. 

Isaac Walleu. 

Charles T. Baker. 

Second Lieutenants. 

(Jonathan O. Reeder — died at Churu- 
bnsco 14 Apr. 48). 

(Seth Jenkins — died at Crus Blanco, 7 

Zachariah Booth. [June 48). 

William E. Curtiss. 

j Independent Company of Georgia 
Mounted men — received May 47 ; 
disbanded Aug. 48. 
I Captain . 

' John Loyall. 

First Lieutenant. 
(Francis McCurdy, resigned Dec. 47). 
Second Lieutenayitx. 
I George T. Anderson. 
Edward L. Thomas. 

1st Regiment of Illinois Volunteers 
for 12 months — received June 46 ; 
discharged June 47. 
(John J. Hardin — killed at BuenaVista). 
William Weatherford (Lieut, colonel 
to 26 Feb. 47). 

Lieut. Colonel. 
William B. Warren (Major to 26 Feb. 

William A. Richardson (Capt. to 26 
Feb. 47). 


(Fst It Benjamin M. Prentiss — pro- 
moted to Capt). 

Sec It William H. L. Wallace, Sept. 46. 

John D. Morgan. 

Lyman Mower. 

Noah Fry. 

(William A. Richardson — promoted to 

Albion T. Crow. [Major). 

William I Wyatt. 

Samuel Montgomery. 

(Jacob W. Zabriskie — killed at Buena 
Vista). [Sep. 46), co I. 

Benjamin M. Prentiss (Adjutant to 

Michael P. Smith (Fst It to Nov. 46), 
CO B. [47). CO E. 

George W. Robertson (Fst It to Feb. 

John L. McConnell (Sec It and Fst It 
to Feb. 47), co D.; wounded at 
Buena Vista. 



First Lieutenants. 

William C. Bainey. 

(Bryaa R. Houghton — killed at Bnena 

John Scanland. 

Edmund S. Holbrook. 

James H. Weatherford. 

William Y. Henry — Adjutant to War- 
ren's Batt. 

Patrick Higgins. 

William Erwin. 

Samuel R. Black. 

Allen Persinger. 

Hezekiah Evans — wounded at Buena 

Second Lieutenants. 

George T. M. Davis, Aid de C. to Brig. 

Solomon S. Chester. [Gen. Shields. 

James E. Dunlap. 

Isaac S. Wright. 

Robert C. Buzan. 

(William H. L. Wallace, Adjutant). 

Joshua C. Winters. 

James M. Wood. 

George S. Myers. 

James Evans. 

William A. Clark. 

John Reddick. 

Francis Ryan. 

Elias B. Zabriskie (transf . from Baker's 
reg.). Aid to B. Gen. Shields. 

Thomas H. Flynn. 

Nathan D. Hatfield. 

John T. May. 

Matthew Moran. 

Thomas R. Roberts. 

2d regiment of Illinois volunteers, 
for 12 months — received June 46; 
discharged June 47. 
William H. Bissell. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
.James L. D. Morrison. 
Xerxes F. Trail. 

Fst It Augustus G. Whitesides — 
wounded at Buena Vista. 
Coflfey — wounded at Buena 

Baker — wounded at Buena 

Elzey C. 

Julius W 

Erastus Wheeler. 
John S. Hacker. 
Julius Raith. 

Joseph K. Lemen, Rifle co. 
Maddison Miller. 

(William Woodard, Rifle co — killed at 
Buena Vista). 

Peter Lott. 

Charles L. Starbuck (Sec It to Feb. 47), 
CO K. 

Anderson P. Corder (Feb. 47) co. B. 

(Henry L. Webb — resigned Nov. 46). 
First Lieutenants. 

Jacob C. Hinckley, Actg adjutant. 

John A. Prickett — loounded at Buena 

Nathaniel Niles — took post in Conner's 
Indep. CO Texas. 

George W. Prick?!tt. 

Har^rey Nevill. 

(Augustus G. Whitesides, Adjutant). 

Nathaniel B. Dilhorn. 

Sydney S. Condon. [Vista. 

Edward F. '— killed at Buena 

(John Bartleson, coB — killedat Buena 

John W. Rigby. [Vista). 

Turner R. DeButts. 

Second LJeutenants. 

(Rodney Ferguson — killed at Biiena 

Adolphus Engleman — wounded at Bu- 
ena Vista. 

Gilbert P. McFarland, Actg adjutant. 

(Aaron Atherton, co B — killed at Buena 

John L. Wilson. ( Vista. 

Joel Foster. [Vista). 

(Lauriston Robbins — killed at Buena 

(Allan B. Rountree — killed at Buena 

William B. Rountree. [Vista). 

Alfonso Grammer. 

♦(William Price, co B— killed at Buena 

William B. Reynolds. [Vista). 

Louis Stock. 

James H. Waddle. [7 Dec. 46). 

(Isaac N. Selby — died at San Antonio. 

(Timothy Kelly — killed at Bnena Vista). 

(James C. Steel — killed at Buena Vista). 

Aston Madeira. 

Jackson Dennis. 

William W. Tate. 

James M. Gaunt. 

Andrew J. Miller. 

Joseph Martin. 

John Brown — wounded at Buena Vista. 

Nichodemus West — wounded at Buena 

James Smith. [Vista. 

John D . Rees. 

* The four officers of this Rifle co B, with its 
1st Sergeant, were killed in their conflict under 
Major Trail with the enemy'.s Light troops, on 
the side of the mountain — not in one charge of 
the enemy — but in holding their ground, until 
they fell, successively ; the Captain AVoodard. 
First lieu t. Bartleson, the Second lieuts. Ather- 
ton and Pi'jce, (as above) ; and the First Ser- 
geant, whose name was William J. Fayssoux. 
A private volunteer was elected Captain — An- 
derson P. Corder. 



3d regiment of Illinois Volunteers, 

for 12 mouths— received .Tnly 40; 

discharged May 47. 
Ferris Foreman. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
William W. Willey. 

Saninel D. Marshall. 

{Fst It James T. B. Stapp — resigned). 
Sec U Charles Everett (Serg major and 

Sec It to Sept. 46). 

Philip Stout. 
Benjamin E Sellers. 
Stephen G. Hicks. 
Jeduthiu P. Hardy. 
(James C. McAdams — died at Mata- 

moras, 4 Jan. 47). 
William W. Bishop. 
Michael K. Lawler. 
John A. Campbell. 
Theodore McGiuniss. 

First Lieutemtntn. 
Thomas Kose, comdg co C ; sev. wound- 
John J. Adams. [ed at Cerro Gordo. 
(Jacob H. Love — died at Camargo, 5 
George W. Walker. [Oct. 46). 

(James T. B. Stapp, Adjutant ; resign- 
W. L. McNeil, comdg co B. fed). 

James Boothe. 
Samuel G. McAdams. 
William A. Thomas. 
Samuel L. M. Proctor. 
Samuel Hooper. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Isaac Kedfearn. 
Thomas J Livingston. 
John I. Ritchie. 
John Burk. 
David Evey. 
Green B. Field. 
Henry C. Dunbar. 

(Charlos E. Jones — died at St. Louis 4 
Cyrus Hall. [Mar. 47). 

John Corlew. 
James McDonald. 
(Charles Everett, jr., Adjutant). 

4th Begiment of Illinois Volunteers, 
for 12 mouths — received July 46 ; 
discharged May 47. 
Edward D. Baker. 

Tjieut. Colonel. 
John Moore. 

Thomas L. Harris. 

Set It William B. Foudey. 

Isaac C. Pugh, Actg field officer. 
Horatio E. Roberts. 
(Achilles Morris — died at Tampico 15 
Daniel Newcomb. [Feb. 47). 

Edward Jones. 
John S. McConkey. 
John C. Hurt. 
Asa D. Wright. 
Lewis W. Ross. 

Firxt Lieutenants. 
William T. Barrett. 
(Andrew J. Wallace- died at Camargo, 

6 Oct. 46). 
Richard J. Oglesby, comdg co C. 
(Richard Murphy — moi-t. wounded at 

Cerro Govdo— died 20 April 47). 
Robert C. Scott — sev. wounded at Cerro 

(George W. Cowardan — killed at Cerro 
Leonard A. Knott. [Gordo). 

Leonard F. Ross, comdg co. K. 

Second Lieutenants. 

(William B. Fondy, Adjutant). 

Anderson Froman — wounded at Cerro 

Alfred C. Campbell, comdg co. D. 

Benjamin Howard — wounded at Cerro 

William A. Tinney, comdg co G since* 
Dec. 46. 

John Washington S. Alexander. 

(John S. Bradford, appd Assist. Cora- 
mis. Aug. 46). 

William L. Duncan, comdg co B. 

John D. Foster. 

Charles Maltby — wounded at Cerro 

Sheldon I. Johnson.dangerously wound- 
ed at Cerro Gordo. 

John P. Post. 

Albert F. Shaw. 

David A. Brown. 

(Elias B. Zabriskie — transf. to Hardin's 

Regiment of Illinois Volunteers : let 
for diiring the war with Mexico - 
received June 47 ; disbanded Oct. 48. 
Edward W. B. Newby. 

LJeut. Colonel. 
Henderson P. Bovakin. 



Israel B. Donaldson. 

Fst It William H. Snyder. 

Thomas Bond. 
Vantrump Turner. 
John M. Cunningham. 
George W. Hook. 
James Hampton. 
Thomas B. Kenny. 
Henry J. Reed. 

(Franklin l^ilea—flied in lis 24 July 47). 
John C. Moses. " [K. 

William Kiuman (Sec It to June 47), co 
John H. Adams (Fst It to July 47), co I. 

Firnt Lieutenants. 
Isliam N. Haynie. 
John B. Roper. 
Manonah T. Bostwick. 
George A. Keith. 
(William H. Snyder, Adjutant). 
James I. Provost. 
Murray F. Tuley. 
Riley Madison. 
Aaron D. Treadway. 
William M. Eubanks. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Levin Wright. 
Alexander H. Johnson. 
James H. Easly. 
Enoch Luckey. 
Robert M. Hundley. 
Richard M. Hamilton, reg. Qrmr. 
James Tebay. 
John A. Logan. 
Benjamin F. Marshall. 
Levi Edmonds. 
Samuel B. Alexander. 
(John T. Damron — died at Santa Fe 24 
Daniel R. Pulley. [Dec. 47) 

James Willis. 
James M. Hunt. 
Simon Lundry. 
Thomas McDowel. 
Jacob Brott. 
Robert Beer. 

Regiment of Illinois Volunteers ; 2d 
for during the war with Mexico — 
received Aug. 47 ; disbanded July 

James Collins. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Stephen G. Hicks (late Capt in Fore- 
man's reg.) 

Thomas S. Livingston. 

{Fst It Henry S. Fitch, Capt Feb. 48). 
Sec It James H. Sampson. 

(James Bowman — died at Jalapa 28 Dec. 
Calmes L. Wright. [^47). 

Harvey Lee. 
William Shepard. 
John M. Moore. 
James Burnes. 
(Edward E. B.av\ey— died at Puebla 19 

Mar. 48). 
(John Ewing — died at Tampico 3 Oct. 

David C. Berry. [Mar. 48). 

(James R. Pierce — died at Puebla 28 
Levin H. Powell (Jan. 48), co A. 
Henry S. Fitch (Fst It to Mar. 48), co D. 
Sewall W. Smith (Mar. 48), co I. 
Thomas J. Mooneyham (Fst It to Apr. 

48), CO K. 

First Ueutenants. 
(Eli D. Anderson — died at Vera Cruz 

11 Sept. 47). 
Henry W. Goode. 
(Thomas Gates — died at San Juan Mex. 

2 Oct. 47). 
Edwards O. Melveney. 
(Malachi Jenkins — died on Gulf of 

Mexico 26 June 48). 
Lewis A. Norton. 

Bushrod B. Howard. [21 Sept. 47). 
(John Bonney — died at San Juan Mex. 
(Willis B. Holden — died at Jalapa 2 

Jan. 48). 
(Thomas D. Timony— died 16 Apr. 48). 
Frank Wheeler. 

James B. Hinde (Serg major to Jan. 48). 
Sylvanus M. Goetchius. 
John H. Hart. 
Daniel Mooneyham. 

Second Lieute?iants. 
(James H. Sampson,"Adjutant). 
William J. Hawkins. 
Hugh Fullerton. [Mar. 48). 

(William Maddox— died at Puebla 20 
(Hezekiah B. Newby — died at National 

Bridge 16 Sept. 47). 
William A. Poillon. [28 Mar. 48). 

(Richard M. Hawkins — died at Puebla 
Elisha Lewis, Asst. qrmr. and Commis- 
Thomas James, Jr. 

(James R. Lynch — died at Vera Cruz 12 
William George Conkling. [Sept. 47). 
Marquis L. Burns. 
William Haywood. 
Austin James. 



Isaac B. Jack. 
Jabers J. Anderson. 
Jesse \V. Cnrlee. 
William Bates. 
John H. Mulkey. 
Alonzo H. Cox. 
Hampton Hunter. 
Lorenzo E. Carter. 
Thomas J. Andrews. 
Spencer H. Hill. 

Adams Diinlap. 

First Lieut. 

Samuel Lambert. 

Second Lieuts. 

Simon Doyle. 

Calvin Jackson. 

Served with Brig. 
Gen. Wool. 

[2d.] Company- received f> Aug. 47 : 
disbanded 26 Julv 48. 

Wyatt B. Stapp. 
First Lieut. 
George C. Lamphere. 

Second Lieuti. 
John M. Mitchell. 
John G. Fonda. 

Served at Pe- 
rote, Mex. 

[3d.] Company — received 13 Aug. 47 
disbanded 26 Oct. 48. 

Michael K. Lawler. 

Served with 
Brig. Gen. 

First IJeut. 
Walter S. Clark. 

Second Lieuts. 
Samuel L. M. Proctor. 
John G. Ridgway. j 

[4th.] Company- -received 13 Sept. 47 
disbanded 25 Julv 48. 

Josiah Littell. 
Fi7-t/t Tjieut. 
Thomas S. Buck. 
Second Lieuts. 
Josiah Caswell, Jr. 
Robert S. Green. 

Independent Companies of Illinois 
Mounted Volunteers, for the war 
with Mexico. 

1 1st. 1 Company — received 21 May 47 : 
disbanded 7 Nov. 48. 

Served at Rio 
Frio, Mex. 

Ist Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, 
for 12 months -received June 46: 
discharged June 47. 
James P. Drake. 

Lieut. Colonels. 
(Christian (J. Nave — resigned Jan. 47 j. 
Henry S. Lane (Major to 3 Feb. 47). 

William Donaldson (First serg to 4 
Feb. 47). 

Sec It William E. Pearsons. 

Allen May. 

Stephen C. Crawford. 
(Spear S. Tipton — resigned, being 

appd. Fst it in mtd Ritle reg.) 
John McDougall. 
John M. Wilson. 
Robert H. Milroy. 
Robert M. Evans. 
John W. McLane. 

David W. Lewis. [co G. 

Stanislaus Laselle (Fst It to June 46), 
Daniel A. Farley (Fst serg to Feb. 47), 

CO A. 

First Lieutenants. 

James Owens. 

Wyatt A. George. 

Charles C. Smith. 

Andrew L. Robinson, Aid de C. to ^. 

Gen. Lane May 47. 
Finley L. Maddox. 
John Volney Curtis. 
Thomas K. Lewis. 
Bradford B. Stevens. 
William L. Brown. 
William L. Farrow. 

Second Liei/tenanth: 
Gustavus A. Woods. 
Samuel Meloque. 
David A. Dunn. 
Lewis Wallace. 
Richard W. Jones. 
(William E. Parsons, Adjutant). 
James McManoney. 
Charles F. Colerick. 
Romulus L. Hanks. 
Levi Shellenberger. 
Charles L. Hansicker. 
George Humphrey. 
Samuel H. Chapman. 
James W. Colvin. 
George W. Blakemore. 
William V. Howard. 
Abisha L. Morrison. 
William Hunter. 



2d Begiment of Indiana Volunteers, 

for 12 months — received June 46 ; 

discharged June 47. 
(Joseph Lane — appd. Brig. General U. 

S. Vols. 1 July 46). 
William A. Bowles. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
William K. Haddon. 

James A. Cravens. 

(Fst It Lucian Q. Hoggatt — a p p d . 

Assist qm. then relinq. Staif, and 

joined his co. ) 
Fst It David C. Shanks, 13 Oct. 46. 

William L. Sanderson — wounded at 

Buena Vista. 
(Trustin B. Kinder — killed at Buena 

(William Walker (Rifle ^ 

CO ) — killed at Buena | In G o r - 

Vista). •■ man's 

John Osborn (Rifle co) — | Batt. 

wound, at Buena Vista. J 
Joseph W. Briggs. 
Nathan Kimball. 
Henry Davis. 
Abraham Dennis. 
Lovell H. Rousseau. 
Franklin Mcllae (Serg major to Feb. 

47), CO I. 
William T. Spicely (Sec It and Fst It 

to Feb. 47), co B 
George W. Peck (Sec It to Feb. 47), 

CO K. 

First Lieutenants. 

Stewart W. Cayce — wound, at Buena 

(David C. Shanks, Adjutant). 
Adam Stropes. 

Lucian Q. Hoggatt, late Adjutant. 
William Schoonover. 
Justus Davis — woxund. at Buena Vista. 
Allen T. Rose. 
John Murray. 
Travamon 1'. Teel. 

Semnd Lieutenants. 
Thomas S. Kunkle. 
John GuUett. [Vista. 

Jerome A. Epperson — wound, at Bnena 
John T. Alexander. 
Josiah Burwell. 
David Irwin. 
Josiah C. Foster. 
Israel Benefiel. 

Edward L. Pennington. [Vista. 

Henry Pennington — wound, at Buena 

David S. Lewis — wound, at Buena 

Joshua Moore — wotmd. at Buena Vista. 
(Thomas C. Parr — killed at Buena 
Edmund W. Rice. [Vista). 

Thomas T. Hogan. 
Solomon Loudermilk. 
Philip Zenor. 
William E. Panabaker. 
John W. Stevens. 
Christian Painter. 
John Roach. 

3d Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, 

for 12 months — received June 46 ; 

discharged June 47. 
James H. Lane. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
William Monroe McOarty. 

Willis A. Gorman — wound, at Buena 


Adjutants. ' ' 

{Fst It Herman H. Barbour, relinq. 

staif Sept. 46). 
Fst It Harrison Daily, Sept. 46. 

John M. Sluss (Rifle co) — ) in Gor- 

iDound. at Buena Vista. man's 

George Dunn (Rifle co). ) Batt. 
William Ford. 

(James Taggart — killed at Buena Vista). 
(David Allen — died at Monterey 9 Jan. 
Scott Carter. [47). 

Isaac S. Boardman. 
Vorhees Conover — wotmd. at Buena 

Vista [died since the war.j 
Thomas Ware Gibson. 
John Slater (Qrmaster serg and Sec It 

to Dec 46), CO C. 
Thomas M. Adams (Fst It to Feb. 47), 

Horace Hull (Fst It to March 47), co G. 

First Lieutenants. 
David Province, comd. co. C. at Buena 
William L. Guard. [Vista. 

Samuel McKenzey. 
(Harrison Daily, Adjutant). 
Samuel D. Cowden. 
William Price. 
Herman H. Barbour. 
Paterson C. Parker. 
John Harrington. 
Henry R. Seall. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Benjamin J. Spooner. 



J. D. P. A. M. Chauucey. 

Smith Dumont. 

Willianisou Wise. 

George W. Hmriugtoii. 

Americus Hough. 

Jonathan Keith. 

Daniel L. Fonts. 

Aaron G. Gibbs. 

John M. Lord. 

Thomas Rogers. 

Silas Canlkius. 

Samuel McGuffiu. 

(Andrew J. Carr — resigned Apr. 47). 

Nicholas Gilman. 

Charles A. Shank. 

.\llen Crocker. 

Harvey McCaslin. 

Charles Bolt. 

Alfred J. Campbell. 

■1th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, 
for during the war with Mexico — 
received June 47 ; disbanded July 


Willis A. Gorman (late Major of J. H. 
Lane's reg.) 

Lieut. Colonel. 

Ebenezer Dumont. 


William W. McCoy. 


(Fst It Edward Cole, relinquished Staff 
Oct 47). 

Fst It Martin M. Van Deuzen. 

Edward Lander. 

Jesse I. Alexander. 

Michael Fitzgibbon. 

Daniel Lunderman. 

(William T. Baldridge — invalid — re- 
signed Oct. 47). 

Alexander L. Mason. 

Robert Fravel. 

Landon Cochran. 

Morgan L. Payne (Oct. 47), co C. 

John W. Dodd (Sec It and Fst It to 
Apr. 48), CO A. 

Christopher C. Graham (Fst It to Apr. 
48), CO E. 

First Lieutenants. 
Martin M. Van Deusen, .\djutant and 

comd. CO A. 
(Jefferson D. S. D. Carey — died at 

Piiebla 21 Mar. 48). 
-Abraham B. B. Lewis, 
(lustavus II. Way. 
James C. Littell. 

Isaac Finley. 
William M. McPhetridge. 
Albert G. Brackett. 
(Edward Cole, late Adjt — invalid — re- 
Oliver H. P. Carey, [signed July 48). 
Washington F. Allen. 

Second Lieutenants. 
(Niueveh Berry — appd. Assist, coiu- 
Thomas J. Lucas, [missary Sept. 47). 
James A. Graham. 
Barton W. Acuff, comdg co G. 
John W. Mullen, conidg co H. 
L. Noble Hamilton, reg. Qrmaster. 
Luther S. Allard. 
John R. Mills, comdg co K. 
Samuel Macon. 
Thomas A. Reynolds. 
Daniel S. Barber. 
Benjamin Pillbean. 

(Charles Tansey— d/crf at Puebla 26 Oct. 
Samuel Yeakley. [47). 

James H. Thompson. 
John F. Britton. 

William K. McClane, Actg adjutant to 
Benjamin F. Hays. [Batt. 

George W. Amsden. 
Joseph Combs. 
Caleb D. Davis. 

5th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, 
for during the war with Mexico— re- 
ceived Oct. 47 ; disbanded July 48. 

James H. Lane (late Colonel 3. reg. 
Ina 12 mos. Vols). 

Lieut. Col. 

Allen May (late Capt in Drake's reg.) 

John M. Myers. 


Sec It John M. Lord (late Sec It in 
Lane's 3. reg.) 


Horace Hull (late Capt in Lane's 3. reg). 

George Greene. 

Robert M. Evans. 

James R. Bracken. 

Samuol McKenzey (late Fst It in Lane's 
3. reg.) 

Aaron C. Gibbs (late Sec It in Lane's 
3 reg.) 

(Ebenezer G. Carey — died 14 Jan. 48). 

David W. Lewis. 

John McDougall. 

Mahlon Dickerson Mansou. 

David Shunk. 

First Lieutenants. 

Thomas K. Lewis (late Fst It in Drake's 



(De Witt Clinton Rich, Assist, q.m. — 

died 9 Feb. 48, in Mex. city). 
Charles A. Shank (late Sec It in Lane's 
Philip J. Roe. [3. reg.) 

Andrew M. Pattisou. 
Lewis S. Moffatt. 

('Thomas I. Marshall — died 25 Jan. 48). 
Sylvester Crane. 
Thomas McBaker. 
John S. M. Vancleve. 
John M. Lattimore. 
Joseph W. Holliday. 

Second Lieutenants. 
(John M. Lord, Adjutant). 
James M. Ross. 
James V. Moore. 
James Hamilton. 
James Baker. 
William C. Kise. 
John V. King. 
John B. Sawtell. 
Henrj' Hensley. 
William R. Keep. 
Hugh J. Kelly. 
Joel Barnes. 
Gerathwell Maxwell. 
Columbus W. Osburu. 
Ira B. Williamson. 
Henry W. Jones. 
Thomas O'Neal. 
Zechariah Neely. 
Patrick Curley. 
Elias D. Pierce. 

Battalion of Iowa " Mormon " Volun- 
teers, for 12 months — 5 companies ; 
received at Council Bluffs 16 July 
46 ; discharged at Los Angelos, Cal- 
July 47. 

Lieiit Colonels comdg. 

(James Allen [Capt. 1. U. S. drags.] — 
died at Fort Leavenworth 23 Aug. 

(Andeew Jackson Smith [Fst It 1. 
drags], acting 30 Aug. 46). 

Philip St. George Cooke [Capt 1. 
drags], 13 Oct. 46. 


{Fst It George P. Dykes — relinq. staff 
to comd. CO D). 

Sec It Philemon C. Merrill, 1 Nov. 46. 

Jefferson Hunt. 

Jesse D. Hunter. 

James Brown. 

Nelson Higgius. [to Mar. 48. 

Daniel C. Davis — continued in service 

First Lieutenants. 
George P. Dykes (late Adjt. ) comdg co 

George W. Rosecrans, comdg co C. 
George W. Oman. 
Elim Luddington. 
James Pace. 

Second LJeutenants. 
Samuel Thompson. 
Lorenzo Clark. 
Ruel Barrus. 
Andrew Lytle. 

(Philemon C. Merrill, Adjutant). 
Cyrus C. Caufield. 
William W. Willis. 
Robert Clift. 

Regiment of Kentucky Cavalry Vol 

unteers, for 12 months — received 

June 46 ; discharged July 47. 
Humphrey Marshall [former Sec It 1. 

U. S. drags.] 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Ezekiel Field. 

John P. Gaines. 

(Edward M. Vaughn — killed at Buena 

Sec It Thomas H. Barnes. 
Johnson Price. 
Benjamin C. Milam. 
John Shawhan — wound, at Buena Vista. 
William J. Heady — prisoner of war in 

Thomas F. Marshall. 
Aaron Pennington. 
James C. Stone. 
Cassius M. Clay — prisoner of war in 

Oliver P. Beard. 

First Lieutenants. 
John Field. 
Lafayette Dunlap. 
Joseph H. D. McKee. 
Thomas J. Churchill — prisoner of war 

in Mex. 
Samuel F. Patterson. 
Jesse Woodruff. 
John H. Morgan. 
William M. Torrence. 

Second Lieutenants. 
George F. Sartain. 
George P. Swinford. 



George Masou Brown. 

John M. Brown — tcound. at BueuaVista. 

Lowry J. Beard. 

Green Clay Sinitli. 

(Thomas IL Barnes, Adjutant). 

John A. Merrifield — wound, at Buena 

Narbonne B. Scott. 
Thomas K. Conn — wound, at Buena 

George R. Davidson — prisoner of war 

in Mex. 
John Allen. 
George W. Keene. 
Randolph Brasfield. 
Thomas Jefferson Peak. 
John W. Kirabrongh. 

1st Regiment of Kentucky Volun- 
teers, for 12 months; "Louisville 
Legion" — received May 46; discharg- 
ed May 47. 

Stephen Ormsby. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Jason Rogers [former Capt 6. U. S. 

John B. Shepherd [former Sec It 7. U. 
S. inf.] 


( It William Riddle, relinqviished in 
Aug 46). 

Fst It William P. Fisher, Sept. 46. 

Frank S.a.unders [former Sec It 2. U. S. 

Charles H. Harper. 

Ebenezer B. Howe. 

Florian Kern. 

John Fuller. 

Francis F. C. Triplett. 

(William L. Ball — djVrf ( supposed mur- 
dered] July 46, near Matamoras). 

Charles W. Bullen. 

Conrad Shroeder. 

William Minor (Fst It to July 46), co E. 

Benjamin F. Stewart (Fst It to Aug. 46), 
CO I. 

First Lieutenants. 

John J. HuflF. 

(William Littrel — scalded on Steamer 
"Enterprise," and resigned). 

John Albrecht. 

Patrick McPike. 

William T. Barbour — prisoner of war 

Ephraim M. Stone. [in Mex. 

William Riddle (late Adjutant). 

(William P. Fisher, Adjutant). 

Joseph C. Baird. 
William White. 
George H. Sigler. 

Second Lieutenants. 
William E. Jones. 
Lewis Becker. 
John Harrigan. 
William Duerson. 
John Russell Butler. 
Levi White. 
Lowry B. White. 
Benedict Huebel. 
David Black. 
Charles W. Hilton. 
Jacob Pfalzer. 
Richard W. N. Taylor. 
George D. Hooper. 
David G. Swinner. 
Reuben F. Maury. 
Samuel Withington. 

2d Regiment of Kentucky Volun 
teers, for 12 months — received June 
46 ; discharged June 47. 

William R. McKee [former Fst It 3. U. 
S. art.] — killed. 

\ Lieut. Colonel. 

I Henry Clay Jr. [former Sec It 2. U. S. 
art.] — killed. 

1 Gary H. Fry [former Sec It 3. U. S. 


j {Fst It Thomas S. Todd— resigned Aug. 

Fst It George N. Cardwell, 17 Aug. 1846, 
j Ca])tains. 

j Frank Chambers. 
I Philip B. Thompson. 

Speed S. Fry. 

George W. Cutter. 

(William T. \N\\\\^— killed at Buena 
I William Dougherty. [Vista). 

William N. Joyner. 

Wilkinson Turpin. 

(James W. Moss [Fst It Aug. 46]— 
at Buena Vista), co A. [co K. 

John H. McBraver (Fst It to Aug. 46), 

James O. Hervey (Fst It to Feb. 47), 

First IJeatenants. 

( George N. Cardwell, Adjutant). 
I Edward H. Hobson. 
j (Joseph W. VowaW— died at Monterey 
I 2 Jan. 47 ). 

James E. Kelso, reg. Quartermaster, 

John W. Cowan. 




Andrew J. Gait. 

James Monroe. 

William G. Kincaid, Ast commissary. 

David P. Wade. 

William R. Keene. 

Littleton T. Lacy. . 

Second Lieutenants. 
Joseph C. Ewing. 
Henry C. Long. 
William E. Akin, Aid de C. to B. Gen. 

Marshall, Mar. 47. 
George M. Coleman. 
William T. Withers, Aid de C. to B. 

Gen. Marshall, Aug. 46. 
Richard H. Clarke. 
William H. Moss. 
William D. Robertson. 
Elias L. Barbee — wounded at Biiena 
George W. Ball. [Vista. 

Thomas W. Napier — severely wounded 

at Bnena Vista. 
Thomas J. Proctor. 
Peter G. Flood. 
John H. Lillard. 
Alva C. Threlkeld. 
Lewis M. Reese. 
William C. Lowry. 
(James Wilson — resigned April 47). 

3d Regiment of Kentucky Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexico 
— received October 47 ; disbanded 

July 48. 


Manlius V. Thompson. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Thomas L. Crittenden. 
John C. Breckenridge. 

Fst It Benjamin F. Bradley. 

John Rodes Smith. 
James Ewing. 
Thomas Todd. 
William P. Chiles. 
James A. Pritchard. 
Andrew F. Caldwell. 
Leonidas Metcalfe — absent, sick. 
Leander M. Coxe — absent, sick. 
George S. Dodge (Fst It to Feb. 48), 

First Lieutenants. 
(Benjamin F. Bradley, Adjutant). 
Enos H. Barry, Assist, qm. 
William C. Allen. 
William P. Bramblett. 
Henry H. Mize. 

John A. Logan. 

William P. Morris. 

(Jesse B. Davis — died in Mexico city, 

19 Mar. 48). 
Thomas H. Taylor. 
Thomas C. Flournoy, Actg adjutant. 
Walter I. Lacy. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Walter C. Whitaker. 
Eli Holtzclaw. 

James H. HoUaday, comdg co E. 
(John M. Heddleson — resigned, Jan 

James B. Casey. 
Ansel D. Powell. 
Churchill G. Campbell. 
(John Brock — died in Mexico city 19 

Mar. 48). 
William Edmonson. 
Marshall L. Howe. 
William C. Merrick. 
Elisha B. Treadway. 
Benjamin D. Lacy. 
James Kendall. 
William B. Holladay. 
John P. Thatcher. 
William E. Fisher. 
James C. Dear. 
James T. Young. 
Rigdon S. Barnhill. 
James H. Miller. 
Daniel Ruuyon. 


*4th Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, 

for during the war with Mexico — 

received Oct. 47 ; disbanded July 



John S. Williams (late Capt. of Indep. 


Lieut. Colonel. 
William Preston. 

William T. Ward. 

(Sec It Robei't P. Trabue — resigned Apr. 

Sec It Charles H. Creel. 
(John C. Squires - died in Mexico citj 20 
Anth Wayne Bartlett. [Mar. 48). 

B. Rowan Hardin. 
Timothy Keating. 
John G. Lair. 
George B. Cook. 
Decius McCreery. 
Joseph C. Conn. 
Mark R. Hardin. 



(Patrick H. Gardner — resigned Apr. 

Hamilton N. Owens (Fst It to Mar. 48), 

CO B. 
Thomas Maj'field (Sec It to Apr. 48), 


First Lieutenants. 
(Robert P. Trabue, late Adjutant). 
William E. Woodruff, Actg adjutant. 
John W. Hughes. 
Edgar D. Barbour. 
William Bristow. 
Jeremiah F. Dorris. 
Jesse Davis. 
Milford Elliot. 
John Donan. 

Second Lieutenants. 

(Charles H. Creel, Adjutant). 

Titus P. A. Bibb. 

Charles D. Pennebaker. 

Harry J. Woodward. 

Cyrenius W. Gilmer. 

Presley Talbott. 

John M. Snyder. 

AVilliam P. D. Bush. 

James M. Shackleford. 

William G. Johnson. 

Samuel D. Cowan. 

Levi White. 

Benjamin F. Egan. 

Isaac P. Washburn. 

(Cyrus A. Scott — died in Mexico city 7 

Feb. 48). 
John D. Cosby. 
John M. Massey. 
William E. Russell. 
Noah N. Watkins. 
Charles A. Wickliff. 
Noah Z. Chapline. 

Independent company of Kentucky 
Volunteers — received May 40 ; dis- 
charged May 47 ; served with the 6th 
U. S. infy. 

John S. Williams. 

First Lieutenant. 
Roger W. Hanson. 

Second Lieutenants. 
William A. McConnell. 
George S. Sutherland— severely wotmd- 
ed at Cerro Gordo. 

Louisiana Battalion of Volunteer Ar- 
tillery, for 3 months — 2 companies ; 
received 21 Aug. 4.'') : discharged 
Nov. 45. 

Major romdf/. 
Louis Gaily. 

Fst It William T. Lewis. 

Henry Forno. 
Eusebe L. Bercier. 

First Lieutenants. 
Joseph E. Ealer. 
Thomas Trelford. 
(William T. Lewis, Adjutant). 
Gustave Pereaux. 

Second Lieutenants. 
David A. Bickell. 
Kaimond F. Heuriquez. 

2d Battalion of Louisiana Volunteer 
Artillery (for 6 months) — 3 compa- 
nies ; received, for 3 months. May 
46 ; discharged July 46. 
Major comdg. 
Louis Gaily (comd. Ist Batt). 

Capt. Eusebe L. Bercier (in Batt of 45). 

Juan Penas. 
Francis Mauberret. 
Maurice Grivot. 

First Lieutenants. 
Hubert Gerard. 
Honore Ruffier. 

Raimond F. Henriquez (Sec It in Batt 
Leandre Bourgevis. [of 45). 

Edouard Savigue. 
Julius Victor Chaery. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Lezin Lamothe. 
Antoine Jahan. 
Edouard Dessommes. 

Brigade of Louisiana Volunteers (for 
6 months)— 6 regiments ; received, 
for 3 months. May and June 46 : dis- 
charged Aiig. 46. 

Brigadier General. 
Persifor F. Smith. 

Brig. Insjiector (rank of Major). 
Henry A. Lyons. 

Brig. Quartermaster (rank of Capt.) 
Alexander Zeuon Trudeau. 

Aide de Camp (rank of Capt.) 
Eugene Musson. 



1st Eegiment in P. F. Smith's Brig, of 
Louisiana Volunteers. 
James B. Walton. 

Lieutenant Colonel. 
Henry Forno (late Capt. in Gally's 

Jitlien P. Breedlove. 

A djntant. 
George J. Adde. 

Isaac F. Stockton. 
Thomas Glenn. 
George H. Tobin. 
Henry B. Chase. 
R. C. Stockton. 
George Wm. White. 
James M. Vandegriff. 
Peter Soniat. 
John W. Bryce. 
George W. Shaw, co G. 

2d Eegiment in P. F. Smith's Brigade 
of Louisiana Volunteers. 

James H. Dakin. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Charles M. Emerson. 

George W. Smith. 

John Sedley Webb. 

A. Francis Rudler. 
James W. McNamar. 
Albert G. Blanchard. 
Edward Crevon. 
John Sewell. 
Warren A. Grice. 
George Price. 
Gustave S. Rousseau. 
James W. Woodland. 
John Freeland, co B. 

3d Regiment in P. F. Smith's Brigade 
of Louisiana Volunteers. 
Samuel F. Marks. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Theodore G. Hunt. 

Henrv W. Fowler. 

Robert A. Hunter. 

George E. Comstock. 
CoiDeland S. Hunt. 
Morris Willard. 
Samuel C. Head. 
George Mason Graham, 
Richard A. Stewart. 
H. C. Fountain. 
John Wallace Keene. 
Daniel I. Ricardo. 
Robert G. Beale, Fst It comdg co K. 

4th Regiment in P. F. Smith's Brigade 
of Louisiana Volunteers. 
Horatio Davis. 

LAeut. Colonel. 
Charles K. Johnson. 

Charles Fiesca. 

(Acting) Ezra R. Price (since Major 2. 
reg. Miss. Vols.) 

George Doane. 
John Francis Girault. 
Christian Wirth. 
George Dippacher. 
James Dill Gal breath. 
John Eodes Smith. 
Solomon G. Staples. 
Isaac S. K. Ogier. 
Johaun Boehler, 
Francis Warrington. 

5th Regiment in P. F. Smith's Brigade 
of Louisiana Volunteers. 
Baillie Peyton. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Hugh W. Dunlap. 

John Waddell. 

Fst It William T. Fortson. 

Charles B. McKiernan. 
Robert W. Stewart. 
James Blackburn. 
William B. Robertson. 
R. I. Lawrence. 

William Monaghan (subseq. raised a 
Texan co at Lolios Island). 



S. M. Hyams. 
L. P. Craiu. 
"William Mosely. 
Joseph Dorlon, co I. 

fith Regiment in P. F. Smith's Brigade 
of Louisiana Vohanteers. 
Edward Featherston. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Samnel H. Peck. 

George H. "Wellington. 

Fst It William D. McCright. 

Harman G. Mercer. 
James C. McAllister. 
J. B. G. Kennedy. 
"William W. Stey?art. 
James C. Downer. 
James 0. Fuqua. 
Joseph Hufty. 
William R. Braselman. 
John Purcell. 
William B. Smith. 

Independent Company of Louisiana 

Vohanteers, for 12 months— receiyed 
July -46 ; discharged May 47. 
Albert G. Blanchabd [foi-mer Fst It in 
iufj, and Capt. 

3. U. 


2. Lou 


Samuel C 

First Lieutenant. 
Tenbrink (Sec It in 2. Lou 

Second Lieutenants. 
F. Nicholls (Fst It in 4. Lou 
Scott. [Vols.) 

Regiment of Louisiana Volunteers, 
for during the war — receiyed Dec. 
46 : disbanded Jiily 48. 

Lewis G. De Russy [formerly Capt. 
U. S. Art and Paymr.] 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Samuel F. Marks (late Colonel 3. Lou 

John Francis Girault Hate Capt. 4. Lou. 

(Sec it William H. Harrison — lelin- 

quished Staff June 48). 
Fst It Charles T. Badger. 
Russell P. Mace (late Fst It in 5. Lou 

Vols. ) 
(Christian Wirth (late Capt in 4. Lou 

Vols. ) — died at Tanipico 12 Apr. 47). 
Bornt Seguine (late Fst It in 2. Lou 

Vols. ) 
Joseph Preg ( late Fst It in 4 Lou Vols, i 
John W. Cole. 
Robert Pope (late Fst It in 4. Lou 

John Freeland (late Capt in 2. Lou 

Vols. ) 
Copeland S. Hunt (late Capt in 3. Lou 
Robert Akins. [Vols. ) 

Theodore Lewis. 
Peter Basterdes ( Fst It to Dec. 47), co B. 

First Lieutenants. 
John Purcell (late Capt in 6. Lou 

Isaac S. K. Ogler (late Capt in 4. Lou 
Joseph Palezewski. [Vols.) 

Frank McHenry (late Fst It in 4. Lou 
Frederick Otto Eicholz. [Vols.) 

(Charles T. Badger, Adjutant). 
"Vernon H. Lindenberger (late Sec It in 
Robert A. Craiu. [4. Lou Vols.) 

William O. Whitman. 
(William B. Smith — late Capt in 6. Lou 

Volrs. — resd. Noy. 47). 

Second Ijieutenants. 
Ebenezer C. Ledyard. 
James A. Stewart. [Vols.) 

Peter M. Terbush (late Fst It in 2. Lou 
William R. Simmons. 
Horatio N. Silliman. a 

John H. Singleton. 
Frederick Seyier. 
John S. Arold. 

Robert White. [Sept. 47). 

(Edward A. Trent — died at Tampico 4 
William H. Harrison (late Fst It 5. Lou 

Vols.) late Adjutant. 
John Cooney. 
John Campbell. 

Gustayus Heimberger — loound. at Hua- 
Andrew Daley. [jutla). 

John D. A. Kirkland. 
William PI. Homer. 
Francis W. Yeager. 

(John H. Evans — died at Tampico 17 
William P. Gallagher. [Aug. 47). 

Jackson Anderson. 

Battaliin of Louisiana Volr>u(eors, 
for during the war with Mexico — 5 



companies ; received May 47 ; dis- 
bauded July 48. 

Lieut. Colonel comdg. 
Charles Fiesca (late Major 4. reg. Lou 


(Sec It Yves Guyot — d/'ed at Vera Cruz 

9 Aug. 47). 
(Fst It Russee W. Rademacher — died at 

Vera Cruz 29 Apr. 48). 
Sec It Joseph G. King. 

George Wm. White (late Capt. 1. Loii 

Charles A. Seefeld (late Capt in A. S. 

Johnson's Texan Volunteers). 
William E. Millen. 
Francis Warrington (late Capt 4. Lou 

Vols.) — died since the war. 
James E. Featherston. 

First Lieutenants. 
James Linton. 
Henry C. Young. 

(Eussee W. Rademacher, Adjutant, and 
Conrad Gerbig. [died). 

Thomas Norma. 
John Jacobs. 

Second Lieutenants. 
David Nelligan. 
Henrj' A. ShaefEer. 
Julius Verbaum. 
Frederick Rhoe. 
George Mayne. 
Peter J. Mancosos. 
(Yves Guyot, Adjutant, and died). 
David S. McDowell. 
(Joseph G. King, Adjutant). 
Joseph A. Steinacher — died at Vera 

Cruz 8 Sept. 47. 
(Daniel Cronnan — died 15 Oct. 47). 
(John Eeilly— died 20 Sept. 47). 

Battalion of Louisiana Mounted Vol- 
unteers, for 12 months — 5 com- 
panies; received July and Aug. 47; 
discharged July 48. 

Lieut. Colonel cotndg. 

Walter F. Biscoe (late Sec It in 2. Lou 


Sec It Henry 0. Foster. 

Lorenzo A. Besan^on. 

Hiram Fair child (late Fst It in 2. Lou 

James J. Connolly. [Volrs.) 

Lorenzo Lewis. 

.George Kerr. 

First Lieutenants. 

Stanford W. Waters — fZzV^Z since the war. 

Robert J. Kelly. 

Christopher Lilly. 

William Marralle — died since the war. 

Lewis W. Barry. 

Second Lieutenants. 

John Harkins. . 

(David Henderson, Actg Aid to B. Gen. 
Lane at Huamantla ; killed in action 
at Mata Cordario, 19 Feb. 48). 

Beverly E. Hunter. 

(Henry C. Foster, Adjutant). 

James Pearson. 

Charles Foster. 

(John ^\me— killed 23 Sept. 47 at Paso 

Winfield D. Hook. [Ovejas Mex.) 

Patrick H. Curran. 

William Mitchell. 

Battalion of Maryland and District 
of Columbia Volunteers, for 12 
months — 6 companies ; received May 
46 ; disbanded May 47. 

Lieut. Colonel Comdg. 

(William H. Watson — killed at Monte- 

Brevet Major Comdg. 

Robert C. Buchanan [Capt 4. inf], 
from Nov. 46. 


{Fst It Francis B. Shaefifer — i^rom. to 
Capt CO D). 

Sec It William E. Aisquith, Dec. 46 
[late Cai^t Art.] 


James E. Steuart. 

John R. Kenly. 

James S. Piper. 

Robert Bronaugh. 

James Boyd (Fst It to May 46), co F. 

Francis B. Shaeflfer (Fst It and adjutant 
to Dec. 46), CO D. 

First Lieutenants. 

Benjamin F. Owen. 

Marcellus K. Taylor. 

(Eugene Boyle, comd. co D. in battle : 
died at sea 6 Jan. 47). 

Joseph H. Ruddoch. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Samuel Wilt. 
Oden Bowie. 

Lawrence Dolau. [Q.m.'s dept. ) 

(Thomas M. Gleason — prom to Capt. in 
James Tannehill — waunded. 
(William E. Aisqttith, Adjutant). 



llobert E. Haslett. 

David P. Chapniau. 

Isaac H. Morrow. 

Edward Murphy. 

Jacob C. Heiumick. 

(William O'Brien — resigned). 

Separate Companies, attached to this 
Kegiment : 

llegimeutof Marylandaud District 
of Columbia Volnuteers, for dur- 
ing the war with Mexico — received 
May and June 47 ; disbanded 24 July 



Geokge W. Hughes fCapt and brevet 

Lt colonel Topog. engrs. J 
Lieut. Colonel. 
WtLLLiM H. Emorx [Fst It and brevet 

Major Topog. engrs.] 
John R. Kenlj- (late Capt in Watson's 

Batt. ) 

Sec It James Steele. 

Captains — (8 cos.) 
William H. Degges. 
Edmund Barry. 

Lawrence Dolan (Sec It in Watson's 
Dan Drake Henrie. [Batt.) 

Marcellus K. Taylor (Fst It in Watson's 
Lloyd Tilghman, Light art co. [Batt. ) 
Francis B. Shaeffer (Capt in Watson's 

Batt.) [47). 

George W. Brown (Fst It to 30 May 

First Lieutenants. 
Frederick A. Klopfer, comd. co D. 
Henry S. Addison. [nois Batt. 

Washington Hooper, comd. co in Illi- 
William J. Corcoran, comd. co H. 
Isaac H. Morrow (Sec It in Watson's 
John M. Thornton. [Batt.) 

(Fris'uy Tilghman — resigned May 48). 
Jacob S. Klassen. 
John Hooper. 

Second Lieutenants. 
John Carr, Actg adjutant. 
Benjamin R. West. 
James O. Brien. 
David A. Griffith. 
William H. Baker. 
(James Steele, Adjutant). 
Richard P. Henry. 
John H. Ballman. 
Arnold Tensfield. 
John H. Gronowell. 
William J. Garey. 
Ira Mabbett. 
Robert C. Bell. 
Henrv M. Milnor. 

I CapUiin. 

I C.Roberdeau Wheat. 
' First Jjieutenant. 
Charles McDonald. 

Second Lieutenajits. 
Francis E. Smith. 
Abuer C. Steele. 

Tennessee Com- 
pany of Mount- 
ed Volrs. May 
47 to July 48 ; 
(served with 2. 
drags.; M.Gen. 
Scott's body- 

Oct. 47 to 
July 48. 

Captain. 1 

Thomas A. Rowley. 

First Tjieutenwnt. 
Andrew McClory. 

Second Lieutenants. 
James McLean, comd. co. 
Alexander Scott. j 

Independent Company, — 8 June 47, to 
. 1 Aiagust 48 : 

Captains. 1 

(James Boyd, Capt in Wat- 
son's Batt ; killud at Rio 
Cnlaboso 12 July 47). 

Joseph R. West. 

First Lieutenant. 
(James Tannehill, Sec It 
in Watson's Batt ; mort. 
wound, at Rio Calaboso, 
and died at Huajutla 25 
July 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 
(George De Groote — died 
at Tampico 24 Oct. 47). 
John A. Letteu. 
Franklin B. Nimocks. J 

at Tam- 
pico un- 
der Col. 
De Rus- 

Regiment of Massachusetts Volun- 
teers, for during the Mexican war, 
— raised in January and February, 
47 : disbanded Jiily 48. 
(Caleb Gushing, 15 Jan. 47 — promoted 
to Brig. General). [47). 

Isaac H. Wright (Lt colonel to 27 May 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Edward W. Abbott (Major to 27 May 


Edward Webster (Capt to May 47)— 
died at San Angel 23 Jan. 48. 



Fst It Beujamiu R. Andrews. 

John H. Barry. 

(John A. Felt — died at Vera Cruz 10 

Charles B. Crowninshield. [Oct. 47). 

Edward A. Paul. 

John S. Barker. [K. 

Stephen Curtis (Fst It to June 47), co 

Horace S. Howe (Serg major to July 

47), CO C. [co G. 

William E. Huntoon (Fst It to Sept. 

47), CO G. [co D. 

Otis W. Cutler -(Lt to Oct. 47), Felt's 
George W. Kelly (Sec It to Oct. 47), 

Webster's co A. 

First LieuteJiants 
William W. H. Davis — comdg co I. 
J. Kendall Tyler. 
Daniel 0. Regan. 
Edward Thwing. 
Hiram Fogg. 
Owen Dorsey Robb. 
William Hurd. 

(Ellis B. Green — died at sea 10 June 
(Benj. R. Andrews — Adjutant). [48). 
Oliver H. Perry. 
Alfred W. Adams. 
David B. Stover. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Shadrach Keene. 
Charles Coy. 
John C. Cremouy. 
John Higgins. 
John Esler. 

Caleb H. Emery — reg. q.m. 
John C. Crowninshield. 
Charles W. Fuller. 
Joseph B. Wing. 
Edward H. Cook. 
E. A. Tenny. 
Charles W. Smith. 

(Gustavus F. Gardner, comd. co K — 
Rufus Rand. [and died 16 Mar. 48). 

Regiment of Michigan Voltinteers, 
for during the war with Mexico — • 
received December 47 ; disbanded 
July 48. 


Thomas B. W. Stockton [former Fst It 
1. U. S. inf.] 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Alpheus S. Williams. 

John V. Ruehle. 


Sec It James E. Pittman. 

Frederick W. Curtenius. 
Alfred H. Hanscom. 
Nicholas Greusel, Jr. 
Isaac S. Rowland. 
John Wittenmyer. 
Daniel Hicks. 
Walter W. Deane. 
John Van Arnam. 
James M. Williams. 
Grover N. Beuel. 

First Lieutenants. 
Thomas H. Hunt. 
John E. King. 
Edward M. Pitcher.^ 
Edmund Rice. 
William L. Whip23le. 
Eli Snyder. 
James M. Stuart. 
John C. Deuel. 
James S. Kingsland. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Charles O. Conant. 
Ebenezer Hawes. 
Horace S. Roberts. 
Paul W. H. Rawls. 
Thomas C. Goetchius. 
Benjamin F. Luce. 
James D. Pierce. 
Lorin L. Comstock. 
Clemeut D. McNair. 
(James E. Pittman, Adjutant). 
Morse K. Taylor. 
(Charles W. Cummings — died at New 

Orleans 25 Jan. 48). 
Andrew Jackson Hanscom. 
John E. Schwartz, Jr. 
Samuel A. Rice. 
Egbert H. Van Buren. 
(Elisha Wright — died at Clinton, Mich. 
Benjamin Brownell, Jr. [Aug. 48). 

Louis D. Clairoux. 
Isaac Warren. 

Independent Company of Michigan 
Volunteers, for during the war with 
Mexico— received 18 June 47 : dis- 
banded 30 June 48. 
Morgan L. Gage. 

First Lieutenant. 
Allen K. Howard. 

Second Lieute?iants. 
Caleb F. Davis. 
William F. Chittenden. 



1st Eegiment of Mississippi Rifles- 
Volunteers, for 12 months — received 
June 4(1 : discharged June 47. 

Jefferson Davis [former first It and 
Adjutant 1. drags] ; sev. wound, at 
Buena Vista. 

Lieut. Colonel. 

Alexander K. McClung— dangerously 
wound, at Monterey. 

Alexander B. Bradford. 

Sec It Richard Griffith. 

John M. Sharp — severely ^pounded at 
Buena Vista. 

Reuben N. Downing — wounded at Mon- 

Douglass H. Cooper. [terey. 

William Delay. 

John Willis. 

Bainbridge Decatur Howard. 

James H. R. Taylor. 

William P. Rogers. 

John Lewis McManus. 

John S. Clendenin (Sec It to Jan. 47), 

First Lieutenants. 

Henry F. Cook — wo^mded at Monterey, 
comdg CO C. 

Daniel R. Riissell, comdg co D. 

Crawford Fletcher, comdg co E. 

Carnot Posey — icounded at Buena Vista. 

Samuel A. D. Greaves, comdg co G. 

(Robert L. Moore, comdg co H. — killed 
at Buena Vista). 

William N. Brown. 

Christopher H. Mott, Assist, commis- 

William H. H. Patterson. [sary. 

Amos B. Coy:v}\Tie— wounded at Buena 

James E. Stewart. [Vista. 

Second Lieutenants. 
(Richard Griffith, Adjutant). 
Thomas P. Stade, Assist quartermaster. 
James Colhoun. 

(Lewis T. Howard — wo^inded at Mon- 
terey ; resigned Dec. 46). 
James H. Hughes. 
William Henry Hampton. 
Samuel H. Dill. 
William P. Townsend. 
Samuel R. Harrison. 
Rufus K. Arihwv— icounded at Mon- 
Weekly W. Redding. [terey. 

William E. Epps. 
William B. Wade. 

Charles M. Bradford. [terey. 

E. W. Hollingsworth— ?p«wnrf. at Mon- 


M. Markham — resigned Oct. 

(Josephus J. Tatum — died on the march 
from Victoria to Monterey 20 Jan. 


Leon Trousdale. 

John J. Poindextor. [Vista). 

(Francis J. McNulty — killed at Buena 

John P. Stockard— wo?*7irferf at Buena 

Richard Hopkins. [Vista. 

S. Moses Phillips. 

Samuel B. Thomas. 

(Thomas J. Kyle — resigned Dec. 46). 

2d Regiment of Mississippi Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexico 
— received Jan. 47 ; disbanded July 



(Reuben Davis — resigned Oct. 47). 
Charles Clark (Capt to 16 Oct. 47). 

Lieut. Colonels. 
I (Joseph H. Kilpatrick —resigned Oct. 
I 47). 

j John A. Wilcox (Est It and Adjutant 
to 18 Oct. 47). 

' Ezra R. Price. 

{Sec It Beverly Matthews — relinquished 
I Staff Oct. 47). 
Fst It Thomas S. Munce (18 Oct. 47). 

I Andrew K. Blythe. 
1 (Enos Elder— rfiVrf at N. Orleans 10 
! Joel M. Acker. [Feb. 47). 

i William J. Daniel. [co C. 

Philip F. Liddell (Sec It to Mar. 47), 

William M. Estelle (Fst It to July 47), 

Wilson Ijames, co B. [co 1. 

(Chesley S. Coffee(Seclt to Oct. 47) 
— resigned May 48). 

JohnB. Deason(SeclttoNov. 47), coK. 

Fleming Amyx (Fst It to Feb. 48), co H. 

Alexander M. Jackson. 

First Lieutenants. 
Christopher C. Chinu. 
William Strother. 
(Holland Middleton— died at Camargo 

28 Mar. 47). 
William C. Falkner. 
(Thomas S. Munce, Adjutant). 
Everard Dowsing. 
Jesse G. Steele. 
Alexander W. Weaver. 



James M. McKinney. 
Martin S. White. 

Seco7id Lieutenantfi. 
(Kobert M. Godk—died at Saltillo, 27 
Charles Gouvenaux. [A^^^g- 47). 

William H. Jackson. 
Beverly Matthews. 
Eli G. Henry. 
Thomas C. Hindman. 
William C. Laiaderdale. 
Metsalon A. Man. 
Robert Cleland. 

(Eobert Martin — died at N. Orleans Jan. 
Andrew Jackson Trussell. [47). 

Felix W. Goff. 
James M. Liddell. 
Richard S. Cromer. 
Marks I. Biddle. 
Alston Gregory. 
Edward B. Sheltou. 
Thomas Y. Carter. 
Jeremiah Alexander. 
John A. Jackson. 
George Barrows. 
Francis M. Heckworth. 

1st Battalion of Mississippi Rifle 
Volunteers, for during the war with 
Mexico — 5 companies ; received Oct. 
and Nov. 47 ; disbanded June 48. 
Lieut. Colonel Comdg. 

James Patton Anderson. 

See It John A. Anderson. 

William M. Keyes. 

Elisha Crowson. 

George E. Stewart. 

Hilliard P. Dorsey. 

Nathaniel Robert Gary. 

First Lieutenants. ■ 

Ezekiel W. Evans. 

William H. Landers. 

Richard S. King. 

Columbus M. Leland. 

Samuel C. Astin. 

Second TJeutenants. 

Thomas Ivy. 

William T. Sharp. 

Hardeman C. Forrest. 

John W. Stewart. 

Thomas Washer. 

(John A. Anderson, Adjutant). 

William T. Cocke. 

(Luke Lowe — died at Tampico 1 Mar. 

Samuel Hunter. [48). 

William H. Dillingham. 

Thomas J. Ramsay. 

Regiment of Missouri Volunteers, 
"St. Louis Legion" — 8 companies; 
received May 46 ; discharged Aug. 46. 
Alton R. Easton. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Ferdinand Kennett. . 
Gottfried Shoenthaler. 

Henry Almstedt. 

Stephen O. Goldman. 
Philander Salsbury. 
John Knapp. 
John Watson, jr. 
Nicholas Wochner. 
Friedrich Schiifer. 
Henry I. B. McKellops. 
Henry Koch. 

1st Regiment of Missouri mounted 
Volunteers, for 12 months— 8 com- 
panies ; received June 46 ; discharged 
June 47. 


Alexander W. Doniphan. 
Lieut. Colonels. 

(Chaeles F. Ruff — [former Sec It 1. U. 
S. drags] — and Capt Mtd rifle. July 

Congreve Jackson (Capt to 18 Sept. 46). 

William Gilpin. 


(Fst It George M. Bntler— died at Cu- 
varro N. Mex. 25 Nov. 46). 

Fst It James A. De Courcey, 1 Dec. 46. 

David Waldo. 

William P. Walton. 

Oliver P. Moss. 

John W. Reid. 

Monroe M. Parsons. 

Charles B. Rodgers. 

John D. Stevenson. 

Horatio H. Hughes. 

First Lieutenants. 
John Reid, coming co A. 
Linnaeus B. Sublette, comdg co 0. 
Calvin G. Miller. 

(James A. De Courcey, Adjutant). 
John B. Duncan. 
Fenton G. McDonald. 
James Lea. 
John Hinton (Serg major to Nov. 46). 


Second Lieutennnts. 

Robert I. Barnett. 

James H. Moss. 

Francis A. 'B(\.\\s\ie— wounded. 

George Pope Gordon. 

(Stephen Jackson— rfiVfZ at Mapimi Mex. 

Scott Richardson. [9 May 47). 

George B. Winston. 

Crockett Harrison — wounded at Sacra- 

D. B. Graves. 

David J. Clayton. 

John S. Campbell. 

Henry F. Ogden. 

Henry I. Chiles. 

Benjamin F. Murray. 

Nicholas B. Wright, comd. co G. at 

William P. Hickliu. 

2d regiment of Missouri Volunteers, 
for 12 mouths — received July 46 ; dis- 
charged September 47. 

(Sterling Price- appd. Brig. General U. 
S. Volunteers 20 July 47). 

Lieut. Colonel. 
David B. Mitchell. 

Benjamin B. Edmonson. 
Lt Robert Walker to Oct. 47. 
Lt John J. Tisdale, Actg fm Q. m.'s serg. 

(Napoleon B. Giddings — resigned Mar. 

Samuel H. McMillan — ?P(w;i,ffe(ZatTaos. 
William Y. Slack. 
Hancock Jackson. 
John HoUoway. 
Thomas M. Horine. 
William C. Halley. 
Thomas Barbee. 

John C. Dent. [co K. 

Benjamin F. White (Fst It to Feb. 47). 
Thomas C. McKamey (Sec It to Mar. 47), 

CO A. 

Firat Lieutenants. 
Daniel Hereford. 
John W. Tucker. 

Thomas G. West — wounded at Taos. 
Clare Oxley. 

Elias W. Boone, comd. co A. 
William P. Smith. 
(Robert T. Brown, Actg Commis. and 

Q.M.: murdered at Vallas N. Mex. 

27 June 47). 

William B. Royall. 
Francis L. Potter. 
Joseph Smith. 
James W. Black. 

Second iMutenants. 

( Benjamin E. Lackland — died at Santa 

Zadoc Holcomb. [Fe 27 Dec. 46). 

Samuel M. Sprowl, served with Capt. 
Hudson in Clark's Batt. 

(John A. Boarman — murdered at Vallas 
N. Mex. 27 June 47). 

Robert G. Gilman. 

Robert D. Foster. 

Robert B. Todd, served with Capt. Hud- 
son in Clark's Batt. 

I. G. Floi;rnoy, comdg co N. 

James W. Link. 

(James M. Alexander — died&i camp Cal- 
houn 29 Nov. 46). 

Goldon Warson. 

(George E. Lackland— rZ?>d 16 Feb. 47). 

(John Mansfield — wounded at Taos 4 
Feb. 47, and died 16th). 

William R. Samuel. 

Francis J. Smith. 

Jeremiah M. Hamilton. 

(William T)ei\.n—died at Santa Fe 28 

Robert Patton. [Apr. 47). 

Thomas A. Austin. 

Robert A. Layton. 

B. C. Woods. 

S. B. Searey. 

Wesley T. Newbold. 

Albert G. Blakey. 

Battalion of Missouri Volunteers, for 
12 months ; Light Artillery 3 com- 
l^anies ; Infantry 2 companies — re- 
ceived June and July 46 ; discharged 
June and July 47. 

Major comdg. 

Meeiwetheb Lewis Clark [former Sec 
It 6. inf and Aid de C. to Gen Scott.] 

Lt Leonidas D. Walker to June 47. 
Fst It Christian Kribben. 

Captains. ) 

Richard Hanson Weightman. 
Woldemar Fischer. [gers." 

Thomas B. Hudson, " Laclede Ran- 

First Lieutenants. i 

Andrew Jackson Dom — appd. in 3. j 
Louis C. (xarnier. [drags. Oct. 47. | 
Edmund F. Chouteau. | 

(Christian Kribben, Adjutant). | 

Richard S. Elliott. J 



Second Lieutenants. 


Louis T. Labeaume. 

John 0. Simpson, assist. Q.m. 


Francis Hassendeubel. 

Henry D. Evans. 

August De Marie. 


John R. Gratiot. 



William Z. Angney. [May 47). 

CWilliam S. Murphy — resigned 3 
Jonas S. "Woods (Fst It May 47). 

First Lieutenants. 
Alexander Irvine — wounded at Caii- I 
ada N. Mex. [Taos. ' 

Vincent Vanvalkenburg — killed at 

Second Lieutenants. 
Lucian J. Eastin. 
George R. Gibson. 
Charles R. Miller. | 

Franklin Finch. J 

Battalion of Missouri Mounted Vol- 
unteers, for 12 months ; (first mus- 
tered in Price's regiment), 4 com- 
panies — received Aug. 46 ; dis- 
charged Aug. 47. 

Lieut. Colonel comdg. 

David Willock. 


{Fst It Samuel Shepherd — promoted to 
Capt Apr. 47). [Apr. 47). 

Sec It Robert P. Clark (Serg. major to 

Jesse Morin. 

(Israel R. Hendley, killed at Moro, N. 

Benjamin F. Robinson. 

William M. Jacobs. 

Samuel Shepherd (late AdjutantJ. 
First Lieutenants. 

Isaac W. Gibson. 

Samuel S. Hughes. 

James A. Carothers. 

John W. Martin. 

Second Tjieutenantv. 

Jones H. Owen. 

Nathaniel T. Williams. 

John Larkin. 

John M. Miller. [47). 

(Benjamin M. Hawkins, resigned May 

Thomas T. Crittenden. 

Adam Huffman. 

James G. Spratt. 

9 Companies of Missouri Volunteers, 
for 12 months ; received (at Fort 

Leavenworth) Aug. and Sept. 46 ; 
discharged Sept. 46 — Order of ser- 
vice countermanded by War Dept. 

Thomas H. Holt. 

Alfred M. Julian. 

Augustus Rainey. 

Francis M. Boing. 

Benjamin W. Smithson. 

Firman A. Rozier. 

John F. Franciscus. 

Napoleon Koscialowski. 

Washington Lafayette McNair. 

Battalion of Missouri Volunteers for 
during the war with Mexico — 5 
companies ; received May 47 ; dis- 
banded October 48. 

Lieut. Colonel comdg. 

Alton R. Easton (Late Colonel "St. 
Louis legion)." 

Fst It Samuel A. Holmes. 

Elisha H. Shepard. [ton's regiment). 
Nicholas Wochner (late Capt in Eas- 
Noble C. Cunningham, comdg Batt in 

Edward W. Paul. [ton's regiment). 
William A. Barnes (late Fst It in Eas- 
First LMutenants. 

(SamiTel A. Holmes, Adjutant). 

Emanuel Siener. 

Frederick Bailey. 

George W. Paul, Assist. Q.M. 

Abram Allen. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Thomas W. Levant, comdg co A. 
William Dietz. 

Francis PheljDS, Adjutant of a Batt. 
James M. Stuart. 
Charles E. G. Morse, comdg co E. 
Reuben Pritchett. 
Sebastian Hupp. 
Silas Penniman. 
William H. Weightman. 
Leonard F. Gray. 

3d Regiment of Missouri Mounted 
Volunteers, for during the war 
with Mexico — received July 47 ; dis- 
banded October 48. 


John Ralls. 



Lieut. Colonel. 
llichard H. Lane. 

William W. llcyuoUls. 

Simeon Hart. 


Wnshington Lafayette McNair. 

(Louis Ge\s—died at Santa Fc 5 Feb. 

William S. Loflaud. [48). 

Gabriel De Korponay. 

Augustus Jones. 

Samuel A. Boake. 

(Moses H. Simonds — died en route to 
Santa Fc 26 July 47). 

John Haley .Brigade Inspector, Feb. 48. 

(Benjamin Salmon, Fst It to July 47 ; 
mort. around, by Apaches 23 July and 

James I. Clarkson. | died 19 Nov. 48). 

David D. Stockton (Nov. 47). co. K. 

John Christian Gebhardt (Feb. 48), co 

First Lieutenant. 

James M. Allen. 

Herman Schroeder. 

Samviel Aansorgh. 

Dillard P. Pike, comd co E. 

George W. Cotner. 

(Robert Love — died at Santa Fc 21 
Sept. 47). 

Samuel A. McConkey. 

(Washington Porter — died at Albu- 
querque 13 Nov. 47). 

William W. Stephens. 

Stephen D. Millowny. 

A. M. Brittingham. 

George Cain. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Charles Krohne, Actg adjutant of de- 
Jacob Biebrich. [tachment. 
(George O. Hepburn — killed at Santa 

Fe de Kosales 16 Mar. 48). 
John K. Hawkins. 
Frame King. 
Alpheus Wheeler. 
Joseph F. Anthony. 
Levi A. Williams. 
Joseph P. Dillon, 
llichard G. Roberts. 
George Scheibel. 
William E. Jones. 
Benjamin Talbot. 

John Philipp Ludwig. [15 Aug. 47). 
(Charles K. Oliver — died on the Plains 
(George K. Culp, invalid, resigned 
John McDuniel. [Sept. 47). 

Milton H. Wash. 
Jefferson Talifcrro. 
Preston P. Brickey. 
Thomas Stockstill. 

Frederick Lottman. 
John Swigler. 

Battalion of Missouri Mounted Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with 
Mexico — 5 companies ; received 
Aiigust 47 ; di8V)anded November 48. 
IJeut. Colonel comdg. 
Ludwell E. Powell. 

Thomas J. Todd. 

A. W. Sublette. 
David McCausland. 
James Craig. 
William H. Rodgers. 
Robert M. Stewart. 

First IJeiitenantx. 
Thomas Mara. 
Antoine Lefevre. 
Francis M. Warmcastle. 
Francis Impey. 
Henry Smith. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Ringrose Watson. 
Immanuel S. Jones. 
John W. Kelly. 
Samuel J. Lingenfelter. 
Howell Thomas. 
William Maran. 
Samiiel IMachatt. 
Thomas L. Young. 
John M. Searcj\ 
Seph H. Craig. 

Battalion of Missouri Mounted Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with 
Mexico — 5 comi^anies ; received 
September 47 ; disbanded Octo- 
ber 48. 

Lieut. Colonel comdg. 

Wn,Li.\M Gilpin (late Major of Doni- 
phan's reg. ) 


Fst It Henr}' Lewis Roiitt. 

John C. Griffin. 

Thomas Jones. 

Paul Holzcheiter. 

(Napoleon Koscialowski, resigned June 
48). [E. 

Caleb S. Tuttle (Sec It to July 48). co 
First LJeutennnt. 

Oliver Bain. 

Joseph C. 'EM\T\i\q,e—wonnded by Paw- 
nee Indus 20 July 48. 



Phillipp Streinmel, comdg co C. 
(John Stevens — resigned July 48). 
Charles Grager. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Ashley Gnlley, Assist, q.m. 
Christian Boe eking. 
Edward Colston. 

(William O'Hara — resigned July 48). 
Ira Benson. 
John Hill. 

(John William SchoU — died (suicide) 
Albert F. Schnable. [21 Jan. 48). 

William Kuhlon. 
Caswell H. Williams. 
Stephen H. Fisher. 

Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers, 
four companies, for during the Mex- 
ican war — received Sept. 47 : dis- 
banded July 48. 

Lieut. Colonel Comdg. 
Dickinson Woodruff. 

Fst It Warren L. Young. 
David McDowell, comd. Battalion July 
David Piersou. [48. 

Isaac W. Mickle (Sec It and Actg com- 

mis. and q.m. to Nov. 47). 
James Reynolds. 

First Ljieutenants. 
Francis Harrison, Capt during the sus- 
pension of Reynolds. 
(Warren L. Young, Adjutant). 
John Van Houten. 
(John H. Stiles — resigned). 

Second Lieutenants. 
(Andrew M. Law — died at Vera Cruz 

Dec. 47). 
Ezra Ferris, comd. co D. 
Joseph A. Logan. 
Alexander McKinley. 
Elias Charles Abrams. 
David D. Nichols. 
Frederick W. Burnett. 
Henry B. Hays. 
Anthony H. Reynolds. 

1st Regiment of New York Volun- 
teers, for service in California and 
during the war with Mexico — re- 
ceived 1 Aug. 46 : disband. Aug. 
Sept and Oct. 48. 

Jonathan D. Stevenson. 

IJeut. Colonel. 
Henky S. Burton [Fst It 3. art.] 

James Allen Hakdie [Sec It 3. art.] 

(Fst It Henry C. Matsell, relinquished 

staff to comd. his co Mar. 47). 
Fst It John C. Bonnycastle, 22 Mar. 
47 ; appd. in 4. infy June 48. 

Seymoiir G. Steele. [art.] 

John E. Brackett [former Sec. It 2. 
Henry M. Naglee [former Sec. It 5. 
Francis J. Lippitt. [i^f-] 

Matthew R. Stevenson [Sec It 7. inf.] 
John B. Frisbie. 
William E. Shannon. 
Kimball H. Dimmick. 
Nelson Taylor. 

First Lieutenants. 
Henry C. Matsell (Adjutant), comd. 

CO B Mar. 47. [q.m. 

George F. Penrose, Actg. commis. and 
(John C. Bonnycastle, Adjutant). 
(William R. Tremells, Actg adjutant — 

died at sea, after rescuing a private 

from drown'g). 
Henry J. Carnes. 
Edward Gilbert, Actg. adjutant. 
George A. Pendleton. 
Henry Magee. 
George C. Hubbard. 
Edwards Williams. 
Thomas J. Roach. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Charles Benj. Young. 
(Charles C. Anderson— died at San 

Francisco 13 Sept. 47). 
Hiram W. Theall. 
William E. Cuttrell. 
John Huddard. 
Palmer B. Hewlett. 
Theron R. Perlee. 
William H. Weirick. 
George Francis Lemon, Post Adjutant. 
Edward Gould Buffum. 
George D. Brewerton, appd. in 1. infy 
J. McHenry Hollingsworth. [May 47. 
Joseph C. Morehead. 
Jeremiah Sherwood. 
William H. Smith. 
Thomas E. Ketcham. 
John S. Norris. 
Roderick M. Morrison. 
Charles G. Scott (Actg Dec. 47). 



2d Iteginieut of New York Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexico 
— received Nov. and Dec. 10 : dis- 
banded August 48. 
Ward B. Burnett [former Sec It 2. U. 
S. Art] — sev. wounded at Churu- 

Lieut. Colonels. 

(Charles Baxter — mortally loound. at 
Chapultepec. and died 17 Sept. 47). 

James 0. Burnham (Major to 18 Sept. 


Garret Dyckmau (Capt to 18 Sept. 47) 
— sev. wound, at Churubusco. 

{Fat It Robert A. Carter, promd. to 
Capt Nov. 47). 

Fst it James S. McCabe, Apr. 48— 
wound, at Churubusco. 

(James Barclay — loound. at De Belen 
gate, and died at San Angel 28 Jan. 
48). ■ [48. 

Jay P. Taylor, comdg. regiment Apr. 

(Charles H. Pearson — wound, at Cerro 
Gordo : mart, wound, at Chapultepec, 
and died 10 Oct. 47;. 

Samuel Snowdeu Gallagher. 

Daniel E. Hungerford — wound, at Cha- 
pultepec. [pultepec). 

(Abram Van O'Linda — killed at Cha- 

Morton Fairchild — wound, at Churu- 
busco. [June 47). 

(Gustave de Bongar — invalid — resigned 

Charles H. Innes (Fst It to Sept. 47). 
CO K — mound, at Churubusco, and 
wound, at De Belen gate. 

George B. Hall (Fst It to Oct. 47, and 
reg. q.m.)co A. [H : transf. to B. 

Alfred W. Taylor (Fst It to Oct. 47), co 

Robert A. Carter (Fst It and Adju- 
tant to Nov. 47), CO E. 

William Forry (Fst It to Nov. 47, and 
Adjutant) co B. [to Jan. 48), co H. 

Addison Farnsworth^ Sec It and Fst It Lieutenants. 

Charles H. Sherwood — icouTid. at Cha- 
pultepec. [May 47). 

(Augustus Jacobus — died at Jalapa 1 

(^Charles F. Gallagher, .\djutant Dec. 
46 ; died at Miscoac 10 Sept. 47). 

Israel Miller. 

Merriott N. Croft. 

(James S. McCabe — wound, at Churu- 
busco ; Adjutant 48). 

Mayne Reid — sev. wound, at Chapulte- 

Fi'ancis E. Pinto, comd co D. [pec. 

Francis G. Boyle, comd. co C. Dec. 47. 

James Ward Henry, comd. co E. 

Jacob Griffin, jr. — wound, at Churu- 

David Scannell, comd. co C. Apr. 47. 

Robert M. Floyd. 

Second Lieutenants. 

Charles B. Brower, comd. co F. Dec. 
47 ; appd. in 3. infy Dec. 47. 

(Jnmes W. Green, reg. Q.m. ; wound. 
nt Chapultepec ; resigned Feb. 48). 

Thomas W. Sweeny — sev. wound, at 
Churubusco ; appd. in 2. infy Mar. 48. 

James D. Potter — sev. wound, at Chu- 

(Edgar Chandler — mort. wound, at 
Churubusco, and died 21 Aug. 47). 
! John Rafferty, comd. co K. 

Henry Gaines, comd. co A. Feb. 48. 

Morritz Von Malachowski — wound, at 
I Churubusco. [rubiisco. 

I Charles S.Cooper — sev. wound, at Chu- 
[ David M. Doremus, comd. co E. Jan. 48. 

Hipolj'te Dardonville — wound, at Chu- 

Michael A. Curran. [rubusco. 

I John Wilson — wound, at Churubusco. 
j Alexander H. Barber. 

James Wiley. 

John Cooke. 
■ Edward Cooke. 
I Philip Vau Vechten. 
i Henry Dusenbury. 
i Carl Beecher — .sev. wound, at Churi;- 
i Edward B. Carrell. [busco. 

(Francis Durning, resigned Oct. 47). 
I (John Hill, resigned Feb. 48). 

Regiment of North Carolina Vols., 
for during the war with Mexico — 
received Jan. and Feb. 47 ; dis- 
banded Aug. 48. 

Robert T. Paine. 

TJeut. Colonel. 
John A. Fagg. 

Montfort S. Stokes. 


{Sec It Oel Alfred Buck — prom, to Capt 

CO A). 
Sec It Junius B. Whitaker, Aug. 47. 

(Luis D.Wilson — appd. Colonel 12. infy 
William S. Dnggau. [Apr. 47). 

(Martin Shive — died at Buena Vista Ifi 
George Williamson, jr. [Aug. 47). 

Patrick M. Henry. 



William E. Kirkpatiick. 
Samuel P. Tipton. 
(William J. Price — resigned Jan. 48). 
(Henry Roberts — invalid, resd. Oct. 47). 
(Tilmoti Blalock— resd. Oct. 47). 
Spyers Singleton (Sec It to Oct. 47), 
Jacob H. Constable, co D. [co B. 

Oel Alfred Buck. 

First Lieutenants. 
David S. Johnston, Actg adjutant. 
(Peter Scales — died Mar. 47). 
George E. B. Singeltary, Actg Batt ad- 
Thomas W. Dunham. [jutant. 
Jephthy M. Israel. 
(Josiah S. Pender — resd). 
(Sheppard K. Nash, comd. co D. — 
William McKeral. [resd. May 48). 
Henry A. Area. 
Edward Yarbrough. 
Joseph Masten. 

Second Lieutenantn. 
Robert M. Wiley. 

(John B. Beatty — died at Saltillo 14 
John Goodson. [Sept. 47). 

Nelson Slough. 
Stephen Nichols. 
James T. Mitchell. 
Charles B. Ogburn. 
James W. Tatham. 
Nixon White. 

(Junius B. Whitaker, Adjutant). 
Duncan H. Black, Actg adjutant. 
Robert S. Pitt. 
James Jones. 
James K. Johnson. 
Jacob R. Daniel. 
Robert F. Webb. 
Seth W. Hyatt. 
Joshua Bullock. 
James A. Blackwelder. 
Peter A. Stubblefield. 
(William H. Moye — resd. May 48). 
(Zadock L. Thompson, comd. his co — 

invalid, resd). 
(E. W. Hancock — elected Est It and 

resd). [Aug. 47). 

(William H. Hartman — invalid, resd. 
(Benjamin Statou — resd. Feb. 48). 

1st Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, for 
12 months — received June 46 ; dis- 
charged June 47. 


Alexandeb M. Mitchell [former Sec 
It 4. U. S. inf I — wound, at Monterey. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
John B. Weller. 

(Thomas L. Hamer — appd. Bi'ig. Gen- 
eral 1 July 46). 
Luther Giddings, 7 Aug. 46. 

(Sec It James Findlay Harrison, relinq. 

Staff Aug. 46), after Actg Adjt. 
(Sec It Andrew Washington Armstrong 

— sev. wound, at Monterey ; relinq. 

Staff Oct. 46). 
(Sec It Jonathan Richmond — resigned 

30 Nov. 46). 
(Sec It Carr B. White — promoted to 

Capt Feb. 47). 

John B. Armstrong, Actg Field Officer. 
Edward Hamilton. 
Philipp Miiller. 
Edwin D. Bradley 

James George — ivound. at Monterey. 
(S. VV. Johnson, Aid-de-C. to B. Gen. 

Hamer ; resigned Feb. 47). 
David D. Stroug (Est It to Aug. 46), co 
Lewis Harmell. [B. 

Ferdinand Vandeveer (Serg and Est It 

to Oct. 46), CO I. 
Carr B. White (Sec It and Adjutant to 

Feb. 47), CO G. [co A. 

William Kenneally (Sec It to Feb. 47), 

First Lieutenants. 
Lewis Motter — wound, at Monterey 

Actg adjt Apr. 47. 
Nathaniel Hodges Niles — sev. wound. 
James P. Fyffe. [at Monterey. 

(Matthew B-ett— killed at Monterey 21 

Sept. 46). 
(John G. Hughes — resigned Nov. 46). 
(William Egry — resigned Oct. 46). 
(Isaac Hosear, comd. co K.: resigned 
John Becker. [Oct. 46). 

John P. Klein. 
William Maloney. 
Arthur J. Oakman. 
James Moore. 
John K. Kidd. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Andrew Washington Armstrong (late 

Adjutant) — sev. wound, at Monterey. 
Michael K. Shearer. 
Christopher Knecht. 
Alexander McCarter. 
Charles P. Cooke. 
Valentine Kneller. 
James Findlay Harrison (late Adjt), 

Ast Qrmaster and Actg Adjt. 
Charles A. Vischer. 
Andrew Brackenbridge Colville — 

wound, at Monterey. 
Cyrus T. Smeed. 



William Wilson. 
Nathan Allen. 
W. B. Howard. 
V.iii^\ Kohlreiser. 
John F. Longley. 
Charles Boyle. 
C. D. Kendall. 
Cassander Hall. 
Thomas O'Beirne. 
B. F. W. Lindsey. 

2d Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, for 
12 mouths — i-eceived June and July 
46 ; discharged June 47. 

George W. Morgan. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
William Ikvin [former Sec It 4. U. S. 

William Wall. 

Fst It Thomas Worthington — resigned 
his CO to be Adjt, and again relinq. 
to command his co. 
Sec It Charles Oliver Joline, Aug. 46. 

Hobby Reynolds. 

(David Iv'ick — died at Puntiaguda 4 
John T. Mickum. [Dec. 46). 

Richard Staddeu. 
William A. Latham (Rifle co D). 
EvaQ Julian. 

(Simon B. Kiuton— retired Dec. 46). 
(Robert G. McLean — retired Feb. 47). 
Simeon W. Tucker. [co D. 

Abraham Seifert (Sec It to Dec. 46), 
William H. Link (Rifle co, Sec It to 

Feb. 47), CO I. [co C. 

Jackson Cauipo (Sec It to Feb. 47), 
James E. Harle (Sec It to Feb. 47), 

CO E. 

First Lieutenants. 
Thomas Worthington (late Adjutant). 
George F. McGinnis. 
(Charles D. Miller — killed near Chi- 
Michael Earhart. [charroues). 

Murrin E. Cully. 
James A. Markland. 
Samuel D. Stuart. 
Peter Brown. 
Hiram E. Ring. 
Jonathan F. Neereamer. 

Second Lieutenants. 

(Charles Oliver Joline, Adjutant). 
Thomas P. Morton. 
John R. Blaekstone. 
Edwin R. Hill. 

Jackson Spencer. 

(John Arnold — drowned at Reinoso, 7 

Isaac S. Armstrong. [Nov. 46). 

Reuben Roessler, Actg Adjt. 

Leroy B. Rilev. 

Elliott D. Wall. 

John W. Cowue. 

Elijah Warner. 
I Charles Kemp. 
' Eli A. McFadden. 

James H. Smith. 

Preslej' Woodard. 

William H. Sanford. 

Joseph E. Smith. 

A. D. Rightmiro. 

3d Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, for 
12 mouths — received June 46 ; dis- 
charged June 47. 


Samuel R. Curtis [former Sec It 7. 

U. S. inf and Adj. Gen. of Ohio]. 

Lieut. Colonel. 

George W. McCook. 

John S. Love. 

Fst It Oliver C. Gray. 

William McLaughlin. 
Thomas H. Ford. 
Asbury F. Noles. 
John Patterson. 
David Moore. 
James Allen. 
John Kell, Jr. 
James F. Chapman. 
James M. Love (Fst It to Oct. 46), coB. 
William W. Robinson (Fst It to Oct. 
47), CO G. 

F^irst Lieutenants. 
James Cautwell. 
Charles Boyle. 
Peter Burket. 

(Oliver C. Gray, Adjutant). 
John H. Fleuner. 
Samuel Beatty. 
Andrew Grubb. 
Samuel B. Crowley. 
Edward T. Croxford. 
Edward Steinman. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Joseph D. Workman. 
William Smith. 
James McMillen. 
(Owen Francis— died 19 Oct. 46). 
Isaac Delong. 
Arthur Higgios. 



Jacob G. Frick. 

Baldwin J. Crosswait. 

Smith D. Baldwin. 

William D. Tidball, Post Adjutant at 

llobert F. Riddle. [Matamoras. 

Richard D. Emerson. 

Joseph W. Filler. 

William Porter. 

Horace L. Brown. 

Emanuel T. Hooker. 

Henry Miller, Jr. 

Josiah C. Cable. 

Rolla Banks. 

Benjamin R. Pratt. 

Charles Tupper. 

4th Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, 1st 
for during the War with Mexico — 
received May and June 47 ; dis- 
banded July 48. 


Charles H. Brough. 

Lieut. Colonels. 

(Melchier Werner, resigned 10 Sept. 

Augustus Moor (Capt to 10 Sept. 47). 

William P. Young. 


( Fst It Herman Kessler — prom, to Capt 
Sept. 47). 

Sec It Warner Spencer 11 Sept. 47. 

(Augustus Moor — proiu. to Lieut. 

George Weaver. [colonel). 

Mitchell C. Lilly. [31 Aug.47). 

(Teisher L. Hart — died at Matamoras 

(George Ellis Pugh, Vol. Aid to B. Gen. 
Lane — resigned Mar. 48). 

Henry Robinson. 

George A. Richmond. 

Otto Zirckel. 

John Fries. 

(Herman Kessler, late Adjutant — 
killed in affair vnih. Guerilleros 27 
Feb. 48). 

James Irvine (Sec It to Sept. 47), co G. 

Louis St. Gelen (Sec It and Fst It to 
Mar. 48), co A. 

Charles Creswell (priv. to Apr.), 48 coF. 
First Lieutenants. 

Josiah Meigs Robiuson. 

(George Cullman — died at Matamoras, 
17 Sept. 47). 

Simpson P. Moses, reg. Qrmr. 

John C. Groom. 

Samuel Douglass, Aid de C. to B. Gen. 

Isaac Knapp. [Lane Dec. 47. 

Elias B. Sayre. 
Henry Toepfer. 
Joseph A. Smith. 
Edward Roessler. 
Martin Oestmann. 

Second LJeutenants. 
(Warner Spencer, Adjutant). 
Charles Henn. 
Frederick Schmidt. 
Obadiah Holmes. 
Robert H. Thompson. 
William Graebe. 
George M. Tillotson. 
Daniel B. Robinson, Actg adjt. May 48. 
Henry Wilz. 
George W. Bard. 
Abel Moore. 
Lafayette Mosher. 
Lewis Leppelman. 
Lothar Eisen. 
Petar de Ankney. 
Herman Wm. Jaeger. 
John N. Dyer. 
John Adams. 
John G. Marshall. 
John Farrell. 

Regiment of Ohio Volunteers : 2d, 
for during the war with Mexico — 
received 1st Sept. 47 ; disbanded 
July 48. 


William Ibvin (late Lieut, colonel of 
Morgan's reg.) 

Lieut. Colonel. 

William A. Latham (late Capt Rifles in 
Morgan's reg.) 


William H. Link (late Capt Rifles in 
Morgan's reg.) 


(Fst It Simeon W. Tucker — remanded 
to his CO May 48). 

Sec It Alva Perry, 27 May 48. 

(Nathaniel Hodges Niles, late Fst It in 
Mitchell's reg. : died at Jalapa 21 
May 48). Lgan's reg.) 

Richard Stadden (late Capt in Mor- 

George F. McGinnis (late Fst It in 
Morgan's reg.) [reg.) 

James E. Harle (late Capt in Morgan's 

John G. Hughes (late Fst It in Mitch- 
ell's reg.) 

James A. Markland (late Fst It in Mor- 

John W. Lowe. [gan's reg.) 

William T. Ferguson. 

Joseph W. Filler (late Sec It in Curtis's 



(Joseph E. Smith, late Sec It iu Mor- 
gan's reg. — Fat It to Sept. 47 ; re- 
signed Apr. 48). [May 48). 
Ezra Vanmeter (Sec It and Fst It to 
Abram Andrews (Fst It to June 48). 

First Lieutenants. 
Weirick F. Pentz. [leg.) 

Leroy B. Riley (late Sec It in Morgan's 
Thomas O'Beirne (late Sec It in Mitch- 
ell's reg. ) [gan's reg.) 
Jackson Spencer (late Sec It in Mor- 
Simeon W. Tucker (late Capt in Mor- 
gan's reg.), late Adjutant. 
James P. Fyffe (late Fst It in Mitchell's 
Robert B. Mitchell. [reg.) 
William P. Rice. 
George Wash. Growl. 
Abram B. Moses. 

Second Lieutenants. 
John W. Edgar. 
Nathaniel M. Parker. 
(Alvah Perry, Adjutant). 
John McDonald. 

(Mark L. Olds — appd. Sec It in 15 inf 
Stiles L. Thrift. [June 48). 

Hugh W. Morehead, Adjt. of Batt. 
William I. Hogan. 
Thomas Ross, Actg adjt. 
Milton Jamieson, co C. [printed his 

journal and notes]. 
Benjamin F. Moyer. 
John W. Marriott. 
Jabez J. Antrim. 
William C. Jacobs. 
Alexander J. Bentley. 
Charles Kemp. 
William Howard. 
Perry Steinman. 
Amariah F. Cushman. 
James Grifl&n. 

Independent Companies of Ohio Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with 
[1st]. Company of Mounted men — re- 
ceived 1 June 47 ; disbanded 2 Aug. 

John R. Duncan. 

First Lieutencnit. 
David A. B. Moore. 

Second IJeutenants. 
William P. Morrison. 
Benjamin R. Wilson. 

[2d]. Company of Foot — received .'> 
Oct. 47; disbanded 2r\ July 48; 
served with Irvin's reg. 

(William Keimeally — died, reported 

suicide, at Rio Frio 21 Dee. 47). 
William H. Lytle. 

First Jjie^itenant. 
Denis Gorman. 

Second Tjieiitenants. 
(William O'Sullivan — resigned March 
Robert B. Pope. [48). 

Benjamin Briceland. 

[;^d]. Comi^any of Foot — received 26 
October 47 ; disbanded 17 July 48. 
Robert F. Riddle. 

First IMutenant. 
Simon B. Kenton (late Capt in Mor- 
gan's reg). 

Second Lieutenants. 
William B. Bowlaud. 
James W. Chandler. 

Ist Regiment of Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with Mex- 
ico — received December 46; dis- 
banded July and August 48. 

Francis M. Wynkoop. 

TJeut. Colonel. 

Samuel W. Black. 


Francis L. Bowman. 


Fst It Alexander Brown — (died on his 
return at New Orleans). 

Robert K. Scott. 

James Nagle. 

William F. Small. 

Frederick Wm. Binder. 

John Herron. 

(Alexander Hay — resigned from disa- 

John Bennett. [bility, Mar. 47). 

Turner G. Morehead. 

Edmund L. Dana. 

(Joseph Hill-resigned from disability). 

James O'Hara Denny (Fst It to Mar. 
47), CO A. [48). 

William A. Charlton (Sec It to May 
First Lieutenants. 

Atpiila Haines. 

John Frederick Ballier. 

Sullivan D. Breece, comd. co H. 

( Augustus Larrantree — died at sea 7 
Mar. 47). 



(Montgomery P. Young — died at Puebla 
Simon S. Nagle. [5 Oct. 47). 

(William Trovillo — resigned from disa- 
(Alexauder Brown, Adjutant), [bilityj. 
Joseph W. Miner. 
William H. Gray. 
William J. Ankrim. 
William A. M. Briggs. 
Abijah Ferguson. 

Second Lieutenants. 

William Bryan. 

Franklin B. Kaercber. 

William Clinton, Actg adjiitant. 

Edward C. Jje^^is^icound. at Puebla. 

James A. Deany, appd. Sec It in 8. infy 

Mar. 48 ; died 24 Dec. 48. 
Henry Hunterson. [ability). 

(Caspar W. Berry — resigned from dis- 
(Frederick Seidenstricker — resigned 

from disability). 
(Norvin H. Goff— stabbed at Perote 10 

Apr. 48, and died 13th). 
George Moore, comd. co D. 
Jacob Waelder, Actg assist, adjutant 

gen. to Colo Cbilds at Puebla ; and 

after to the brig. comd. by Colo 

Isaac Chaimcey Brown. 
Adam Bliicher. 
Edward Carroll. 
Edward Rehr. 
Joseph M. Hall. 
John Eibault. 
Louis Voltaire. 
Robert Woods, regl. Q.m. 
William F. Mann. 

2d Regiment of Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, for during the war with Mex- 
ico — 12 companies; received Janu- 
uary 47 ; disbanded July 48. 

(William B. Roberts — died in City of 
Mexico 3 Oct. 47). 

John W. Geary (Lt colonel to 3 Nov. 
47) — wound, at Chapultepec. 
Lieut. Colonel. 

William Brindle (Major to Nov. 47). 

(Benjamin F. Button — reduced April 

Sec It Isaac W. Waterbury. [48). 


Thomas S. Loeser. 

(John S. Wilson — died at sea 12 Apr. 

John W. Johnston. [47). 

Charles Naylor. [pultepec. 

Edward C. Williams — wound, at Cha- 

James Miller — severely wounded at 

(James Caldwell — severely roound. at 

De Belen Gate ; died 19 Sept. 47). 
John Humphreys. 
(Samuel M. Taylor — died in City of 

Mexico 6 Dec. 47). ity). 

(James Murray — resigned from disabil- 
Clarence H. Frick (Fst It to Nov. 47), 

CO. C. 
Alexander McKamey (Fst It to Nov. 

47), CO M. [co L. 

Lewis W. Smith (Fst It to Dec. 47), 
Charles H. Heyer (Fst It to Feb. 48), 


Fi7-st Lieutenants. 
Hiram Wolf. 

(William Wiinder — died at Miscoac 14 
James Armstrong. [Sept. 47). 

William Rankin. 
Peter H. Mc Williams. 
(Samuel Black — resigned Jan. 48). 
(John Sturgeon — died at Puebla 17 July 
H. R. Hambright, comd. co H. [47). 
Edward E. Le Clfere, reg'l Qrmr. 
John A. Doyle. 
Charles McDermitt. 
William Williams. 

Second Lieutenants. 
David J. linger, comd. co F. 
James Kane. 
Charles Bower. 
(Jacob F. Sperry — resigned, and after 

lanced to death by Guerilleros 26 
Richard McMichael. Aug. 47). 

John G. Given, Actg commis. subsis. 
Ashton S. Tourison — severely wounded 

at De Belen gate. 
(Isaac S. Waterbury, Adjutant). 
James Coulter. 

John Keefe — severely wounded at Cha- 
William P. Skelly. [pultepec. 

(James McKeen, jr. — died&i Puebla 25 

Sept. 47). 
(Stewart Speers-accidentally wounded 

and resigned Apr. 47). 
Robert Klotz. 

Christian W. Leib — wounded at Cha- 
Edmund Kine. [pultepec. 

Peter S. Reed. 
Joseph L. Madson. 
Bivan R. Davis. 
Richard Erwin. 

(D. H. Hoffins— resigned Nov. 47). 
(Washington Murray — resigned May 


Regiment of South Carolina Vols. 
"Palmetto regiment" for during the 
war Mexico — received December 46 : 
disbanded June and July 48. 



(Pierce M. Butler — twice ironnded, nud 
billed lit Chunibusco). 

Lieut. Colonels. 
(James P. Dickenson — 7nort. wou7ided 

at Chunibusco). 
Adley H. Gladden (Major to 11 Sept. 

47) — wounded at De Belen gate. 

Robert G. M. Dunovant (Caut to 11 
Sept. 47). 

Sec It James Cantey — severely womided 
at Ghurubusco). 


Francis Sumter. 

Keith S. Moffat — wounded at Churu- 

William Blanding. [busco. 

William D. Desaussure — i^iicewounded 

J. Foster Marshall. [at Ghurubusco. 

Nathaniel Jefferson Walker. 

(Leroy Secrest — co. transf . and retired 

James H. Williams. [Apr. 47). 

Preston S. Brooks — abst. recruiting. 

Joseph Kennedy — abst. recruiting. 

William B. Lilley (Sec It to t-'ept 47), 
CO. B. 

First Lieutenants. 

John T. Walker, reg. Nov. 47. 

(John B. Moragne — killed at De Belen 
gate 13 Sept. 47). 

Arthur M. Manigault. 

(James R. Clark — mort. wormded at 
Ghurubusco, and died 30 Aug. 47). 

William B. Stanley. [June 48. 

Augustus B. O'Bannon, comd. his co 

Charles Perkins Pope — wounded by 
accident 20 Aug. 47. 

Cyrus S. Mellett. 

Frederick W. Selleck (in Gen. Quit- 
man's staff ) — wounded at De Belen 

James N. Shedd, comd. co G. Nov. 47. 

Kennedy G. Billings — severely wound- 
ed at Ghurubusco. 

Second Lieutenants. 

(James Cantey, Adjutant). 

Michael K. Clark, Actg adjutant : sev. 
wounded at Chapultepec. 

Lewis F. Robertson. 

Charles S. Kirkland. 

(Abner 11. Dimham — died at Jalapa 10 

Benjamin D. Culp. [June 47). 

(James W. Cantey, Jr. — mort. ironnd- 
ed at De Belen gate, and died 13 
Sept. 47). [busco. 

Joseph Abney — sev. wounded &t Churu- 

(David Adams — killed at Churubusco). 

Ralph l?ell. Adjutant May 48. 

Thomas N. Moye — irounded at De Be- 
len gate. 

(Wilson R. Williams, conidg. co K. Dec. 
47 ; killed at Churubusco). 

Sebastian Sumter — wounded at Churu- 

(James W. Stein — wounded at Chur x- 
busco ; mort. wounded at De Belen 
gate and died 10 Oct. 47). 

(John W. Stewart— r?<V(^ at Rio Frio 5 
Nov. 47). 

(Elijah F. Williams— rf/Vrf at Puebla 22 

Samuel F. Row. [Sept. 47). 

Jonathan R. Davis — wounded at Churu- 

Lafayette Wever. [busco. 

James J. Thurston. 

David L. Donald, comd. co. E. Dec. 47. 

George W. Qwriis—wiounded at Churu- 

James A. Norwood. [busco. 

Stephen M. Boykin. 

Joseph C. Culbreath. 

John C. C. Higgins. 

Finley McCaskill. 

(Thomas M. Baker — invalid, read.) 

Regiment of Tennessee Mounted 
Volunteers, for 12 months — received 
June 46 ; disbanded May 47. 
Jonas E. Thomas. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Robert D. Allison. 

Richard Waterhouse. 

(Nimrod R. Porter — died at Plan del 
Rio 21 Apr. 47). [Apr. 47). 

Thomas S. Stratton (Serg major till 

Milton A. Haynes [former Sec It 3 U. 
L. D. Newman. [S. art.] 

James W. Gillaspie. 
John F. Goodner. 
A. G. Cooper. 
John W. Marshall. 
William R. Caswell. 
John L. T. Sneed. 

(N. A. Evans — invalid, resd. 8 Mar. 47). 
(James Lenow — resigned Dec. 46). 

First Lieutenants. 
William A. Lacy, comdg co A. 
P. A. Kirk. 
E. S. Smith. 
William H. McCabe. 
J. H. Sawyers. 
James L. Peiin. 
William L. Adams. 



John S. lleece. 
Samnel W. Bell. 

Second LieutemmU. 
Matthew Woodson. 
John G. Nixon. 
William P. Chambliss. 
John E. Dance. 
Robert M. Anderson. 
Hercules Whaley. 
William J. Johnson. 

B. Donnelly. 
Andrew Jackson Brock. 
Calvin Gossett. 

Jonas Seaman. 
Jesse Leftwich. 
William Brownlow. 
Thomas P. Allen. 
G. Roberdeau Wheat. 

C. C. Smith. 
Nelson H. Chase. 
W. J. Wright. 

VV. G. McKnight. 
James Anderson. 

1st Regiment of Tennessee Volun- 
teers, for 12 months— 12 companies ; 
received May and June 46 ; dis- 
charged May 47. 


William B. Campbell (former Capt in 

Trousdale's reg. in Flo war). 

Lieut. Colonel. 

(Samuel R. Anderson — resigned 29 Apr 



Richard B. Alexander — wound, at 

Monterey comd. reg. 
Robert Farquharson — toound. at Cerro 


Fst It Adolphus Heiman — tcoun^d at 

Cerro Gordo. 

Benjamin F. Cheatham. 
John Whitfield. 
Robert C. Foster. 
L. P. Murry. 

William B. Walton. [Monterey. 

(William B. KWen— killed 21 Sept. 40 at 
Harris Mauldin — wounded at Cerro 
Edmund Frierson. [Gordo. 

Adrian Northcut. 

(Robert A. Bennett — resigned Apr. 47). 
William M. Blackmore. . 

First Lieutenants. 
William R. Bradfute. 
(Adolphus Heiman, Adjutant). 
George H. Nixon, corad. co M. 

James L. Scudder— severely wounded at 

Wilson P. Davis, comd co B. [Monterey 

Nimrod D. Smith. 

(Samuel High — resigned Apr. 47). 

Patrick Duffy. 

(James D. Easley — resd. Get. 47). 

(William C. Bradley — resd. Apr 47). 

Second Lieutenants. 
James W. McClanahan. 
Wade H. McCrory. 
George W. Biichanan. 
John B. Tacker. 
Perrin L. Solomon. 
(Silas M. Hutnam— A;?7ferf 21 Sept. 46 at 
King Kearley. [Monterey). 

Joseph C. Allen. Assist. Commis — 

wounded (lost a leg) at Monterey. 
James M. McMurry. 
George S. Dixon — wounded at Monte- 
John Dies. frsy- 
James E. Fowler. 

George W. Helm, comdgco M Apr. 47. 
William Phillips. 

(Lewis P. Totty — resigned Apr. 47). 
(Colman A. M. Daniel — resd. Apr. 47). 

2d Regiment of Tennessee Volun- 
teers, for 12 months — 8 companies ; 
received June 46 ; discharged May 



William T. Haskell. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
David H. Cummings — wounded at Cerro 

A djuta?it. 
Fst It Wiley Pope Hale— mortally 
wounded at Cerro Gordo ; died 26 Apr. 


Henry F. Murray — severely wounded 

at Cerro Gordo. 
George W. McCown. 
(J. L. Kirkpatrick — died 19 Mar. 47 in 
Timothy P. Jones, [camp at Vera Cruz). 
William J. Standefer. 
John D. Lowrey. 
(Morgan P. Cook — resd. Jan. 47). 

First Lieutenants. 
(Frederick B. Nelson Jr. — killed 18 Apr 

47 at Cerro Gordo). 
William B. Davis, comd. co E. 
(Wiley Pope Hale, Adjutant) — killed at 

Cerro Gordo). 
(William Yearwood — mortally wounded 

at Cerro Gordo ; died 24 Apr. 47). 
James C. Miller. 
Joseph P. Bailey. 
i William G. McAdoo, comd. co C. 



Isaac R. Hawkins. 
G. W. Bowns. 

Second Lieiitenantx. 
Joshua llicbaiilson. 
Edward M. Audersou, Aid to the Comdr 
of Brigade at Cerro Gordo, and 
Edwiu J. Wiatt. [conid. co D. 

Richard J. Hays. 
Andrew J. Ellis. 
George H. H. Dill. 

(Charles G. Gill — killed at Cerro 
James W. Chambers. [Gordo). 

Gabriel J. Slaughter. 
Alexander P. Greene. [mis. ) 

(Lawsoii Guthrie —iippd Assist, com- 
James Forrest — tnoundfd at Cerro 
William S. Coward. [Gordo. 

John K. Bell. 

(Napoleon B. Burrow — resd. Dec. 46). 
(Eugene Sullivan — resd. Dec. 46). 

3d Regiment of Tennessee Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexi- 
co — received Oct. 47 : disbanded July 


Benjamin F. Cheatham (late Capt. in 
Campbell's reg.) 

Lieut. Colonel. 

John W. Whitfield (late Capt. in Camp- 
bell's reg. ) 


Perrin L. Solomon (late Sec It in 
Campbell's reg. ) 

Adjiitant. It George W. Wilson. 

Jesse Leftwich (late Sec It in Thomas' 

William P. Chambliss (late Sec It in 
Thomas' reg.) 

Daniel Trigg. 

(George T Colyar — died 8 Jan 48 in 

Abram M. Savage. [Mexico city). 

Bartholomew Donnelly. 

William R. Bradfute (late Fst It in 

William S. Hatton. [Campbell's reg. ) 

Sherrod Williams (Fst It to Jan 48) co E 

Edward A Fowlkes (Fst It to Mar 48), 
CO K. fco B. 

William M. Clark (Sec It to Mar. 48); 
First Lieutenants. 

Lucius D. Isom. 

(John 0. Brixey — diedin Mexico city 7 

Alfred M. Flem'ing. [Feb. 48). 

(George W. Wilson, Adjutant). 

Reuben Simjison. 

Burwell E. Snead. 

Thomas H. Waterson. 

William B. Bate. 
Jackson C. McElroy. 
John P. Dixon. 
William C. Bobo. 

Second Lieutenants. 
George C. Gordon. 
James L. Jones. 
Frank N. McNairy. 
William M. Bailey. 
Robert W. Beaty. 
Simon H. Hilb. 
William W. Estill. 
Robert L. Weakly, reg. Qrmr. 
John L. Temple. 
Robert M. White. 
Thomas M. Gordon. 
Lipscomb Norvell Walker. 
John W. Kennedy. 
George Harsh. 
James W. Doak. 
George W. Faris. 
Samuel M. Thompson. 

4th Regiment of Tennessee Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexico 
— 9 companies ; received Nov. 47 ; 
disbanded August 48. 

Richard Waterhouse (late Major in 
Thomas' reg. Cav.) 

Lieut. Colonel. 

James D. Swan 


McDonough J. Bunch. 

(Fst It Hugh Reed— resigned 1 Feb 48). 

Fst It Bowling W. Starke. 

Lawson Guthrie (late Sec It in Haskell's 

James MoAllsteu [late Fst It 1. U. S. 

James Freeman. [}^-l 

John Scanland. 

Jordan T. Council. 

John D. Goodall. 

Henry Travis. 

Wm. Jefferson Rogers. 

James H. Evans. 

Fii'st Lieutenants. 

Tazewell W. Newman. 

Robert K. Byrd. 

(Bowling W. Starke, Adjutant). 

John McAUeu. 

Benjamin O' Haver. 

Henry D. Flippeu. 

Andrew Porter. 

James Millikan. 

Thomas Epperson. 



Second Lieutenants. 
Joseph H. Crockett. 
Lewis M. Wester. 
Alexander Millikau. 
J. Daniel Dickinson. 
John W. Smart. 
Bolivar H. Cook. 
William G. Burford. 
Richard I. Grant. 
John McOarver. 
William A. Porter. 
Israel F. Huddleston, Assist, qm. 
John Cowart. Jr. 
Alexander S. Hare. 
James E.. Dobbs. 
Wade H. Narramore. 
Henry H. ilichardson. 

5th Regiment of Tennessee Volun- 
teers, for during the war with Mexico 
— 11 companies ; received Dec. 47 ; 
disbanded July 48. 
George R. McClellan. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
George W. Bounds. 

James Walker. 

(Fst It William C. Lillard—supersd. 
Fst It Samuel V. Fulkerson. [Feb. 48). 

Elisha Thomason. 
Harrison Dill. 
George W. McKenzie. 
John C. Vaughn. 
Julius C. Fagg. 
John I. Reese. 
John S. Shaver. 
Samuel Powel. 
William H. Patterson. 
John T. O'Brien. 
John H. Grant. 

First Lieutenants. 
(Samuel V. Fulkerson, Adjutant). 
(James N. Weir — died at Vera Cruz 28 
William King. | Jan. 48). 

(Willett W. Marshall— <iiVrf at Nash- 
Hendle W. Atkinson, [ville, May 48j. 
James H McKamy. 
Pleasant M. Senter. 
Jacob B. Collins, comdg co I. 
William C. Emmert. 
Henderson Hendley. 
William L. Lafferty. 
James W. McSpadden. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Pitser M. Lyons. 
Samuel R. Anderson. 
John Brown. 
Hanson R. McCartney. 
John A. Miller. 
James M. Kennedy. 
Francis M. Walker. 
William C. Shelton. 
Francis E. Watterson 
Joseph C. Weir. 
James J. Odell. 
Robert W. Young. 
Micajah D. Moreland. 
Procter P. Porter. 
James M. Gault. 
David B. Bramlett. 
James C. McCarty. 
Abraham T. Lacy. 
William K. Hale. 
Calvin Henegar. 
John Boyd. 
Samuel B. Adams. 

General Staif of Texas Volunteers — 
received July 46 ; discharged Oct. 46. 
Major General. 
Gov. James Pinkney Henderson. 

Dimsion Lnspector. 
Lieut. Colonel Mirabeau B. Lamar. 

Division Quartermaster. 
Major Henry L. Kinney. 

Aids de Camp — (rank of Major). 
Edward Burleson. 
Edward Clarke. 

1st regiment of Texas Mounted Rifle 

Volunteers — received Jiine and July, 

and discharged Sept. and Oct. 46. 


John C. Hays (late Major of a Batt in 

the service of Texas). 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Samuel H. Walker (late Capt Indep. co 
Texas Rangers 1 Apr. 46). 

Michael H. Chevallie. 

See It Charles A. Harper. 
Christopher B. Acklen. 
James Gillaspie. 
Claiborne C. Herbert. 



Frank S. Early. 
Thonins Greeu. 
Jerome B. McCown. 
(Robert A. Gillespie — killi'd at Monte- 
Henry E. McCullocb. [rey ). 
Samuel L. S. Ballowe. 
Joseph P. Wells. 

Firxt Lieutenants. 
William H. Sellers. 
Walter P. Lane. 
Henderson Yoakum. 
Alfred Evans. 
Gabriel M. Armstrong. 
Thomas Early. 
Sampson llcOown. 
George B. Thrahan. 
William A. A. Wallace 
William E. Reese — tominded at Monte- 
Canuah G. Colley. [rey. 

Second TAeutenants. 
(Daniel Grady — resigned Sept. 46). 
A. McNeill. 
George W. Rogers. 
James Coifee. 
John H. Day. 
Reding S. Pridgen. 
John Pag \ 
William B. P. Gaines. 
G. H. Nelson. 
John T. Story. 

(Fielding Alston — died Mar. 17). .. 
Christopher R. Perrj'. 

2d regiment of Texas Mounted Vol- 
\inteers — received June and July, and 
discharged Oct. 46. 

George T. Wood. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
John E. Myrick. 

William R. Scurry. 

Lieut. Thomas M. Likens. 

Otis M. Wheeler. 
Erviu M. Wilder. 
John L. Hall. 
Middleton T. Johnson. 
William F. Sparks. 
Alfred M. Truit. 
James M. W. Hall, co B. 
^Robert K. Goodloe. 
Etheldred J. Thompson (Fst It to Aug. 
James H. Lyons, co G. [46), co F. 

First TAeutenants. 
DeWitt Clinton Clark. 
Jeremiah M. Clough. 

Albert G. Harris. 
Leroy M. T. Pope. 
George English. 
Nathaniel G. Dial. 
T. L. Epperson. 
Samuel M. Hyde. 
Walter Woodyard. 
John M. Payne. 

Second Lieutenants. 
Bernard Reilly. 

Hugh Heusey (late Serg major in Hays' 
Ephraim M. Daggett. [1. reg.) 

Henry J. Sibley. 
William B. Young. 
Franklin F. Roberts. 
A. S. McGee. 
James K. Holland. 
James M. Barton. 
Adam J. Bennett. 

Regiment of Texas Rifle Volunteers — 
received May, June and July, and 
discharged August 46. 

Albert Sidney Johnston [former Ad- 
jutant 6. U. S. inf— and Adjutant 
gen. of TexasJ. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Ephraim McLean. 

James Mayo Wells [former Fst It 7. 
U. S. inf.] 

Fst It WilKam P. Ballinger. 

Charles A. Seefeld. 
Augustus Buchel. 
Volney Ostrander. 
Martin K. Snell. 
John McClarty. 
Joseph L. Bennett. 
James R. Arnold. 
James Chessher. 
Robert H. Howard. 
William R. Shivors. 

Regiment of Texas Mounted Volun- 
teers, for 6 months — 7 companies, 
for frontier defence : received July, 
and discharged Sept. 46. 
William C. Young. 

Lieut. Colonel. 
James Bonrland. 

Calvin C. Cooper — and comd. separate 



Lieut. Andrew N. Hopkins. 

Burrell P. Smith. 
James S. Gillet. 
Daniel Montague. 
Berkley M. Ballard. 
Lemviel D. Evans. 
Levi M. Rice. 
William B. Dagley. 

Battalion of Texas Mounted Volun- 
teers, of 4 companies — received Mar. 
47 : disbanded June 48. 
Majors comdg. 

(M. H. Chevallie. late Major Hays' 1. 
reg.; resigned 31 Aug. 47). 

Walter P. Lane (Captain to Oct. 47). 

Lieut.'W. S. Murtry. 


Eobert H. Taylor. 

George Wm. Adams. 

James B. Reed. 

George K. Lewis — wounded in Indn. 
fight 15 Dec. 47. 

First Lieutenants. 

(G. H. Nelson, late Sec It in Hays' reg.: 
resigned Oct. 47). 

James H. Weathersbee. 

A. M. Vanlendingham. 

Henry Earll. 

(Simeon D. Nunnellee— resigned Jan. 

Charles YV^. McAnnally. [48). 

Second Lieutenants. 

James W. Morrell. 

James D. Cochran. 

William Wynlock. 

James M. Hardaway — killed 29 July 47, 
in skirmish near Popagie. 

John A. Moncrief. 

Joseph B. Blackv/ell. 

William A. Francis. 

James Clarke — wounded 2 Nov. 47, near 
Agua Fria Mex. 

William C. Painter. 

Regiment of Texas Mounted A^'olun- 
teers, for 12 months and during the 
war — received April and May 47 : 
disbanded April and May 48. 

John C. Hays (Colo of 1. reg. Vols, and 
continued in Service). 
Lieut. Colonel. 

Peter Hansbrough Bell, comdg Battfor 
frontier defence. 

ft « 

Alfred M. Truit (Capt to Oct. 47). 

A djutant. 
Lieut John S. Ford. 

Samuel Highsmith. 

(James S. Gillet — promoted in Bell's 
Middleton T. Johnson. [i"eg)- 

Jacob Roberts. ~\ 

(Gabriel M. Armstrong, late Fst 

It in 1. reg.; relinquished co 

Oct. 47). 
(Isaac Ferguson— fZ^ef? at Mexico, 

1 Jan. 48). 
(Stephen Kinsey — resigned). 
(Chaucer Ashton-<f»ec? at Mexico, 

14 Dec. 47), late Truit's co. 
Preston Witt (Fst It to Oct. 47), V 

late Kinsey's co. 
Alfred Evans (Fst It to Oct. 47), 

late Armstrong's co. 
Alexander E. Handley (Sec It to 

Dec. 46 : — late Serg major of 

Hays' 1. reg). late Truit's co. 
Ephraim M. Daggett )F8t It to 

Jan. 48:— late Sec It in Wood's | "^ 

reg), late Fergusson's co. J 
Henry W. Baylor. 
Shapley P. Ross (for the war). 
Hammond Warfield (Fst It to Aug. 48), 

late Gillet's co. 

First Lieutenants. 
Thomas M. Likens (late Adjutant of 

Wood's reg). 
Daniel Grady (late Sec It in Hays' 1. 
Gideon Lee. [reg.) 

William E. Crooke. 
James C. Gaither. 
John D. English. 

Jeremiah S. Davis — twice wounded at 
Joseph M. Smith. [Se-qualtiplan 

William B. Knox. 
Francis M. Willingham. 

Second Lieutenants. 
(Benjamin P. Smith — (f ?"(?fZ in Mex. city 
Walker K. Baylor. [28 Jan. 48). 

(Charles Turner— resigned 25 Sept. 47). 
Harris Davis. 
Samuel Carter. 

Alexander Williams (in Bell's Batt 46). 
John S. Wills. 
John L. Terry. 
John C. Gooch. 

(John W. Mills— resd. 25 Sept. 47). 
William T. Armstrong. 
Joseph Pancoast. 
Thomas H. Tucker. 
John E. Linn. 
Christopher C. Dodson. 
Joseph Burns. 



Himly Jones. 

Isaac Auglin (late Sec It iu ludep. eo). 

Albeit G. Harris. 

Elisha B. English. 

Maurice Moore. 

Dread R. Hill. 

Regiment of Texas Mounted Volun- 
teers, for 6 months, for frontier 
defence — received 11 May, and dis- 
charged .') June 47. 

(JohuC. Hays — Coloof reg. in Mexico). 
Lieut. Colonel. 

Charles A. Harper (late Adjutant of 
Hays' 1. reg). 


William H. Bourland. 


Lieut. Hugh Hensey (late Sec It in 
Wood's reg.) 


Thomas J. Smith, Actg Major of sepa- 
rate Ratt (as below). 

Benjamin F. Hill. 

James Gillaspie (Capt iu Hays' 1. reg.) 

James S. Gillet. 

David Muckleroy. 

William G. Crump. 

Samuel W. Sims. 

John Long. 

James Smith. 

Thomas W. Clark. 

Battalion of the same, of 5 companies, 
for local defence— received April 4:7; 
discharged 5 June 47. 
Thomas J. Smith. 

James Pleasant Goodall. 
Henry E. M'Culloch. 
Shapley P. Ross. 
John H. Conner. 
John J. Urumble. 
E. S. Wyman. 

Regiment of Texas Mounted Volun- 
teers, for frontier defence — received 
Sept. and Oct. 47 : disbanded Sept. 


Peter Hausbrough Bell i Lt col. of 
Hays' 2. reg.) 

Lieiit. Colonel. 
MiddletonT. Johnson (Capt to July 48). 

James S. Gillet (Cupt to June 48). 

Fst It James M. W. Hall (late Capt in 

Wood's reg.) 

Mirabeuu B. Lamar (served also on 

local defence, Oct. 4G). 
John A. Veatch (late Fst It iu Lamar's 

Indep. CO.) 
John A. Conner (Served also on local 

defence, Sept. 4(5). 
William G. Crnmp. 
John S. Sutton. 
Henry E. M'Culloch (late Capt in 

Hays' 1. reg.) 
Shapley P. Ross (late Capt in Hays' 2. 

Samuel Highsmith (late Capt in Hays' 

2. reg.) 
Hammond Warfield (late Capt in Hays' 
William Fitzhugh. [2. reg.) 

Independent Companies of Texas 

[1.] Mounted Company ; received 2.5 
Sept. 4.5 ; discharged 25 June 46. 
John T. Price. 

First Lieutenants. 
A. W. Templeton. 
George W. Guthrie (Sec It to Mar 46). 

Second Lieutenant. 
Willard Post— March 46. 

[2.] Company of Rangers: received 
Sept. and 10 Dec. 45 and March 46, 
for two periods of 3 months each : 
discharged July 46. 

Peter Hansbrough Bell (had before 
served on frontier defence of Texas, 
under Major Hays from Sept. 45). 

First Lieutenaiil. 
Mabery B. Gray. \^ 

Second Lie^itenant. 
De Witt Clinton Lyons. 

[3.] Mounted Company : received 1 
Oct. 45 and Jan. 46: discharged 
Sept. 46. 



David C. Cady. 

First Lieutenants. 
Johu Brothers. 
Pleasant Green. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Johu Harrell. 

[4.] Mounted Company ; received May 
and August 46 ; discharged 18 Sept. 


Ben M'CuUoch. 

First IJeutenant. 
John McMullen. 

Second Lieutenant. 
James L. Allen. 

[5.] Mounted Company; received July 
46 ; discharged October 46. 

Eli Chandler. 

First Lieutenant. 
Thomas Bell. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Isaac Anglin. 

[6.] Mounted Company ; received July 
46 ; discharged July 47. 
Mabery B. Gray (late Fat It in Bell's co.) 

First Lieutenant. 
De Witt Clinton Lyons (late Sec It in 
[Bell's CO.) 

Second Lieutenant. 
John C. Castleman. 

[7.] Company of Foot Volunteers 
(first enrolled in Miss); received 
August 46 ; discharged Jan. 7, 47. 

"William E. Shivors (late Capt in John- 
ston's Rifle reg.) 

First Lieutenant. 
William H. Jacobs. 

Second Lieutenant. 
Henry H. Hall. 

[8.] Rifle Company — late Seef eld's of 
Johnston's reg.; received 1 Sept. 46 ; 
discharged 1 July 47. 


(P. Edward Connor (late Est It to Dec 
46) — wounded at Buena Vista and re- 
tired May 47). 

First Lieutenants. 

(David Campbell — killed at Buena 

(James Henderson, Sec It to 29 Mar. 
47 ; read. May 47). 

Nathaniel Niles (late Fst It in Bissell's 
111 reg. Vols.), comd. co 

Second Lieutenants. 

(John A. Leonhard [Sec It in John- 
ston's reg.] — killed at Buena Vista). 

James McDonough — resigned May 47. 

[9. J Company Volunteers (at Monte- 
rey); received 8 Oct. 46 ; discharged 

Oct. 47. 


Mirabeau B. Lamar (late Division In- 
spector to M. Gen. Henderson). 
First Lieutenant. 
John A. Veatch. 

Second Lieutenants. 
(Hamilton P. Bee — prom to First It in 
Wiley J. Peace. [Bell's reg.) 

P. C. Paul. 

[10. I Company Volunteers ; received 
Oct. 46 ; discharged Oct. 47. 
Shaply P. Ross. 

First Lieutenant. 
George W. Chapman. 

Secotid Lieutenants. 
William H. Moore and 
Ransom Moore. 

[11.] Mounted Company of Spies re- 
ceived 31 Jan. 47 ; discharged 31 

July 47. 


Ben McCulloch [Major in the Staff]. 

First Lieutenant. 
William H. Kelly. 

Second Lieutenant. 
(Fielding Msion— died Mar. 47). 
George H. Tobin (late Capt in John- 
son's rifle reg.) 

Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, 
for during the war with Mexico — 



14 compauies ; received Dec. 4G and 

Jan. 47 ; disbanded August 48. 
John Francis Hamtramck [former Sec 

It 3. art.] 

Lieut. Colonel. 
Thomas Beverly Randolph | formerly 

Capt 20. inf.] 

JuBAL A. Early [late Fst It 3. art.] 

(Fst It Thomas P. August, to July 47). 

James F. Preston, co of Grenadiers. 
Kenton Harper, co of Light infantry, 

Actg inspector gen. of Inf brigade. 
Fletcher H. Archer. 
Edward C. Carrington. 
Montgomery D. Corse. 
Smith P. Bankhead. 
Wm. Murray Eobinson, Actg Aid to 

Col Hamtramck comdg brigade. 
Ephraim G. Alburtis. 
John W. Rowan. 
John P. Young. 

(Henry Fairfax — f^f erf at Saltillo 16 
"William A. Talbot. [Aug. 47). 

(Robert G. Scott, jr — absent). 
(William B. Archer — absent). 
James Thrift (Fst It to Aug. 47), co L. 

Fii'st Lieutenants. 
Thomas P. August, Adjutant to July 47. 
Franklin Pegram. [July 48. 

George A. Porterfield, Adjutant to 
Thomas S. Garnett, Actg adjutant. 
Robert Henry Kinney. 
James L. Bryan. 
Fleming Gardner. 
Otho H. Harrison. 
John Avis. 
John K. Cooke. 
Lindsay M. Shumaker. 
William A. Scott. 
James H. Dulany. 
John H. Higdon. 

Second Lieutenants. 
David A. Weisiger, Adjutant July 48. 
Henry W. Williamson. 
James S. Douglass. 
Robert F. Coleman. 
Vincent Eply Geiger. 
Henry Stauger. 
Edward T. Blamire. 
Robert H. Keeling. 
Peter A. Peter.son. 
William J. Minor. 

(Washington S. Mahau — died (killed in 
duel) at China Mex. 1 June 47). 

William Henry Harman, Actg adjutant 

William J. McGowan. [of Batt. 

James M. Wade. 

Robert Pollock. 

William M. Levy. 

Benjamin W. Collier. 

(Carlton R. Munford — died (killed in 

duel) 23 May 47. 
James S. Kellara. 
William Gravatt. 
Charles Bodeker. 
ITpton H. Herbert. 
R. W. Fowlks. 
Lawrence Battaile. 
John W. Gallaher. 
Thomas H. Dunn. 
William H. Pleasants. 
Daniel Poisal. 
Thomas Moore. 
(Lawrence B. Washington — absent). 

Battalion of Sailors, from the fleet on 
the Pacific coast, organized by Com- 
modore Stockton, for the recapture 
of Los Angelos, California, Jan. 47. 
Stephen C. Rowan (Lieut. U. S. Navy). 

William Speiden (Purser). 

Assist. Commissary. 
George Minor (Lieut.) 

John Bidwell (Capt Calif. Vols.) 

Aids to the Comma. 
Andrew F. V. Gray (Lieut.) 
Miguel de Pedrorena (Capt Calif. Vols. ) 

Art. CO : Richard L. Tilghman (Lieut. ) 
A CO : John Guest (Actg master). 
B CO : William B. Renshaw (Lieut.) 
CO : Benjamin F. B. Hunter (Actg 

D CO : Edward Higgins (Actg lieiit.) 
E CO : J. Fenwick Stensou (Actg lieut.) 
F CO : James M. Duncan (Pd. midn. ) 
G CO: John Peed (Sailmaker), died 

since the war. 
Sappers and Miners : John Southwick 


William H. Thompson (Actg master), 

Art. CO. 
George E. Morgan (Midn), B co. 
John Van Ness Philip (Actg lieut.), D 


Theoderic Lee (Midn), A co. 



Albert Allmaud (Actg lieut.), D co. 
Benjamin F. C Wells Midn), A co. 
Edward C. Grafton (Actg lieut.), C co. 
Philemon Haywood (Midn), B Co. 
Robert C. Duvall (Midn), B co. 
Edmund Shepherd (Actg lieut.), E co. 
Joseph Parrish (Actg lieut.), F co. 

Battalion of " Sante Fe " Mounted Vol- 
ixnteers, for during the war with Mex- 
ico — 4 companies ; received July and 
August 47 ; disbanded 20 Oct. 48. 
Major Gomdg. 
Robert Walker (late Adjutant of Price's 
reg Mri. Vols. ) 

William B. Royall (Fst It in Price's reg.) 

' Captains. 

Francis Hassendeubel, Art. co, < 

John L. Hamilton. 
William H. Grove. 
William B. Armstrong. 

First Lieutenants. 
Charles G. Weber. 
Charles D. Gillespie, Assist, qm. 
J. W. Gibbons. 
Henry G. A. Casparis. 
John R. Norris. 

Second Lieutenants, 
Sigismond Homburg. 
Thomas H. Coats, Actg adjt. 
John A. Boarman. 
Lewis Hertzer. 
J. A. Hannah. 
Albert G. Blakey. 
John McDade. 

















615 Mfteenth Street J^.W. 


P. O. Drawer 325. WASHINGTON, D. C. 

Prosecutes Claims before Congress ; Practices in the Supreme Court 
of the District of Columbia ; Appears before all the Departments. 


Has become a law, and entitles certain survivors or tlieir widows to a pension of $8 per montbi 
commencing from January 29, 1887, the date when the bill became a law. All parties interested 
shoxild at once con-espoud with the above for blanks and information. Unexcelled facilities for 
the prosecution of such claims. 


If wounded, injured, or have contracted any disease, which in any manner disables, apply 
at once. Thousands are entitled. 


Widows, Minor Children, Dependent Mothers, Fathers, and Minor Orphan Dependent Brothers 
and Sisters entitled in the order named. 


Many pensioners throughout the country are entitled to an increase of their pensions. Never 
in the history of the Pension OfiBce have more satisfactory results in claims for increase of pen- 
sions been experienced than \mder the present Administration, and this is due to the liberal 
policy of the Pension Bureau. 

I advise every pensioner who thinks he is rated too low to correspond with me on the subject. 
I will caref'illy examine his case and advise him as to the probability of securing an increase. 
I make no charge for advice, and the fee is not due unleas successful, and then it is payable by 
the Pension Agent out of the first payment of pension after the increase is granted. The fee 
in increase claims where no new disability is alleged is $10. 

All Commissioned Officers of Volunteers 

During the late War of the Rebellion who were not mustered under thcii- Commissions back to 
the date wh(!n their Commission gave them, rank, and who performed tlie duties of the rank 
given in such Commission, should at once correspond with the above with a view of filing their 
claims under the Supplejncntal Act of February 3, 1887, as amendatory of the Act of June 3, 1884. 
Do not delay, as all such claims will be forever barred June 3, 1887, and cannot be considered 
if filed thereafter.